BASEBALL: ACC Tournament Highlights

[MUSIC PLAYING] It is the 45th ever
installment of the ACC Baseball Championship. And today, from
Durham, North Carolina, at the Durham Bulls
Athletic Park, Virginia participates
yet one more time. In each and every
tournament Virginia has been a part this year,
it is as the number 10 seed an opening up play in Pool C
against the six seed Florida State Seminoles. Now the 0-1. Swinging a ball. Hit high in the air to left. Richardson back on to the
warning track at the wall. That ball is off the wall. With two outs, Lueck
breaking from first. He’s going to come in to score. No relay from Novak. Winds up, line drive, right
centerfield for Novak. That is in for a base hit. And it will get
Virginia on the board. We are tied at 1 as
Novak stays red hot. An RBI single, to
right centerfield. A drive home, Richardson. Virginia 1, Florida State 1,
here at the top of the third. He’s been a regular
in the lineup the last couple of seasons now. Pitch is swung on and missed. Lynch got him on strikes. That is strikeout number 100
for the season for Daniel Lynch. [MUSIC PLAYING] Ground ball past
the diving Novak, down the third base line. A fair ball. Here comes Raleigh charging
towards third base. They will wave him home. And the throw missed
the cut off man. Relay from Novak. The plate– not in time. Ball now skips away
and goes all the way up the first base line in
front of Virginia’s dug-out. And at the end of it all,
Wells is over at third base. Lefty comes set at the letters. The pitch. Eikhoff swings, ropes
one to centerfield. Racing over is Flowers
to make the catch. Tagging from third is Weber. Here comes the throw. Its way up the line. Gets away from the
catcher, Raleigh, but backed up nicely by Pollock. Here comes the 2-2. Called, strike three. Fastball hits the
outside corner. Salvatore is wrung up. And the inning is over. Strike out number five for
Daniel Lynch in a 1- 2- 3 sixth. And a big payoff to come to
Florida State’s undisputed best hitter in the order. Runner goes. 3-2. Called. Strike 3. Ring them up. A fastball right there
and Raleigh is retired. You gotta win to stay alive. The 0-2. Swing and a miss. He got it on strikes. Clayton Kwiatkowski comes in
to a bases loaded, one out situation. Strikes out Tappen Strikes
out Eikhoff and Virginia will leave the bases loaded
here in the eight inning. Now the 1-2 pitch from Abbott. Called. Strike three. Breaking ball is in there. And the side is retired. There he goes. Check swing. Yes he did. Ball in the dirt
picked up by Raleigh. Throws to first and
the inning is over. Kwiatkowski gets the strikeout
and rewards Mike Martin for sticking with him. His fourth strike
out of the day will end at the top of
the eleventh inning. Abbott deal. Swinging a ball. Lifted to right field. Pretty well tagged. Tap in back. Tap into the trap. That ball is off the wall. Here comes Mendoza. He will come in and score. And Florida state
has walked it off on the Reese Albert,
game winning, RBI double, in the bottom of
the eleventh inning.

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