Avengers: Endgame Power Gauntlet Unboxing

oh the Marvel Legends series Avengers tower gauntlet to control the entire universe alright so let’s take a look at the box for a second before we open this baby up it is extremely cool I feel like kid on Christmas let’s open this thing up got my exacto knife alright let’s see what we got instruction manual on how to control the infinity gems this is a very important key piece of material that comes with it apparently batteries not included gotta have three three double-a so we’ll make sure – I’m sure it’s the batteries right here somewhere oh wow this is really big okay got some got some extra tape inside here holding it down hold this baby out oh my goodness Wow major ok obviously you don’t want to jostle the Infinity Gauntlet is very serious take it out of the bag all right so we got palm side up the fingers are articulating look at this okay let’s flip it over oh that’s really pretty you guys that’s really nice I makes me want to go see end game again for the I don’t know 15th time this is massive oh I want to show you in here okay this is really cool if you can see it it’s hard to see but there’s some there’s some pulleys inside that you put your fingers in so that you can articulate the fingers so there’s a a couple of them in there that you can see hopefully we can get a good shot of that but if you don’t have giant hands like fan OHS or other characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe you would in fact not be able to use this I don’t quite have vanos hands you know I’m saying so I’m gonna have to have to do I don’t have to make do with the pulley system here all right oh my gosh I’ve got my hands around it that’s so cool I love it wow this is awesome oh man I can’t wait to play with this we can’t we’re gonna carry it around the office oh this is okay wait let’s go through the stones we’re gonna have to go through the stones here of course the time stone put your time stone got your power stone got your space stone that was one of the tesseract you got your you know guys pour one out pouring out for vision it’s just and then you got sorry the mine stone pouring out for vision and then you have the reality stone those from Thor the dark world and then you have the soul stone I want to put batteries in this thing let’s get some batteries going so this is the panel right in here for the battery case it’s pretty handy all right let’s open this up lefty loosey righty tighty as they say I learned that from my grandpa I really hope you guys liked endgame it’s been a lot of a lot of debate online but for the most part seems like people liked it I know I enjoyed it I’m not gonna say any spoilers about what my favorite scene was but the Russo brothers did say that the spoiler ban has been lifted so if you want to put your favorite endgame moment down in the comments not gonna fight you to be honest and maybe I’ll come in and tell you what mine is too alright batteries have been installed we are good let’s put this back on let’s light it up is it gonna work okay wow I really love these alright my hand in here again and also this right here this button is a release so once you use the gauntlet for something awesome like safe undoing the snap sure everybody’s back you’re welcome universe you can undo the fist that the gauntlet makes by pressing pretty handy pretty handy hah see what I did there I actually didn’t do that on purpose I’m just naturally punny I guess now that I’m putting it down and just letting it rest this is really neat I’m actually gonna turn it this way so we can get a really good close-up of it but you can see the different gems actually flicker this is a really really neat I really love that it’s a really nice detail also just the detail in and of itself is very very good all the way across I mean I love that we have these uh you know if we want to check out all the different details these aren’t soft they don’t feel soft but they’re pretty cool well it’s gonna use itself no uh I feel this is a very good gift for anybody who wants to control the universe and I think it’s really awesome it’s a little heavy it’s a little heavy so maybe not for a small child they made tip over if they have it on which I mean that could be a really funny viral video but whatever floats your boat but that is it this is this is the jam wow that is just really cool I here’s a hand for size here I’ll go ahead and here’s here’s a human hand for comparison I don’t have a banana I wish I did but but yeah this is this is really cool obviously it looks a little different than the one in infinity war which you know the one in infinity war seemed to be very gold this looks like maybe a hotrod red I don’t know a color that maybe we’ve seen before in the MCU again not gonna give away any spoilers but if you know your MCU you know what you’re looking at pull them saying I feel like I can do so many things with this no I mean I think it really pulls the room together if you’re wondering how to get your hand or hands on one of these babies Hasbro says they’re gonna release this in the fall so you got a little bit of time but if you want to preorder it we’ll drop that link down in the description and until then I mean this is an awesome awesome toy I mean I’m super dig this and honestly I think I’m gonna just Infinity Gauntlet myself to the nearest Taco Bell and get a taco so hi guys [Music]

100 thoughts on “Avengers: Endgame Power Gauntlet Unboxing

  1. That's a waste of money. At least the Terminator one actually fit your arm and hand. Plus u can grab stuff punch people, bring it in the bedroom with your girl. Waste of cash.

  2. Avengers endgame Hulk snaps then every avenger come to Back except vision and black Widow and my best scene is when Thanos turns to dust from Iron Man snaps his fingers cuz he took the stones from Thanos

  3. Only way to wipe out 50 percent of the universe is to snap then you realize that is the only design flaw

  4. In endgame thanos 's snap failed because he forgot to put in the battery and iron man thought he was so stupid

  5. I love the scene one hour long run snapped his fingers not because he died I was super sad about that because he knew he done something beyond himself he snapped his finger and it was such an Internet it’s all such a emotional scene

  6. i cringed so hard when you forced the fingers open while they were locked closed. at the price that thing costs every click from a forced movement gives me a mini heart attack

  7. My two favorite parts was when all the superheroes came out of the portals and when Captain America was able to wield Thor’s hammer

  8. Favorite Endgame moment. I guess the 'What, you wanted more?' moment, when Ant Man buffs up and crashes the building with Hulk, Rhodey and Rocket. And the assemble, of course 🙂

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