Baseball Batting Stance & Hitting Techniques : How to Hold a Baseball Bat

Want to talk to you today about holding the
bat. Now as we talked about in our previous segment, we already have our solid base. Now
what you want to do is grab your bat. Now, what you’re going to do is basically put it
in your hands in a position that feels comfortable for you. Now whether you choke up, you’re
all the way down on the knob is more of a personal preference. The key basically is
keeping it more in your fingers than in your palms. When you start to keep it in your palms,
is when you start to feel the vibration on the inside pitches that you hit off of here.
So you want to keep it a little bit more out here. Also, if you think about it, it’s a
lot easier, that’s a lot easier than if I hold it inside my fingers. It’s a lot, it’s
a lot stronger, a lot more grip. So, grab the bat. Put it inside your fingers here and
just kind of wrap your thumbs around it. You want to keep it nice and loose in your hands.
You have a little bit of movement but you still have that strong grip with your fingers.
Now you just want to kind of twirl it, feel where it is best for you. Does it feel good
to have your hand right up against the knob, does it feel good, maybe a little bit choked
up, things like that. Those are the keys to grabbing the bat correctly.

21 thoughts on “Baseball Batting Stance & Hitting Techniques : How to Hold a Baseball Bat

  1. This really works. I taught my son this and he is 13 and hitting the ball 300ft plus almost every game!

  2. hey where are these clips from? does thsi youtube channel find these from somewhere or they were done for the channel? i am asking because the speaker mentioned "in this segment" as to say there were more and i would like to see them in sequence if possible 🙂

  3. this is a stupid video I play for a highschool baseball team that's coached by an mlb player but was cut 9 ears in his career for injury just put palm up palm down and then u will do good this is stupid

  4. "Do you want to choke up against the nob" and "Does it feel good with your hand against the nob" caused me to not take this seriously.

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