Baseball bat attack caught on video

life force at the White House Ross thanks a lot new at 11:00 we’re seeing cell phone video of a woman being attacked with a baseball bat and the alleged attacker here was just recently arrested months after that road rage attack Louie Aguirre is live from the Kwik Stop in Fort Lauderdale where this all happened Louie yeah Laurie and Calvin that victim says this attack was completely unprovoked she was just driving her car that night back in April when she says two women all of a sudden attacked her one of them had a baseball bat it killed out here I don’t know if him but the guy this guy had the bat in her hand she had the car she could run me over this young victim knows how lucky she is this wasn’t worse this is scary cell phone video she shared with local 10 of a road rage fueled attacks she suffered four months ago with a baseball bat an attack that’s now landed this Slugger in the slammer 21 year old tisha Thomas appeared in bond court Wednesday after being arrested Tuesday night on the night of April 23rd the victim tells us she was driving her boyfriend’s car in Fort Lauderdale just off Northwest 19th Street when an angry driver began flashing her high beams at her high beamers on wanted me to drive fast probably wanted me to wreck in front of the bus that was in front of me she pulls into this strip mall and that’s when she says the female driver and her passenger tisha Thomas come at her Thomas swinging an aluminum baseball bat then she punched me and she tried to punch me doc grabbed it I punched her back I’m like okay so the girlfriend came from the back she pulled my hair and so I’m like trying to fight both for the girl well you heard the clock definitely she caught me with the bat she did you wearing the bat then the victim says Thomas attacks her car denting it bashing out her windows the attackers drive off but the victim managed to get her license plate the driver still on the loose while Thomas sits at the Broward County Jail I hope she rots in jail so again the driver of the other car still has not been arrested Thomas tonight is at the Broward County Jail on a seven thousand dollar bond we’re live in Florida Louie Aguirre local 10 News

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