100 thoughts on “Are Americans Any Good at Football?

  1. Young foreign players should definitely come here for playing time. It'll be sink or swim for our guys. Also, get rid of college soccer.

  2. I don't even think it's only within football in terms of America's fascination with everything British. just look at the Royal wedding the other week the Americans were going crazy over that whereas over here people are still looking to see what'll happen with Grenfell. In my opinion as a Brit who lived in America for high school the biggest obstacle for an outsider to watching the MLS from face value is probably the rules. It is complicated lmao and it just seems like they wanted to overcomplicate things. They did it the American way in terms of a sports league model. But in all honesty though it may not be the most exciting league or the one that I enjoy the most but I do find myself keeping track of whats going on every now and then. Also it sometimes feels like the fans are doing too much fit in with the footballing world instead of just doing things organically. I think personally Atlanta is a prime example of how it should be done just build up a fan culture and don't feel pressured to sound or act a certain way. The NYCFC and RBFC thing however is just cringe, I get they feel like they want their city to be blue or red but people can tell if the hatred is genuine or more in this case a bunch of fans looking to cause some trouble in the excuse of hating a rival fan base the team hadn't been there for even a year theres no history to that rivalry. The biggest criticism i can give MLS however is that there is no promotion relegation. In a country of that size surely promotion relegation would help find players who may have slipped through the cracks, look at Fulham last weekend they played in the playoffs to then win promotion to the Premier league. For teams in NASL or the other one if they had a route to gaining promtion to the MLS all of a sudden they have something even bigger to fight for, national exposure, playing at a higher level, more endorsements, the league becomes even more competitive, and everyone wins, I think they could even still do the draft and like give the top picks to the teams getting promoted

  3. One thing everybody must agree American football and baseball are only for losers I mean they are not even like sports. I would rather play hide and seek than dumb American sports

  4. MLS will forever be in the shadow of all English leagues, you could throw a league 2 team in the MLS and they'd put up a fight. It's just embarrassing to see these Yanks bouncing around to something such as football they should just stick to baseball. It's just a dead market in that part of the word and will never have as much viewership and funding as European football does

  5. As long as you people call it 'soccer' theres no common ground to start from, also shows you didnt really get it

  6. It will only be a certain time until football will even be in the US the biggest sport. Would just alline with the rest of the world

  7. Messi is from America, Neymar is from America… There are three Americas… North; Central & South America…

  8. Maybe no-one really cares, but is all this benefiting American soccer? If we have a big time league like the Premier league is it still worth it if the national team can't qualify for the world cup?

  9. Need to expand to 40 clubs, eliminate Conferences and do a 2 year super season to divide upper and lower league thus incorporating Relegation. Point system determines Champion.

  10. The playoff system needs to go.
    It's an American tradition not a football tradition.
    When they scrap that ridiculous system they'll be taken more seriously.

  11. People making comments about "first teams and relegation" need to understand, the league is still growing, there are new "pro" teams popping up all over America and Canada. Once the teams get established and have a good solid fan-base, then they can consider making them an MLS team, or making a second league…

  12. jack should have stayed at nycfc, he wasnt ready for the move. He played ever game at nycfc, he doesnt play at all there.

  13. The problem’s with the MLS from an outsiders perspective is that there’s no promotion or relegation and no elite championships (Champions League, Europa League, etcetera), they need their own draw.

  14. Don’t know why lots of top prospects don’t go over to the US to play in the MLS ??‍♂️ MLS is big and it would give a lot of top young prospects the opportunity to be the ones that grow the league make a name for themselves and who wouldn’t want to play here?! LA, New York, Orlando, Vancouver, Toronto so many big famous cities but people won’t give it a chance lol its sad tbh

  15. Calling it right now in a few years you’ll see the MLS as one of the biggest leagues on the planet in soccer in a few years

  16. Funny but USA didn’t USA have a 1-1 draw in the World Cup (the best squad possible friendlies don’t count really)

  17. 2 things – one, introduce relegation. Two, stop calling it soccer and change the name of the league to MLF or MLAF

  18. Basketball, Baseball, American Football, Hockey, and then Football.
    That's why Americans aren't considered "good" at Football, can they have a good League? sure, they are one of the richest countries in the world so they can afford to import talent.

  19. What Geoff was saying towards the end was interesting about potentially "falling through the cracks" I think in some ways, especially with the cost of youth soccer in the US you can make the argument for both countries having to do a little better with this. Really insightful video and a fun watch!

