Baseball Bat Threat by Tea Party Candidate Paladino

so the cooks on the right lost them as we said that the party to victory in and
certainly for the northeast but christine o’donnell the which nine which
a the that or house clean %uh with them the with with a witches brew but in delaware so she’s out that she’s done
is she’s no longer relevant they sent me from Jersey shore with she’s done carl quality no if you thought no we’ve done a lot that that he is running for governor of new York
as a republican in one as a third party candidate in the primary he not it’s more but day he lost sixty to thirty five lost by twenty
five points but that’s not going to stop them from talking
about the will of the people and it’s not going to stop them from doing
the crazy things he’s done before and with violent industry get a load of coral Al capone how would you know the the next day I’ve always admired baseball bat is a metaphor
for the people who want to take their government back but this isn’t my dad after all as the next governor you can read the scandal and bring the people with you know albany or you can leave untouched and run the risk of having you will that against
you because make no mistake you have not heard the last of twelve felony
I that’s not true and now I know that that’s true because he’s
such a lunatic cities her kids on getting to get picked up the baton said it’s a metaphor
for the American people and what they really thought about what couple things are what he said what we using it and wielding it against you that couldn’t be more violent I think that
what baseball bat for a press conference were it was a plot
thickens factions speech that day so they will reach some kind of a degree point
about that right after I could on msnbc she said one
of the people did speak yes vote against you you have what I do you
stop pretending that the people on your side when you lost by one people

100 thoughts on “Baseball Bat Threat by Tea Party Candidate Paladino

  1. This guy thinks he's a such a gangster. Wonder if that mafioso accent of his is even real, or he's just seen too many episodes of "The Sopranos"?

  2. I was wondering "…..the hell is the bat for?" I mean obviously he was gonna get his ass kicked, but the bat? Seriously, he's emphasizing either take the government back by voting or by force..and that sounds like a threat in my opinion.

  3. @TheBarkingAtheist He is scary looking! His eyes, facial expression, mono tone, he doesn't smile, mobster talk. He should be a fucking door greeter at Wal Mart.

  4. Surely he has some, ahem, 'special friends'. And when he greets those friends it's a double cheek kiss.
    I used to run a bistro owned by some of those special friends. That's how they talk. Their world view is all about influence by intimidation. And to think he earned his money leasing property… Well, what more needs to be said.

  5. Look, the tea party: USA should not reduce taxes, it should tax more the rich in a more progressive way, like… I don't know, create 3 more tax bracket (the last one is at $375k at 35%, so that would be 750k at something like "40%", 1.5M at "50" and 3M at "60%"). After all, at precisely every giving moment, the size of the pie is fixed and it became a 0 sum game for that precise moment.
    So, this "will of the people", well live it there and destroy it.

  6. Hahaha Cenk owned that guy in the end. But its true, why do people think violent-culture is an admirable? Its just plain nuts.

  7. Wow, Maddow had a good point there. Paladino just got whacked hard by the bat, but he still thinks that he should wield it. Killed a few brain cells too many I guess ^^

  8. Thank god he's out. For many New Yorkers, a huge disappointment could have been a huge disaster. The same goes for Delaware and Colorado.

  9. Could it be that the fringe right were there just to push the spectrum more to the right? They were so crazy that they made rand and friends seem reasonable?

    How could some of these buffoons have expected to win?

    Hey…I'm just saying…fo'get'about it!

  10. Still grasping for straws Cenk?
    Let it go big guy.
    To quote some insignificant mother-fucker,
    you guys took a "shellacking".

  11. But don't get the idea that these assholes are violent! I mean, just because they want to bash your head in, doesn't make them violent…bash bash bash, smash, smash, smash

  12. Palandio is a total nut job. I guess since he lost the election he can go back 2 being boss of one of the 5 families in NY…lol

  13. isnt he just slightly contradicting himself by defending the will of the people against somebody who democratically has the will of the people behind him? conclusion: the most futile speech in history

  14. He's a bitch just like O'Donnell. They never cared about winning.

    Lookout for book deals, and accusations of embezzling campaign funds for both of those frauds.

    Just like when Palin straight out quit for the money and went rogue on Alaska; they are all scamming faithful Tea Party supporters.

    BTW I don't give a shit about the Tea Party, but it pains me to see hard working folks dishing out money to frauds and fear mongers.

  15. Cenk, you're an idiot and so is your co host. You act stupid like you don't know what he means by the bat, it was pretty clear. The bat represents the people, he's saying take the bat to to Albany (THE PEOPLE) and if he doesn't do what they want him to do it will be used against him (THE PEOPLE WILL THROW HIM OUT). Fuck you guys can spin anything. This is why people are getting tired of politics, morons like you trying to tell them what to think. Violence? Really? Shit!

  16. look i didn't follow paladino's campaign.. not even my state. i only knew he had a few gaffs recently. I'm not conservative either. was that metaphor or that small clip was violent? no. was it, and the false mafioso-bravado from a guy that just lost, in poor taste? yes. it's simple: the bat is the voice of the people of NY; keep it by your side, and do right by and the people respect you; or ignore it, and the people will vote you out.

  17. This kind of reminds of Eddie Murphy's stand up where he was talking about Italians coming out of a Rocky movie would pick a fight with a black guy and get beat up…..Italians are stupid.


