B45 Fielding Gloves – Introduction to our Gloves

Hey guys! Today, we’re going to talk about
fieldling gloves. As we now know, B45 has been in the glove business for the past
few years. As you can see, there’s plenty of colors, plenty of styles, so we will go with
different series we have here. First, we have the Diamond Series which is made of
Korean and Taiwanese tanned steerhide leather. It’s easy to break and yet durable to
play with and it’s ready to be used right away on the field. It’s good for the
first-time custom glove order or even for the youth players because it has
great quality and it comes at a cheaper price. the second series we have
is the Pro Series. It’s made with Japanese tanned steerhide leather, one of the most popular materials for pro players. it’s taken
from the back of the shoulder of a grown steer. It’s durable and stiff. You might
need to break it in for a few weeks before you play with it but once you do, it’s going to be a great fit for your hand. And to finish it off, you have the Elite Series
which is our top of the line series. it’s made with Japanese tanned European Kip Leather. It’s our premium leather from young calf skin. It’s light and very durable leather. Our pro players love them because they’re really light, because they are looking for speed so it’s good for them.
It comes in stiff so it’s going to require a few weeks to break it in, but like I
said once you do you’re going to love it.

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