  20. Oddly enough, the US and England have had pretty much the same amount of success at the World Cup over the past 40ish years.

  21. In the rural south west it's non existent it sucks I play by myself all the time and only a handful are In my town that play. we have a travel team and it cost a thousand dollars to play. There's no public fields and I sneak on a local community college to play. it's not nearly Florida humidity but it's very close and as I'm typing this the perceived temp is 100F or 38C. Imagine trying to play in that almost every day In summer.

  22. The mls is a sham, no relegation or promotion, all clubs are just created by investors and buy there way to the top instead of climing the division ladder.

  23. Americans are great at football! The best in fact. Jim Brown, Tom Brady, Lawrence Taylor, Jerry Rice, Barry Sanders, Joe Montana. The list goes and on. Americans do suck in soccer though. At least on the Men's side. But football? Americans are the very best.

  24. I noticed the guy who’s a fan of Houston Dynamo had an Oklahoma Sooners hoodie on, lol he knows the best team in college football

  25. Clint Dempsey was a fucking gunslinger at Fulham. He earned my respect, I’m sure lots of English fans would say the same:)

  26. Guys! This is Europe calling. Actually produce a few more CONCACF Champions League winners. Then you can talk about how MLS is growing. Because other than Mexican clubs, it's slim pickings for everybody else.

  27. Okay that guy is clue less. Its football here and always will be. I don't care what people may say in the comments below. Yes he was right in his explanation of football/soccer but he failed to mention that back then like over 100 hundred year ago football was run by posh oxford twats and one really tried to brainwashed the public in to calling it soccer but no it didn't work. The fans clearly called it football in spite of him. That's because before the split between rugby and football it was known as rugby football. They took rugby we took football. Soccer is only a thing in America Canada and Australia.

  28. All my friends are sports fans and they would rather talk about the NBA off season free agent signings than the World Cup right now.
    Soccer is basically a young kids game here that no one takes seriously.
    If the kid shows athletic ability in soccer at a young age the parent is going to want to put them in american football, basketball, baseball, etc because no one cares about soccer here.

    The real travesty is a full on National men's team with a rich history and the effort put into soccer the way we put effort into american football would be the fastest most exciting team bar none. That isn't going to happen though when all those kids grow up to try to be NFL defensive backs.

  29. The video makes a lot of good arguments for the validity of the MLS and its players… however, that gets ruined right at the end. Why bring up the football vs soccer argument? It doesn't matter if the word has its roots in England, that argument falls flat every time. The word soccer comes from association football to distinguish between association football and rugby football but it's FOOTBALL none the less. Soccer was never meant to be the name of the sport, clearly by the fact that the majority of the world calls it football or some variation of it. The reason why the majority of the world doesn't take American "soccer" seriously is because it keeps trying to americanize the sport. 1) stop fighting it, call it football. Association football if it makes you happy. 2) change all the Mickey mouse names of some of the clubs. 3) promotion and relegation.

  30. Question from an American – Whats up with promotion/relegation? Why do you guys think it would be positive?

    I see a lot of people talking about it and I understand the concept from playing FIFA 17 & 18, but I don't quite understand the importance of it. From my point of view it would hinder competition and result in the same top teams every year. The teams at the bottom performing badly are already getting punished financially through poor attendance and merchandising; to punish them even further by relegating them would severely hinder their ability to compete moving forward. I could also see them falling into a constant whirlpool of promotions and relegations as they would be worse than MLS teams but better than lower league teams. Same goes for the top teams in the lower league, they would replace the worst teams in the MLS for one year as the "new worst teams" and then get relegated, so whats the point?

    Is this not the case in other leagues that have promotion/relegation?

  31. pointless discussion until MLS has relagation .. and stops its idiotic recruitment and uses youth teams .. they only recruit from academys and colleges … the talent is in the poor areas .. there hungry for it

  32. I’m planning to pursue my future away from this country because there is no good opportunity to be noticed or come through the ranks in this sport, in this country. You need money to do that, my family does not have that much money but enough to send me abroad and grow as a talent, many talented teens are planning or proceeding in this particular action of going abroad, but some don’t have the courage to do that because it’s risky, and there goes some excellent talent. This way is the way Pulisic used to go to Germany and integrate his talent in another country and making this country have a spark in this sport. MLS and whatever organization USMNT uses need to get down to business because they can change this darkness to light, and if they act now…. Think of 2026 ? ?

