Area playoff baseball, softball scores

now the Coastal Bend Sports Authority Alan Harwell with your Chris Singh sports report hi good evening everybody big night of high school baseball and softball playoff action all over South Texas vets and King meeting in a one-game winner-take-all affair at Capitals field coaching legend hector salinas wearing that special shirt made just for tonight’s game he’s got two grandsons playing on opposite sides the MJ Rodriguez the catcher for vets and Orlando Salinas playing third base for King what’s a proud grandpa to do you just got to cheer for both teams right well right out of the gate King’s John Barrera gets nailed by pitcher Jojo Villarreal flips the bat not a happy camper and then here on a bunt attempt Barrera watch him here he’s going to get well you gotta watch him run into second base actually that he’s gonna get called out for interference very controversial start here but King’s Jacob Garza settles with a swing down the left-field line and that’ll bring in Marco Castellanos and King strikes first there’s been a wild game we are gone in extra innings us updated for you now it is now 3 3 in the 8th a wild game over in cabinets let’s head to Calallen where the Wildcats found themselves in a bus win situation thinking on Carroll the Tigers had the brooms out hoping to well sweep the series a total nightmare for the Tigers in the first cats load the bases Jacob jarred Cruz walks in the first front of the game and after scoring just one run last night you know Calallen was looking to score any way they could Carol brings in a new pitcher dick Rodriguez hits the batter and that’s forcing in another run to make it 2 to nothing so bases still loaded next batter another walk forcing in another Wildcat run aren’t these exciting highlights just nothing now Calallen and Ben hunter Devils is going to follow with a solid rip up the middle knock again 2 more runs cats put up a five spot first let’s update it for you they’re still playing we’re in the top of the seventh calendar late Saint before they win tonight that’ll force a game three tomorrow 2 o’clock at Whataburger field all right let’s talk about now that the softball now we have 5a teams playing Angleton beat Cal Allen 11 to 4 they leave that series one zip and Foster winds up sweeping Carol final score they’re 14

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