Around the Horn: Pittsfield’s 1791 Baseball Bylaw | Connecting Point | Apr. 27, 2015

a few years back up its you by law
dating to 1790 one was discovered it banned the playing of several games
including baseball in the senate leave the town meeting
house and that’s the earliest recorded use other words baseball together by name in
this country so is Pittsfield the birthplace a
baseball America was bits you baseball enthusiast Brian Johnson talk connecting
point producer Tony done America’s pastime evolves as a nation
itself was beginning and growing the new you me p.m. planners cracked a bottle against them
leading fastball the city of Pittsfield has a long connection with baseball
parent-only from its earliest mention through its to to present-day it is
unnatural but Pittsfield messages quite afraid of
it cooperstown new york is the Hall of Fame its often thought about as abner
doubleday is the founder a baseball and he’s won a baseball is an American
icon baseball parallels American history John
Thune was the historian who found the document 1791 in our
library it came out as the first mention
baseball it’s not really a positive thing it their workmanship kids apparently
playing ball and breaking windows in a courthouse so the core issue a document banning the
use of plain baseball in that the senate and when they spell the word base ball they stop beethoven is to live in words
a plant-based and then all be separated but in the same sentence is the first
mention up the work baseball so far documented and authenticated 1791 but this mention George Washington as president States asthma incredible
when you think the first discovery mention a baseball
coincide with the first president and like but country its resilience it
goes to good times and bad times but its its it its its backbone never breaks we’re not
claiming that we take week we Trump anybody else it’s just
it’s just an evolution of the game it’s awesome bach and the statue Liberty though it’s for the immigration coming in on
the east coast it does at not stand for this same
values and virtues and opportunities for people who are now coming through on the west coast one she went body
something and embrace it it’s symbolic forever and it it’s behind
us September 5th is the date the document in 1791 we went as far as having a
birthday celebration with a huge cake in the middle of help and we call that at the same happy
birthday baseball John thorns document a lot of its like Congressman John all week got wind of it he brought it to the congress in the
United States and made it official that baseball was the first mention in
Pittsfield Massachusetts South these are all the things that we have the momentum take it when I
chest creating something I hope into see if they can fly this this has led still it still has a
great history not just the finding other document and no just
coincides with that but looking through different things the
first collegiate baseball game was play was with me Williams college an
Amherst was played great offer on North Street
Pittsfield maple where dodi’s coffeehouse Matt and there’s a
plaque there now that’s been Kandahar Casey Stengel play and work on a par more modern people my partner vesco
obviously tired Hall of Fame but way back in time
Lou Gehrig hit a homerun went actually into whose iconic where
N&M about some a pic of sup that’s the history back in the
nineteen twenties that fits your has Harry links up to the
collegiate levels and into the professional levels and
that’s why Pittsfield Massachusetts the cradle a baseball we could do more if we could to ever get it to be
recognize like that abner doubleday I mean at a middle of
nowhere is built a Hall of Fame what we cooperstown be without a Hall of
Fame are things can happen and I hated be I
comical like this but that you know the all feel the dreams
feel-good story build and they will come and you know what when I got a takedown
Doubleday Field in Cooperstown but its in that Jared okay I like to refer to as Pittsfield
hazards car in a meeting right now its
baseball’s gonna read if we call that’s beyond massachusetts
the cradle and the Genesis the Hall of Fame can be the Bible
baseball and is a journey in between there and
that johnnie what always be time and always be
treasure people and people can fill in that
journey all the time 0 0

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