Assisted Turns with Hesitation – Baseball Rebellion Rebel’s Rack

The Rebels Rack Assisted Turn with the
hesitation is extremely important to making sure you understand how to turn
your body after getting to your front side. So what you’re going to see is I’m
hooking the Rack up to the Drive Developer Bands or the Rebels Rack Bands
and I’m getting my body in position to have the band pull me forward assisting
my stride but resisting my turn. Now one of the big keys to this I’m gonna pause
right here is I’m off center now, so what you need to understand is the straight
line in front of the connection point is here. So I am off center on purpose so
that when I pull my back foot forward and finish my turn completely I’m
actually pulling towards the umpire and leaning towards the umpire with my head
in my body weight. It’s extremely important to make sure that when you go
through your turn that you’re leaning towards the umpire and not straight back
because of the positioning of your feet. Obviously you can see that the feet are
at an angle, so if you lean straight back you’re going to fall. You want to make
sure you lean towards the umpire every time and get your back shoulder
completely to center field that is that is extremely important and allows you to
practice the complete rotation of a Rebels Rack turn with speed and power.

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