Autism in Cricket: 6 Top Tips for the First Training Session

As the cricket seasons about to start there’ll be lots of first training sessions going on at the start of the season. Here are our six top tips to make sure you get off on the right foot Number one Parents and coaches catch up beforehand and have a discussion about how you might support the child with autism You could fill in the ‘About me’ document so that you can provide more information
on how to support your child Number two Think about the expectations that you set for your training sessions Make sure it’s going to be fun and that the child has a certain amount of success in their first try so they’re more likely to come back and train again Number three Get some visual supports prepared and ready to go You can print off a few examples from the website or you can also have a whiteboard and some markers handy so that you can create your own visual supports on the fly Number four Support the child with autism to meet the teammates give them that extra support so that they can introduce themselves to other people check in with each other, parents and coaches before and after each training session or game so that you can review how things are
going and things that you might like to focus on for next time And six share your story with us if you’re having a great time at the start of the season make sure you let us know and for more information you can check us out at

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