Baseball bat breaking Karate Demo /Channel 9

KU [email protected] THEKU SA9NEN W OF [email protected] SA9NBAEWK 9NANEWD SPADEN [email protected] 9 N S [email protected] EW GIVEKU UA LI9NVEEW [email protected] IN [email protected]@KUSAJU9NSTEW ASW S PAKUDESAN… [email protected] 9N [email protected] 9NSAEWBASKI [email protected] ISAS U A STHE [email protected] [email protected] SAMARTIA9NL EWARSTS [email protected] KUIN W COUNKUTRSAY…[email protected] A [email protected]@[email protected] S A N A S U A THE [email protected] [email protected] SAOF 9NKAEWRASTE [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] N [email protected] KUASSA THE [email protected] U EWMASSTER”[email protected][email protected] S SAKNOWN 9NINEW TSHE [email protected] KUSS EWKASNCHO [email protected] GOINKUG SATO 9NE 9NLIEWTTSLE [email protected]@KUSA9NH N W DEMOKUNSSATRATIO9NN [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] SAWHAT I9NS EWHES [email protected] TO DOA S A S A N A U U A N W [email protected]@KUSA9NEWSS @ KUSA>;>;9N>;EW SU [email protected]@[email protected] @ A @ S>;>;KU>;SA AGAI9NN EWTHSE SABA U [email protected] IS KUNESAXT [email protected] TH9NE [email protected] OF KUDESAW S RIKUTCSAHIE [email protected]@ AT9N FEWIVSE [email protected]@KUSA9 [email protected] ATKU SA9NEW25S [email protected]@ BU9NY EWTISCKETS [email protected] KUSA9NEWSS

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