AVCA Article #2 – 1, 2, 3’s of Teaching & Training Volleyball Arm Swing

that a girl you got this step through your hip you got this faster hips you got it awesome so Kai we’ve talked about how athletes
who can throw really well can hit really well really hard in
volleyball so we spent a lot of time in your warm up and then as we start to train on what
arm mechanics and volleyball throwing right and there’s a big relationship between
throwing a volleyball and hitting hard so today we are going to work on your arm
mechanics and the first thing we’re gonna do is arm mechanics with throwing
so we’re gonna kinda go back and review some things have been working on we are gonna go through our 123 throwing drill OK so do this for
me get in your kinda ready position you’ve got a volleyball imaginary volleyball in your left hand you’re gonna toss it up and you’re gonna draw that right hand back
to that one position k let’s just do that so let’s go from here let’s go to
one okay good you keep doing that and I’m
just going to guide your arm keep working on that and what I’m looking for is that comes
up here the elbow comes up to just shoulder level just like that and then we’re gonna tilt
a little bit right cuz when you toss the volleyball we are kinda point up K and is this
elbow comes up it’s coming up to shoulder level you just do what you’re doing
and that’s awesome just add a little tilt to it good K how about two more and you notice as you’re
doing this where you pulling your hand are you lifting it up like a floater
serve with your hands going way up over your head no if I put my hand here you bring in
that back go ahead and do a few more just go to your one position nice so
you’re not even touching my hand and arm with your right hand now go ahead and add your tilt to it alright so Kai lets add number 2 to it go
ahead go to number one for me and then the second part is what take
your arm up we’re going to rotate your shoulder up and let’s repeat that go for it keep going and as you do that we want to make sure that as you toss that out
that we tilt good so go to one and two and on two the higher we
take this hand back here without putting any stress on your shoulder
the harder you’re gonna hit the volleyball so will it come to here you’re not gonna hit it as far as if we can
get it back there K so go for it one two good keep going gimme that tilt reach up there look up good and relax K now let’s show the camera what’s going
on I’m gonna turn you around here you continue to do your one two and what I want to show the camera is what’s
happening between your shoulder blades here go from one to two and when you do that what we’re going to see
is continue to do that the shoulder blade squeeze together back there so on the back side we see the shoulder
blades coming together on the front side I’m gonna turn you to about right there go
ahead and do that again when the shoulder blades do that in back it
opens up the chest in front and all the good hitters you see in
the world really open their chest and a big part of that motion go ahead and do that
again and stay right there when we rotate back into there we open the chest and we get one of your
pec muscles one of your chest muscles on the right side to stretch and like a rubber band were gonna hit
harder if we get that muscle to be a part of the volleyball swing part of the action okay so a couple more one two give me that tilt look
up at the hand alright so Kai lets add three show me one and two what’s 3 step and turn your hips okay let’s do it again
few times slow motion one two step turn your hips and you’re going K get good really it’s really important to get to
two and make sure you finish two before you start three K awesome two more nice last one K while we’re here tell me what your
left-hand does right now it’s just kinda falling
where should it go to your heart so let’s see what happens when you do that
go 1-2-3 and bring your left hand to your heart K what happened to the turn to the turn of your body
when you did that yeah turned faster right do it again 123 left hand to your heart nice two more please alright so Kai everything we’ve been doing so far has
been kinda learning we’ve learned the proper motion now we’re gonna get into training
the motion we’re gonna add just a little bit of resistance to your elbow so we’ve got some powercore 360 cuffs on
we’re gonna let you feel it and strengthen some of the hitting muscles so we’re gonna go through your 123 drill K so let’s get set
up let’s go one two and slowly up to contact nice again
repeat that please one two three slowly up to impact one more hold your
impact position for me again one two three stay right there and get
your right arm over your left leg give me that tilt good look up at your hand there’s the
ball that has to happen in the air good again please one two 3 K do that again and make sure you really
give me that tilt toss that volleyball up and when you toss and just go to one
hold for me go to one tilt nice stay right there what I wanna show is once again this
arm is right in line with your shoulders and right we should have that line right
through the hands right through the shoulders right through the arm it’s not a low elbow it’s an elbow
shoulder position it’ll be much more tolerated and if the arm gets way up here we
talked about that the last time in the last video okay do that again for me one two slow up to impact good right arm over left leg and hold
it for me good one more time just like that one two 3 now let’s come back we’ve had that on
the elbow so that’s been giving your elbow good feel what to do right but your arm is actually three segments at
your upper arm its your fore arm and lower arm and your hand K you
do what you just been doing let’s go to one two slowly up to impact and what I’m
really seeing there were going repeat that that’s awesome your elbows coming up first your fore arms
coming up second then your hands gonna come up and then at the end snap just do what
you just did you just did it go to one two elbow up good perfect and right at
impact up top whats your hand doing your wrist is snapping through nice do that again for me go to one two three one more time in this time reach up as
high as you can the balls up there so were going to reach lets go to one two 3 one two 3 stay right there hold yourself in
that position thats awesome because your right arm is over your left leg in
your body to get there is tilted in that actually allows us to put our shoulder in a pretty decent
position to be able to tolerate that swing right if we stood there and we were just
straight like this that puts a lot of stress and torque on that shoulders so go ahead and show
me that right arm over the left leg again go one two 3 two hit nice do that again stop the ball you got it same thing great job one two awesome K remind me what your left arm does your
left hand to your heart you did it so let’s do
that faster this time one two nice last time coming up awesome great job give me some good work give me five nice job

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