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Hi I’m Alois Rosario and I’m Jeff Plumb from and today we’re going to talk about the backhand topspin against block. Let’s examine the basic things we need to
think about when we are focusing on the backhand topspin. Firstly we need to get our feet nice
and wide apart and fairly square to where you want the ball to go. The second thing is to start with your bat
down between hip high and knee high. Thirdly we come forward, we brush the ball on contact
and finish with your bat turned all the way over. As you go further away from the table and
you have a little bit more time you can start to turn more side on and get your start position
more out towards your left knee or beyond, but if your close to the table you just haven’t
got time to be turning too much, so close to the table shorter stroke, further away
from the table a bigger stroke. If you have benefited from the backhand topspin
against block lesson then go to where you will find lots more lessons on
the strokes of Table Tennis.

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