B45 Fielding Gloves – The Customization Process

Hey guys! So I’m here today to talk to
you about our customization process. As you now know, we offer customized gloves online. You can go on our website and choose if you want a fielder’s glove, a first baseman glove or a catcher’s mitt You can choose the size of the glove, the
color of the web, of the palm and also the web type. So this one is a I-bar. You
can choose the throwing hand, so if you’re left-handed thrower or a right-handed thrower. You can choose the color option from the thumb all the way to the pinky. You
can choose the binding color, the welting color, as well as the lacing and the
stitching. You can also choose to put a logo or a number on your thumb and also your name or team name on the thumb as well. You can also choose the color of the B45 logo to match with the rest of the glove. If you want to order
please make sure to order sooner than later as it takes six to eight weeks to
make as they are made to order. So thanks so much for watching these
videos. Hopefully, you’re going to love our gloves. Please check in next time as we’ll make more videos. Thank you!

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