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Hi I’m Alois Rosario and I’m Jeff Plumb from and today we are going to look at the backhand push. Firstly let’s look at why we need the push.
It’s a really useful stroke if the other person gives you a backspin ball because with the
push it is much easier to get the ball back. It is also a good stroke if you want to generate
some backspin and make it harder for your opponent at the other end of the table. So let’s examine the backhand push. Firstly
we start with the feet position making sure your legs are bent and you can be quite square
on to the table if it is a long push. The next thing we need to think about is your
start position. So your start position is in front of your body same as with the backhand
counter hit but this time you are going to la your bat back a little bit so that you
can counter the backspin on the ball and also be able to generate the backspin yourself
by brushing underneath the ball. The third thing is that we come forward, hit the ball
and follow through down towards the table or towards the net just depending on what
type of spin is on the ball when it is coming to you. So the 3 basics feet: square on, start
position in front of, tilt your bat back and push forward towards the table or the net. Let’s have a look at Jeff doing the backhand
push. You will notice that his bat is tilted back so it is facing towards the roof. From
there he comes forward brushing underneath the ball to just generate a little bit of
backspin. Another thing that you can do with the push
is vary the amount of spin you are getting on to it. You can start with not much spin
with a fairly open bat and then if you want to get more spin you can lay your bat back
and brush under the ball. Just get a brushing contact and go underneath the ball.That will
generate more backspin which will make it harder for your opponent to attack. The Backhand push is a very soft stroke so
it is important that you don’t try and hit the ball too hard with the push.
Because it has backspin on the ball if you hit the ball too hard the ball will fly off
the end of the table. It is more of a control stroke and a stroke that you position to make
it harder for the person at the other end. If you have learnt the backhand push, now
you can go to and learn a whole lot more about the strokes of Table Tennis.

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  1. Hello, would you mind making a video about the forehand push? I often put the ball too high, what makes it easier for the opponent to attack the ball.

    Thanks for your great videos!

  2. We actually already have a video on the forehand push. You can see it now on our website. I also have a newer HD version of this which I am currently editing. I'm hoping to upload it later tonight!

  3. Thanks. Unfortunately neither Alois or I play using the penhold grip. Saying that a lot of the principles remain the same between both grips.

  4. Hi Pingskills. I think you should always say what a shot is being played against, like in your topspin against block video. This video gives the impression that I can just push with no spin or underspin at will by altering the angle of my bat. The problem is for example, if someone pushes a no spin ball at me and I think mmmm I'll open my bat and play an underspin push to stop him attacking the next shot, the ball is going to pop up high and the next shot coming at me will be a smash tbc…

  5. …maybe you could suggest playing no spin push against no spin push and underspin push against underspin push, leaving the underspin push against a no spin push for the advanced section. I'm not just picking fault for the sake of it because I love you guys and want your videos to be the best they can be.

  6. very good video! but how do keep the ball low while doing this, because when i do this , i return the ball really high!

  7. a suggestion is to take the ball quick off the bounce rather than at the peak.. personally, i generate more backspin this way.

  8. This can be very effective. It also gives your opponent less time since you are hitting the ball earlier.

  9. I was taught to have my right foot quite forward on a push… Is this the old way? Thanks, love the videos!

  10. If you are stepping in to a short ball then you would normally use your right foot. If the ball is longer than you should be square on to where you are hitting the ball. This means you are in a good position for the rest of the rally.

  11. I (Jeff) represented Australia at the Sydney 2000 Olympics. Alois coached at the Athens 2004 Olympics and represented Australia at World Championships and other events.

  12. Jeff always seems really happy on slow motion replays 🙂 That's the most motivating thing in the video, it's visible that you're enjoying the thing you're doing, keep up the good work!

  13. How do you push backspin with long pips? Whenever I push backspin with long pips it goes into the net. I watched the match between ryu myong sun and kim song i and they had no problem pushing eachother's backspin with long pips.

  14. Omg this was so helpful I was using this for my homework where we head to learn a backhand push for P:E on 18th September 2017

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