Brain freeze. Okay, it’s subsiding. Hi, guys, hello, hello, hello, hello, hello, hello, hello. How are you all doing today? I hope you’re doing really,
really, really well. So just a quick disclaimer. I am not eating real earbuds, or real golf balls, or real spoons. These are made with 100%
edible real ingredients,. So please don’t try and eat them because that would be extremely, extremely harmful to you, so yeah. And before I get into
the video I want you all to go to my Instagram right now. Follow me, and the first
20 people that tell me what their favorite cartoon
is, I will respond to. Mine for example, is the
“Seven Little Monsters”, this was my favorite
cartoon ever as a kid, and “Kim Possible”, so you know. Oh my gosh also, “Hey
Arnold!”, ‘kay everyone that remembers “Hey Arnold!”, holy crap. I loved that show so much. And “What’s With Mimi?”, does anyone remember “What’s
With Mimi?”. (inhales) I could talk all day
about cartoons, I swear. All right, and our refreshment of choice is the Coldest, Coldest, Coldest Water Bottle. All right, so I’m sure
you can tell by this that this is a white foods ASMR video. ASMR muck-bong. I will go through everything. What we have on this
side, Marshmallow Fluff. We have it’s-in-glue
donuts, I literally… candied them, and then we have just the regular powdered ones, too. We have some gumballs. We have ice cream, and this
is cauliflower ice cream, it is sweet, it is not
veggie-tasting whatsoever. It’s super creamy, it’s delicious. Vanilla and lemon, put some
lemon vest in it, woo so good! Chocolate spoons, earbuds,
chocolate golf balls, chocolate-covered Oreos, macaroons, it’s-in-glue marshmallow, the jumbo one, crazy. And we have cookie clouds, cloud cookies. And, oh my gosh, another thing. I had so much in the video that I didn’t want to
put too much in there, but I also have white Kit Kat, that my incredible neighbors gave me. They’re so sweet, so thank you so much for this little treat. And yeah, let’s freakin’ get started guys. I think I’m gonna start
with the ice cream. So my spoon. And I’m not the best at making these. Jane ASMR and HAPPY ASMR are so good at making them. It’s like so light. Oh my gosh, oh my gosh. It is going over the side. Um-um. Oh my gosh, so good. Okay, let’s do another one. Oh my gosh, this ice cream is to die for. Oh my gosh, a bomb. This is super low-calorie and high-protein ’cause it’s protein powder, almond milk, cauliflower and ice. And stevia, sorry. Brain freeze. Okay, it’s subsiding,
it is subsiding, wow. Okay, next I’m gonna do Kit Kat. Okay, I really curious as to… how this is gonna be. Okay. Oh my gosh, that is so good. Okay, let’s do, okay so I have a yogurt-covered Oreo, and then we have chocolate-covered Oreos. And we’re gonna dip it into
this Marshmallow Fluff. Let me try this without this. Hoo. Oh my gosh, this is so freakin’ good. Okay, let’s just put that to the side. Put this there, okay. Now let’s do this golf ball. Golf ball, golf ball. Num, num, num, cheers. Wow, I was not expecting
it to be solid chocolate. All right, now for the earbuds. Hoo, hoo, hoo. Uh-huh. Should we dip them in
this Marshmallow Fluff? I think we should. Okay, earbud going. My marshmallows just dropped. Would you eat that? Okay, let’s do this one in here. You dip it. I don’t know why I keep doing that. Okay, double time, double time, double time. Hoo, hoo, hoo. Okay, I need to go grab my
marshmallows that just fell. No, there’s a freakin’ hair on it. Okay, we’re
not gonna eat that one, but we will eat this one. It is a candied marshmallow. Okay, cheers. Okay, now for the macaroon. And this is peppermint,
it’s actually not vanilla. I tried looking for vanilla,
but they only had peppermint. Mm. Okay, now let’s try these little pearls. I love bubblegum. I really need to wash my hands. Okay, I’m gonna take the gum out. Okay, last but not least,
we are going to eat this happy, happy, happy little cloud. Happy, happy little cloud, little cloud. Little cloud, little cloud. Cheers. Actually, I’m gonna put the Fluff on it. Fluff. Oh no, it’s okay. All right, guys. Well, I really, really
hope that you enjoyed that. And if you wanna get five
extra videos a month, go to the link in my
description for my Patreon, which is my exclusive
HunniBee page, so go there. And yeah, I love you guys so, so much. And I’ll see you very,
very, very soon, goodnight.


  1. time stamps

    4:21: ice-cream ?
    6:45: chocolate spoon ?
    7:26: kit-kat ?
    8:19 tanghulu donuts ?
    10:06: oreo
    12:17: golfball
    13:47: airpods
    16:13: tanghulu marshmallows
    17:56: peppermint macaron
    18:42: gumball
    20:00: cloud cookies ☁️ ?

  2. Pay just like
    4:21: ice cream ?
    6:45:chocolate spoon ?
    7:26: kit kat ?
    8:19: tanghulu donuts ?
    10:06: oreo
    12:17: golfball
    13:47: airpods
    16:13: tanghulu marshmallows
    17:56: peppermint MA aron
    18:42: gumball
    20:00: cloud cookies

    That what i founf from my IPad ThankYou!

  3. is it just me or does anyone else love that she'll just pick something up off the floor, check it, then still eat it

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