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Let us have a look at the backhand chop. Jeff here is going to demonstrate the stroke for the backhand chop. You will see that Jeff
starts with his bat at his left ear and follows through down towards his right knee. His feet
position go quite side on to the table. In table tennis it isn’t often that we have
enough time to turn side on but with the backhand chop you do have a bit more time as you are
a little bit further away from the table. As Jeff turns side on to the table he will
hit the ball in front of his body when he is side on to the table. When you are defending it is often best to use a long pimple rubber. The black side of Jeff’s bat now is a long pimple rubber. The long pimple gives you better control when you are defending. We will just have a look at the different effect that the ball has
with the different types of rubber. If I topspin the ball to Jeff you will see the effect
that it has when it hits the red or the inverted pimple. Now when the top spin hits the long pimple rubber you will see the ball goes a lot lower.
The long pimple rubber gives you much better control. The other thing that long pimple
rubber does is it helps to reverse the spin. So the more topspin that I put on the ball
the more backspin that the ball will come back with, with the long pimple rubber. With
the normal rubber you can get more variations because you are generating your own speed
and your own spin. Whereas with the long pimple rubber you are very reliant on the type of
spin that your opponent is giving you. So if they give you a heavy top spin it is almost
certain that your return will have heavy backspin on it. Whereas with the inverted rubber
you can generate your own spin.

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    I can't wait to try out the backhand chop. nogod.

  3. Totally agree with what pingskills say, but none the less, I'd day back hand chop is the 'funest' moves in ping pong

  4. this technique is the specialty of joo hyuk (koreano) the number 5 in the world of table tennis, thanks for show us

  5. this technique is the specialty of JOO SE HYUK (koreano) the number 5 in the world of table tennis, thanks for show us

  6. @arneljoseph21 what pingskills said is right. its all about style.. generally most people like to attack first and defend second, but learning to chop is always a good idea since you never know when you might need it. i'm not pro so maybe my opinion doesn't matter as much.. but i like to chop to buy myself some time and throw the attacker off a little. they'll have to switch from a distant drive to a close range push. unless they're good enough to loop.

  7. @haylenj08 A few long pimpled rubbers were banned but there are still a lot that are legal. Rubbers need to be approved by the ITTF.

  8. @Muh794 Thanks for letting me know. You can find a lot more Table Tennis videos and tips on our website. You can even subscribe to our free newsletter.

  9. @pokemon17007 No you don't have to use long pimples. A lot of defensive players do though. You could use normal rubber or even anti-spin. However long pimples is the most common on the backhand for choppers.

  10. Why does a comment in which some guy is saying he wishes his own father to suffer for eternity, getting so many thumbs up on a table tennis video?

  11. @osdmtp1 Try focussing on the start and finish position as we mention in the video. See if you can get someone to hit a lot of balls to you so you can practice. Stick with it, it does take time to develop.

  12. @azndung I'm not sure. If the ball is always hitting the net, then try aiming a bit higher. You can do this by opening up the angle of your bat or by not coming down as much.

    You can always submit a question to "Ask the Coach" on our website. By doing this we can answer in more detail as we don't have the same character limit as we do for the comments here.

    Good luck with your Table Tennis.

  13. @13CatShitOne37 Again this is a personal preference but I would go with long pimples. Most of the best choppers in the world use long pimples.

  14. @13CatShitOne37 Long pips certainly, however you will need to work a lot on getting to know how to use the correctly, its very hard.

  15. @freepond Well last time I checked long pimples were legal, so your opponents can say what they like. The fact is it is a legitimate way to play and if they can't beat you that is their problem. Just keep up the good work and keep beating them!

  16. Excellent video as always, but almost all of the great choppers of our day use pips mostly long pips on their backhand-Joo Se Hyuk, Chen Wiexing, Panagiotis Gionis, and Hou Yingchou (who uses short pips). You have to go back to Norio Takashima to find a highly rated inverted chopper who used it in his backhand. Even he used an off beat inverted rubber-Plous. Even the great Ding Song used short pips on his backhand. So I am not sure that suggesting inverted as the way to go for a chopper is ok.

  17. @iandemagi It is a good point you make. The top defenders simply aren't using normal rubber for chopping anymore. In the video we suggest that you get better control when using long pimples.

    Attackers can still use this chop infrequently in matches if they are forced back from the table so the demonstrations with normal rubber are more for this type of player.

  18. @hamdj005 please dont insult our religion… it means alot to us. why can't you answer in a peaceful manner?

  19. @yobmas722 You can use either. They have slightly different effects from each other. As demonstrated you can also use normal rubber.

  20. @garciasteven Yeah that is right. It is to be used far away from the table against a topspin stroke. Check out our website for more lessons such as the push which is a backspin stroke used against a backspin ball close to the table.

  21. @jonasbrothersrulz120 For a push over the table you only need to move your forearm. For the backhand chop when you are further away from the table you can use a little bit more of your whole arm. If you watch the video though, you'll see that the forearm still does most of the work.

  22. hello, would this be a valid strategy? I first use my forehand rubber(inverted) as my backhand to initiate the chopping rally then twiddle to my long pimples for BH and chop from there?

  23. Hi, When I do backhand chop, sometimes it became SideSpin. I think I move my wrist. is there any t drill exercise or way to correct my technique? Thanks…

  24. Some sidespin on your chop is not necessarily a bad thing. If you don't want sidespin then you just need to work on the contact of the ball. If you hit is on the side at all you'll get the sidespin. The best way would be just to get someone to loop to your backhand and experiment with your chopping.

