32 thoughts on “Avoid the biggest hitting approach mistake : Volleyball Tip of the Week #21

  1. OMG that was the exact problem that I was having lol! I would always tip the ball instead of hitting because I feared I wouldnt get there in time. I'm actually having a scrimmage later so I'll try this out. Thx L.P 🙂

    I always do the wrong run…
    Actually,I am really short,so i need more jump than the tall player
    Can u make the video for the short spiker? so tips or something have to know.
    thank you so much

  3. Hey! I absolutely love your videos they have helped me a lot. I'm in a u 14 team and I was wondering if there is any excersices that I could do to get my feet and arm co ordination right for volleyball.

  4. Thanks for the vids mate. Been binge watching your vids and felt like my game has improved tremendously

    Question: Even though I'm a right handed hitter, I feel more comfortable stepping my right foot first and then my left. Is there any wrong with this? Also, not sure if it matters, but in almost all sports I hold a goofy/southpaw stance and always perform better because an orthodox stance feels awkward to me – not sure if this means anything =/

  5. Ive been watching ur videos and used the tips now im on A team (the best team) i have only been playing for less than one month

  6. i've always wondered why i approach a ball so slowly.. turns out my coach taught me the worse mistake u can ever do while hitting a ball and now i'm used to it and i'm unable to change it..

  7. Hi, I am an 11 year old girl aspiring to improve my volleyball skill. I practice everyday and the video that you guys post is mostly the basis of my training, so I would like to really thank all of you and hope you guys would not stop for you are such a big help especially to kids like us who can't afford to pay the cost of professional trainers. Again, THANK YOU ALL….

  8. Can you do a video on spiking timing depending on the set? I usually end up being too late or early to the ball and I don't know when to start my approach. Thank you

  9. Man this is excatly my problem… You're a great trainer ! I just checked your tips and they are awesome !

  10. thanks for the tip! Its my first time playing volleyball,in a LONG time and im ranging around 3 years
    Thanks too you i won the winning bump!

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