  33. Americans are the best at Football as is shown by the vast majority of NFL players being American. Also this has a misleading title because this video is all about soccer.

  34. I never understood why they didn't link the new football (soccer) clubs toclubs from the NBA, NHL, MLB or NFL,
    so you already would have sort of a fan base, people could easily identify and feel connected to the club (due to the name and colors) of which perhaps dad or brother was already a fan of only not in soccer, so it could bring people who are into different sports together. The clubs would benefit from the famous brand of their 'mother-club' as well as certain infrastructure and facilities. Abroad you'd have a bigger impact as brand due to the famous name. Also merchandise-wise it would be quite interesting I think.

  35. The reasons why Americans are crap at football is because their fundamental attitude to the sport is basically no interest, a certain level of ignorance and the complete lack of any will on all levels to do with the sport. The fact is America can become a lethal world footballing power if they simply changed their fundamental attitude to the sport. IF the USA changes its attitude and approach to football then they will become world champions in or within 50 years, I really do believe this. America has the talent BUT it is undiscovered talent, which is basically going to waste!

  36. Haha no youngsters in the UK are not tuning into MLS, at least no where near to the degree you’re suggesting. It is still a joke, don’t kid yourself that the MLS is a high-level league. It is comparable to the British 3rd tier in terms of quality. Don’t get of yourselves America.

  37. The MLS are too worried about angering and losing their investors to promotion and relegation. Until they worry more about moving forward as a league and less about money, the MLS will never be taken seriously.

  38. "When ti, wakkaflocka and twochains go to"… Those are actually names grown men use for themselves..
    Just let that sink in.
    Then, understand that people look up to them..
    PS: The governing body of football, FIFA, even has Football in their name, it's football. Just football. It USED to be called sucker.

  39. Promotion & religation is the only way they will truly understand what it means to earn your way to not bought by will ferrel

  40. But, the demographic for MLS footballers is about 50/50, that's 50% Hispanic and Black players, without them the MLS would be nothing. American white kids are more into NBA, NFL and then NHL, than soccer, and it's been like that since the end of WW2. Because, historically, Hispanics have grown up around proper football in both Central and South America, they have a natural talent for the sport, that's why virtually all the MLS teams have an Ultra fanbase from New York to Los Angeles, and every team has Hispanic players, without them, and the foreign imports, Americans would struggle, they aren't any good at Football, yet!!!!!

  41. As an English football fan, who has watched MLS, on and off, for many years, I have to say that US soccer ( football, you really have to get over the S word ) has improved markedly over the years. All you need is for your national team to mirror the improvement. I think it is important for US soccer to step up to the level of European and S.. American football. Competition is important. It would also add an extra dynamic to that competition and the power structure in FIFA. Football is truly the peoples' sport.

  42. Imagine how dominant the USA would be if soccer was the #1 sport haha Tyreek hill as a striker lebron as a goalie the whole world would have no chance

  43. Why have the Eastern and Western conference. Just make it one league, call it US Premier League of 16 teams playing 30 games home and away with relegation and promotion.

  44. Título en español y todo el video se escucha el inglés..

    RESPUESTA AL TITULO DEL VIDEO: Y si quieren la respuesta es NO. ¿por que? Tener tantos extranjeros mediocres o al borde de la jubilación en sus equipos no los beneficia en casi nada.Solo miren que el equipo más fuerte de USA no le pudo hacer frente a Monterrey ni a Tigres..esos clubes mexicanos no son ni los más fuertes que tiene México.
    Si se llegan a enfrentar a Corinthians o a River Plate los van a humillar como Alemania a Brasil.Lo que les falta es PASIÓN AL FUTBOL, es por eso que no pueden conquistarlo ni con todo el dinero del mundo podrán hacerlo.Tomen de ejemplo Sudamerica

  45. Americans are great at football. No other country is even close! Now if wer'e talking about soccer, Americans are fairly average, except the women who are the very best. But in football, USA is number 1.

  46. The question makes no sense. Americans have all the capabilities and possibilities of the rest of the world. The only difference is 140 years of tradition.

  47. Harrison's an example of the gulf in quality between the American leagues an English leagues. He was a baller in the MLS but only a sporadic player at Middlesbrough and has been largely inconsistent since he arrived at Leeds last summer

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