Assessing the Trevor Bauer trade for the Cleveland Indians: The Donovan Live Postgame Show

shelf of one-of-of- heart-to-day law, love and out
of Idaho State fish on a
Wednesday that its present
course five masterpiece of the
make sure you their summit so many reasons why
they would do if he had turned
out that the PLO to adopt a it
sounded like for list and terry
F on and really a guide that no
matter what happens to the other
guys clover would happen to
Carrasco what happened a club
injure you know if it was done for the
right reasons and this works out
and they get more pop and their
lineup and they get the power t yell it’s not like it was in
columbus’ I like he was an actor
and he’s not like algae ease of
top wine texture and he’s quirky
b every time Trevor Bauer pitches
we scheduled to pitch in LDAP
gets to the first thing in the
yuppie that’s what the batter
out i have that kind of stuff that you
think they can sustain it to get
27 batters out a row or what
ever been in power can do that
an bomb and and the amount of money
that the payment arbitration
idol built that’s been talked
about and of combat I think that
I i but I think the two big boppers
coming in I think was up a big
enticement the IE and I get that
and they’ve needed and some yell i.e. eyes and I just I think
you’re in a tight pennant race.
Type division race you three
outgoing and a tonight you’re
you’re a not all night your company are
not solely on IE into Baghdad in
a big game that they must when I
would rather get the ball the T I’d wander OM two things with
the untenable to our peoples
injury question will see Salazar tomorrow he’s
gonna throw 70 pitches are shot
7075 pitches that faith baptist
in the majors in two years of
two on a high 89 no he was an
All-Star before yet heard it
becomes 2016 bomb but that’s
asking a lot and then did you
are also hopin from the council of holding
you’re really not you’re
counting on these kids are
counting a club and jerk you’re
counting on the inter Alia said it’s an
interesting thing I mean or a
lot of people to talk the talk
about a lot of deals as you
approach the tr no pictures I think are the
premium guys to get a really do
I mean everybody would like to
get that should be a relief
pitching you know why yet, 20 anybody
ride me but I think that’s the
premium make the GATT and some
I’m just amazed I think that
this is bomb but it’s I think it’s also
that he wore them down will be a
selling me he was hard to handle
and he was hard to communicate I’d eat it was very rare for for
terry Francke on NT and say
cannot say earlier today it’s
like you I was little worried
after t a time until that’s pretty
innocuous and go out on a limb
like that publicly down very
often the players’ strike some
breaks abo to know is that a great son is
agriculture and I don’t think so
I’m not using a morale boost
team writings, and so it was
that a and I even on not on Boca’s ID
you know they’re getting the
appointed a lot of data boys are
a major league baseball they get
a writers Josh stiles get a really
as Edgar Cheney Brewster would
operate since you get a four for
2 1/2 for three months old Ever they can control the one that
all kids really so much with the
Cleveland Indians’ top how long
you can control prospector end
of one turn the steel wool coat
will be made or broken by what
happens at the down the stretch
in this postseason yachting into
the know that than now your point is
I think about the need a stable
way of further roasted patient
starting pitcher for running bac and then you’re taking on the
angels Texas bank these red sox
Minnesota I would like a bar in the
rotation and knowing that on
every fifth day and Europe are
scarce as you know everything
he’s gone ou without the matter is IDs,
incredible arm, and I just thank
god you know I’m not on board
with his feel better about
knowing I f but the fact that he’s not gonna
come back in the two this year
had not really it’s expected
make on Nummi night’s sleep any
bet does probably would try to jump
in and day because it is all
over the newer paper and see
that the Yankees need pitching
the cor on idea in my promises out on
our team gets out there who the
hell is a method of humanity’s
eyesight here anymore and you
know wrap things up bob from Michael
brown of these is backs kapler
is given this trouble, and all
of us that Michael five Max cup
we got Salazar makes me feel better
about a beeper also doing well
I’m willing to give a check to
see and hear something on
Salazar are you a ride are you out right
OK with Salazar Aydin I think
that’s what’s going on to moral
I think they wanna know the
lates state paid for an ESOP hitch a
ride and any has the self into
setbacks Beatty says ID I just
can’t push through this that was
im unity at IE tough enough to get
rid of the clippers out there
really not try to get from this
and get back in the retains our
pi could get caught one side of
lecture to get hurt down on
dealt with your receipt was out
of rotation it cost him a chance
to hav argue and with us all the way or
you’ll always had a hard sell
out all the cells arriving to
Mars big day for you I would
agree there not signing better in
zillion of their mid to late
twenties are in early thirties
to long-term contracts are just
not doin and the big difference in
telling Brantley that they want
another route they were not a
bachelor come up to his
contractual situ buy or really it was the team’s the teenager
that no broke curfew all the
time it’s a really tested them
as parents at a small parents in
rob on in order to save more cash
and Moore Capital to fully up to
keep rents a stolen or down the
night I think the economics of
th Linda wartime right, on IE I
think that they are basically
preparing us would fall model
runway at that the labor
situation on t background was set for that back
in late march early trial of an
opening day, Paul Dolan and
call: interview I think that’s
chan like it’s just it’s getting to
grind and I’m still a vital talk
more about that tomorrow member
the AA postgame show is presente

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  1. yeah i gotta agree with jim on this one. sucks that he is gone. we probably dont make this trade if kipnis doesnt suck ass

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