  25. Chop generally means you are playing against a backspin ball. If you are playing against a backspin ball, then you want to play the push stroke. By playing a push stroke against a backspin ball you will send the ball back to your opponent with backspin.

  26. hello, i'm having a problem executing this shot because i don't think that i can get the correct timing to chop. as i hit the ball either it goes over the table or sometimes when playing far away from the table it goes under the table. so how can i improve it?

  27. Practice is the key. See if you can get a training partner to play topspins to your backhand chop and work on the stroke. Concentrate on getting yourself into the right position, and your start and finish positions. By playing the stroke over and over you can start to adjust your stroke based on the feedback you get of where the ball is going. You also need to try and read the amount of topspin your partner puts on the ball because this will react differently off your bat. I've run out of space!

  28. If you're still having troubles try asking a question on our website as we have more room to answer you in detail there.

  29. This is my strong side, the forehand has always been a problem for me, backhand however, used to be my strongest hand. Thumbs up if your dominant hand is backhand, I know that I will get very few thumbs up because backhanders are rare, but just don't thumb me down.

  30. Hi, I am relatively new to chopping, and I need one that is consistent with good control and however much spin reversal I can get. I'd like to play more mid-far away chopping with the occasional block instead of primarily close to the table chop blocks. Do you have any LP suggestions? Thanks!

  31. The penhold grip is not a good grip for defensive choppers. However if you are caught out of position and need to chop it you can use either the normal backhand or the reverse, whatever feels more comfortable to you.

  32. @Tharinor777 Butterfly Feint Long 2 0.5 sponge is a good long pip for chopping, but if you want max reversal consider using the Palio CK 531 A OX. OX will give you a better block, but it needs a more passive, angled chop. Feint Long 2 0.5 will be harder to passive block with but will provide more control and variation once you become a better chopper. Personally I like the DHS C-8 OX, which is similar to the Palio, but faster.

  33. Looking at the top 20 players in the world, most of them are what I'd call attacking players. This doesn't mean the other styles can't be good, it's just that at the moment more players are succeeding by being attacking players.

  34. hey pingskills,,,i play defensive i have a practice racket and it has pimpled rubber,,..
    i m going to but a new one ,,so should i buy the pimpled one or smooth rubber will make no difference??Plz answer

  35. It depends on your level. If you are starting out we recommend you get normal rubber which allows you to generate lots of spin. This way you learn more about spin which is the key to Table Tennis. Defensive choppers tend to have normal rubber on their forehand and a long pimple on their backhand. If you want a longer answer you can ask the question on our website under the ask the coach section. We have more room to answer questions there.

  36. I have a big problem

    I am learning on how to become a defensive player and I am having a hard time returning the ball to a player who uses a "on the rise top spin" its so fast !!!

    How do i return such spin when I try to chop it I have not enough time to execute the chop? I tried to move far to the table but I can't go far enough because there is not much time to do so…

  37. I just ordered a new Joola paddle and got Inverted rubber on one side and Short pips on another. I assume the short pips give medium spin so i can put spin on my returns and put on some extra spin as opposed to long pips? Will I still be able to block and chop effectively with short pips?

  38. You literally just need to lower the angle of your paddle based on how much topspin is on the ball. Hold it like this —> // angled face downward with top spin and —> \ face upward and push forward with backspin. If your opponent is using sidespin you aim in the opposite direction the ball is curving towards. I hope this helps. I'm assuming after 6 months you already found the solution but for anyone who needs help use this advice 😀

  39. Thanks for the advice bro will try that, yes I found a solution. what I did for the last few months was "experiment" found a solution for me… the solution NEVER give your opponent short ball heavy chop return. quite the opposite right? most players want to give short and low chop so that opponent cant top spin, what i did i made it to a semi chop and as strong low return as possible (fast as i can to return it), intentional long return ball. Somehow they can't do that Fast heavy top spin O.o.

  40. I try this a lot, but every time i successfully do a chop, the ball bounces too high and the opponent smashes it way too strongly for me to return or chop again. Any advice?

  41. I know it sounds simple but really concentrate on getting the ball a bit lower. You can do this by moving your bat downwards some more as you hit the ball or by making the angle of you bat more vertical as you hit it. Also you can make it harder for your opponent by getting more backspin on the ball which you can do by brushing the ball finer on your contact. I hope these tips help. Good luck!

  42. Should I use long pimpled rubber with sponge or without sponge while chopping
    I chop the ball by standing at a distance from the table

  43. Is the chopping motion different when you use a regular rubber (say Mark V) or short pips or long pips? Or do pretty much all choppers use long pips? 

    Sorry, the only chopper I've played against has awkward strokes so I dunno if it's a silly question or not (his BH is friendship 729, I think that's atypical)

  44. I was thinking of putting a long pimple sheet on my BH but should I put an inverted on my forehand if I want to be able to attack sometimes or is long pimples on both sides the way to go? How does Joo Se Hyuk arrange his rubbers?

  45. What would be a good way to practice FH and BH chops by yourself? I've been folding one side of my table up and playing; however, when playing this way I have to over power my hit to get the ball to come back far enough to keep chopping and with doing this I know the ball would be flying over the opponents side. Any tips that would help?

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