Barry Bonds Swing Analysis

sean plouffe, this is not your
average hitting analysis we care about the greats and only the greats
you’re about to be enlightened by a true top-shelf hitting consultant you will
not hear me say swing down stay inside foot down early and there would be no
squishing of the bug today we’re going to break down Barry Bonds where I break
down his swing movements we’re going to understand why he was the best hitter of
all time arguably this first view is from a home
run derby Academy yards I want you to watch the bat this is one of the very
rare times where you got to see him use an ash-colored bat he’s probably using
maple but you see the light color you can actually see the barrel if I could
get some high quality video but of course that’s not going to happen but
what I want you to see is the weight shift the timing of the weight shift I
want you to watch the hands so he’s one of those guys again you know a lot of
coaches would call a hitch he drops those hands all the way down till the
waist brings him back up and that barrels tipped you see the hands down
barrel forward pretty much the exact position Ted Williams was in and here
you see a really nice job of going the other way with it here it is in slow
motion you see the ball is half way to him that barrels still tipped still tip
forward pretty much towards maybe the dugout on the other side you see the bat
roll back behind him get on plane and that back shoulder will match playing
with a pitch if you watch the Ted Williams hitting analysis I used a lot
of the same terminology and guess what that’s because they’re doing the exact
same thing very similar swings two guys who like to pull the ball but here’s
here’s a instance where he went the other way with it probably hit a bomb
and he was able to really get through this ball and what you’ll see with the
great hitters is that they’re able to really adjust to anything looks like a
fastball maybe even a changeup going down away
from him but really able to create some bat speed before the shoulders move
create some really early deep bat speed where the bats moving basically before
the rest of his body here’s a close-up view we see the bat you see that bat
roll back behind him and he’s able to get on playing with this pitch that’s
way up in the zone and still hammer it again to the opposite field probably for
home run he’s able to stay on top of it enough to drive it and really hit this
ball hard so again a hand down by the waist I don’t recommend you know huge
hits with the hands but I do like tipping the bat forward getting momentum
with the barrel and letting that momentum carry into the baseball one of
the best hitters of all time if you think you know how to swing better than
Barry Bonds you know I’d like to hear it because this was the best swing look at
him get to this pitch up and in nobody gets to this pitch you can say he had
help but you know what that doesn’t matter because his swing was elite and
he would have been a lead ball player no matter what and this is the blueprint
this is what we need to be learning from and what we need to be doing to maximize
our abilities here you can see a lot of torque going on with his body you see
the Jersey kind of scrunch up there he’s really able to keep the shoulders back
you could see that five all the way pretty much halfway through the pitch
you see the five on his on the back of his jersey and he’s really able to keep
those shoulders closed here you tips about even more here you can really see
that barrel blur back behind him he’s able to create bat speed and the body
doesn’t really turn until that barrels flat or I’m playing with the shoulders
and the pitch turn on plane then bring the hands through and hit the baseball
so you’re directing that momentum that you created back here behind you and
then letting it carry into the baseball same loading pattern that Ted Williams
had we drop the hands you pull them back while the barrel is still tipped you see
them drawing kind of up and back and then he’s turning about getting flat
we’re getting on plane back here behind him then bringing that swing that’s on
plane he can really be off with his timing and still had the ball square
there’s a lot to learn from Barry Bonds here’s another view one thing I want to
notice too is he was really in control of his weight shift
he’s always shifting as he’s swinging and not too far before Nets just really
comes from being having as quick a swing as he does you really don’t have to
cheat with the weight shift here’s Barry and Ted by side as you can see very very
very similar swings one guys about 185 pounds the other guys about 225 but
that’s why you see the stats that Barry was able to put up you see a combination
of mechanics and abilities so very special hitter obviously hope you
learned some Sean Plouffe catch you next time if I die I’m a
legend when they lay me down to rest I know I was always revving
whole life my words to him my greatest weapon I know I I know I finish coast
greatest blessing

25 thoughts on “Barry Bonds Swing Analysis

  1. Can I get your video analysis of a 14U travel player that has been hitting 350 FT bombs sense age 12 with low hands "hitch" (like B.Bonds & T.Williams). Kid has a leg kick and drops hands to waste and then brings hands up to attack position and creates tremendous torque and Bat speed through rotation. We now have travel coaches trying to get him to go direct to the ball from a high hands pre-loaded position. Like most contemporary hitters. Need an expert to advise if we should leave what works alone or re-tool the swing.

  2. it doesn't matter that Bonds had steroid help and he was an elitist anyways….really ! First  7 years of BB"s career could not touch Babe Ruth, Hank Aaron , Ted Williams , Willie Mays stat wise, these guys are elite hitters.If Ruth was on steroids he could eat a hot dog and hit a home run at the same time.
    If BB continued with the same statistical performance through out his career ,most likely would not be using BB has a swing analysis, obviously BB was juicing after seven years .
    Barry Bonds at bat movement was spur attic wiggling his bat and lowering his body during his swing trying to generate more power torque , which is an unnatural pure swing.Ted Williams was stationary at all times without any wasted motion and generated more body balance and torque then Barry Bonds.

  3. I was recommended by one of my friends on facebook to watch out your video. Great job bro… looking for more from yours. However good luck with your channel…

  4. hey, what do you think how he stepping softly with his knee bend, is that necessary and does any of this help with anything?

  5. i said it alot i think all steroids did to barry was allow him to play longer then he normally would have.(and yes i know that means he wouldn't have got records) as far as his swing you are so right he had one of the best ever! i remember he would go 7 8 games in a row with out missing a ball he swung at. he may have not got a hit but he didn't swing and miss alot. his swing with his "eye" couldnt be matched. all the steroids in the world wouldn't make ME or any average guy hit homeruns or hit the ball off of a major league pitcher.

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  7. Right after reading through these golf swing secrets “Jοmtοnο Naha” (Google it), I used the ideas at the driving range. Right after making a strong impact, I attained correct divots with my irons. I was hitting about 10-15 yards farther with my irons than I was used to. Try it out yourself!

  8. My teacher told me when i swing, my back leg must close to the groud, but these hitters i saw in all these videoes, their back leg would leave groud at one moment, why?

  9. Even if he did juice you still gotta hit that ball. Also how many pitchers were juicing. REMEMBER NEVER ONCE TESTED POSITIVE!!!!

  10. That bat speed though. Like you said when you pointed out when the pitch was halfway to the plate and he had not even started firing his left hip but still managed to get all the way through and meet the ball at the perfect time.

    As Bonds said in one of his interviews the most important aspects to focus on in the swing are 1) keeping the hands up 2) shortening the swing 3) balance balance balance.

    It is eerie how similar Bonds’ swing is to Ted Williams. That’s not an accident. Bonds did his homework. That’s for sure.

  11. How do you find the perfect distance to stand from the plate? A swing like Barry's looks like you almost have to crowd the plate.

  12. Great comparison with Ted Williams. Idk how the show 2019 cannot get Ted Williams swing correct. They should hired you so can explain the Ted Williams swing.

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