  19. @Jay20782 Did I specifically say Cenk was the culprit? Yeah, I literally said Cenk single handedly caused everyone to be sick of politics. It's idiot hosts like Cenk ie Beck, Maddow, Limbaugh, Olberman, Hannity, etc. These idiots spin things to conform to whatever they want. It's pathetic. There you go with the "lunatic" tea party people too, there are just as many on both sides. This rhetoric bull shit has to stop, both parties are destroying this nation.

  20. The honorable and classy thing to do when you lose is to congratulate the winner… especially when you lose pretty badly.

  21. @dredsdomain Take your "pox on both your houses" bullshit and fuck off, Troll.

    There is absolutely no comparison between the left and right members of your list. None.

  22. Because that "baseball player" is a SORE LOSER. He LOST THE GAME.

    His friends may have won the House, but he LOST THE GAME. That's him, Carly, Meg, Sharon, that witch, that guy in the Nazi uniform, Alabama's "rifleman," on down.

  23. @djangst Ahhh, how sweet, you called me a troll. I'd rather stand in the middle and think objectively then stand in donkey shit or elephant shit. If you removed your head from the Donkey's ass long enough to get some oxygen to your brain you might see the similarities. They are all commentators and they tell you what to think by influencing your opinion. They are ALL the same, just playing to their audience.

  24. The only thing that would make this more insane is if he smashed a piece of the stage with it to 'symbolize' his resolve. Insane.

  25. Really, this is our most viable third party option? Fuck that, and fuck all of them. Some of the most deluded people in the entire country. Judging by what I've seen so far, these Tea Party clowns seem to think that logic is Muslim or something. I don't know how else to explain their hatred for it. How soon can we vote them out again?

  26. @dredsdomain Absolutely. He's just wielding a baseball bat and not in a psycho way. It's more the 'I'm making a point, with a baseball bat,' kind of thing. Maybe Obama should do it. Maybe all politicians should do it.
    Maybe we should all do it.

  27. @Neanderthalcouzin I just like how when democrats do things that could be concieved as intimidating like black panthers standing outside of a poling booth it's ok, you won't hear one dem report on it. Both sides pull this shit and it's getting old.

  28. @dredsdomain You're right about that black panther incident outside the polling station. That was really odd. However, like NoJam said, they aren't really Democrats representing Dems: they're an entity unto themselves. That guy outside the polling station deserved to get arrests and his night stick recycled into plastic containers for public charities. Odd behavior on his part…

  29. He lost. Does he not get the idea of democracy? The majority (most of the voting people) voted for his opponent. Thus THEY DIDN'T WANT PALADINO!!!
    Do these tea party buffoons seriously think that only they have the right to elect and be elected? Clearly this shows that those fools are not only delusional, they're downright dangerous in their political thinking.
    If the tea party ever has a major federal victory (congress majority or precidency), it will be the end of american democracy.

  30. this guy didnt win but there was ones with the same mentality that did , everyone needs to fear these people they will turn on everyone even their supporters

  31. @ssuuppeerrbbooyy your right! it should be top comment but its not for some reason…. too funny tho! thats just what he reminds me of.

  32. @Jay20782 hell yeah I'm lumping him in with the same assholes. Yep it's the people not the politicians or the media, after all if we the people (The baseball bat) gave these people none of our time and used our own brains we wouldn't need them. Thanks for proving my point. lol

  33. Paladino is destined for a VH1 reality show.
    They should put him in a house with Vanilla Ice and Ron Jeremy for maximum LOL's.

  34. This guy brought me so much laughter, as did Christine and Alvin Greene, I'm going to miss them. Cenk why do you dislike Carl so much? he guaranteed the democrats wins in every state wide office, he was an albatross around the Republicans neck, he was a one man demolition machine

  35. @Jay20782 I'm not arguing his loss, I could care less! I'm arguing Cenk and his stupid co hosts "I have no idea what he meant by the bat" when it's obvious then they spin it into a violent metaphore. Get your head out of the donkeys ass will ya.

  36. @Jay20782 I totally agree with you bro. What this guy did was messed up. Not for nothing, but my previous post where I made it sound like it was okay was sarcastic, responding to another poster.

  37. @Jay20782 No worries man, I've done the exact same thing myself.
    I re-read my previous post too and cos sarcasm doesn't go with text, I realized it looked like the dumbest thing a person could say. P.S) Paladino is insane, lol.

  38. @Jay20782 Can you read? My last response pretty much summed it up. Cenk and his co host said they didn't know what the guy meant even though it was CLEAR AS DAY and turned it into violence, they do this shit all the time as well as the right wing media. That's the problem, we only have 2 extremes reporting to the public.

  39. Go Carl! the crooks and thieves that steal from the taxpayers must have a tough approach to clean up the mess!

    The secular left wing will be defeated and crushed. I guess the Young trurks are another communist, anti capitalist program funded by the puppet master George Zoros eh!

    See GB on FOX NEWS. Cartoons have higher ratings than CNBC

  40. @Jay20782 Your reading Carl wrong. He is calling for tough love on those who are stealing from taxpayers. The greedy government workers and unions who think being rich is their entitlement

  41. @EF2000CanFly yeah we are tons better without unions. Seems to me I had better healthcare, police coverage and teachers presence when unions were strong. Man are you batting for the wrong team.

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