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Hi, I’m Alois Rosario from PingSkills. Today we’re going to talk about the backhand
to backhand topspin. The backhand topspin when you’re playing against
another topspin is quite a difficult stroke because the ball is dipping. But let’s have a think about the basics we
learnt when we were doing the backhand topspin against block. When we were doing that we were starting quite
low and finishing high. Now that the ball is coming at us with some topspin we don’t
need to lift the ball. So the stroke needs to be much more forward. So we’re going to
start a little bit higher with our racket and come more forward. It’s still important to put that topspin on
the ball because without the topspin it’s going to be difficult for the ball to dip
onto the table.

14 thoughts on “Backhand Topspin to Topspin | Table Tennis | PingSkills

  1. I find it very hard to get a good backhand attach for many reasons,
    – one of them is the feet position parallel to the table edge making it easy to fall forward
    – another is that a "closed" paddle (for ex top spinning against a top spin) requires the stroke to be further away from the body (loosing even more balance).
    – last but not least the ball is comming from the front of the body instead of the side for the forehand, making it much harder to guess the trajectory slope and height of the ball at the impact.

  2. i have short pimples on my backhand now i recently changed so i just try and stay close and punch to ball and push my opponent back instead of doing loop to loop exchanges 🙂

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