Antonio Conte’s Inter Milan Tactics Explained

Inter have made a strong start to the Serie
A season under coach Antonio Conte. Conte, who has won Serie A three times as a manager
with Juventus, as well as the Premier League while at Chelsea, has instituted the three
man defence that served him well at both his top flight title-winning stints. After seven
games, Inter have scored the third most goals, behind Atalanta and Napoli, but conceded the
fewest, as Conte has built his defence around incoming veteran Diego Godin, talented ball-player
Milan Skriniar, and Stefan de Vrij. Inter’s 3-5-2 usually sees top men up front,
Romelu Lukaku and Lautaro Martinez, with two dynamic midfielders ahead of a sitting midfielder.
These are flanked by wing backs, generally Kwadwo Asamoah on the left and Andrea Candreva
or Daniele D’Ambrosio on the right. The sitting midfielder, a role in which Marcelo
Brozovic has so far excelled this season, is there to drop deeper and help build-up,
especially against teams who look to press the centre backs. Inter generally attack dynamically, rather
than through a patient build-up involving the pivot, although his role in spreading
play or helping the centre-backs bring the ball out should not be understated. In Lukaku
and Martinez, Inter have two excellent and complementary forwards who thrive on direct
balls. Lukaku especially can be used to win aerial out balls, hold up the ball, or drop
off. Inter can and will play very vertically, especially if the centre backs can bring the
ball out and then look to play the strikers in directly. Otherwise, Inter look to use width to create
chances. This functions in several ways. Candreva is more of a natural winger or midfielder
than Asamoah on the left, and so he often looks to push high and isolate his opposite
man. The inside midfielder will then push outwards to create overloads in the wide areas
of the pitch, assisted by a striker dropping off – the other striker and midfielder are
then available to make runs against the opposition centre backs, either to collect the ball for
shots from the top of the area, or to make deeper runs into the box. Stefano Sensi, who
has been superb this season, scoring three, is a particular beneficiary of this approach
pushing up from midfield. Inter will also look to attack this way on
the left, as Asamoah has the ability and engine to attack and defend his flank very capably,
but Candreva is more naturally suited to the attacking side of the game. Against AC Milan, Conte also withdrew a striker
during the match to bring on the winger Matteo Politano – he effectively played up front
but wide on the right, which further allowed Inter to overload that flank and target AC
Milan’s left-hand side of defence, creating more space centrally by forcing AC Milan to
adjust. It’s a good example of how Conte intelligently adjusts a basic pattern to exploit
specific opposition weaknesses. Defensively, Inter’s 3-5-2 will become a
5-3-2 during the game under periods of sustained pressure, and Conte is also happy to start
with this deeper line against some teams, as he did away to Barcelona in the Champions
League. Generally, Inter will look to press man for
man higher up the pitch, and often try to shepherd the opposition into wide areas by
allowing the opposition full backs some space and leaving them as the easiest options for
a pass. This allows Inter to stuff up the middle of
the pitch, making them hard to play through, and also means when they do engage the press
out wide, there is often space behind the opposition full backs into which they can
attack. It’s a similar ploy to that which Conte used at Chelsea, and it’s particularly
effective against teams that play 4-3-3 as Inter can go man for man easily across the
pitch and then counter into space out wide once the ball is won back. And with Conte’s typically formidable and
organised defence keeping things tight at the back, Inter have an extremely solid foundation
from which to attack. In Nicolo Barella, Roberto Gagliardini, young
defender Alessandro Bastoni, and Sensi, Conte has talented young Italian players – Gagliardini
is the eldest at 25 – supported by experienced leaders like Godin, Asamoah, and Handanovic,
while Martinez and Skriniar are also excelling. The summer acquisition of Lukaku already looks
smart and the squad has enough depth to sustain the title challenge, especially in midfield.
While Juventus in recent years have seen Lo Scudetto as theirs by right, Conte’s Inter
will push them all the way this season and could well have enough to take the title.

52 thoughts on “Antonio Conte’s Inter Milan Tactics Explained

  1. Conte in the thumbnail looks like "rich douchebag who is shouting at you because you scratched his car"

  2. It’s impressive to see how he transforms his teams, and if their management backs him up in the transfer market, Inter could stake claim to the title however, spoiler alert

    ? Juve will win the most predictable league again… ?

  3. Conte is a top manager, Chelsea shouldn’t have got rid of him. The board at Chelsea should have done more to back him for example when he wanted Lakaku, when winning the league you always need 1 or 2 players after to push on. Winning the prem & fa cup was decent imo. I think Napoli & Inter will definitely push Juventus close this season.

  4. i have never liked Conte because of the way he told Diego Costa he wasn't in his plans, but i respect his tactics as they are smart, effective and they continue to work. Keep up the great vids Tifo ur one of my fav youtubers.

  5. I like how you added the relation between politano and camdreva while attacking on the right side of the pitch. Feels similar to the spanish Odriozola-Oyarzabal back at Real Sociedad a couple of years ago. Great video!

  6. Conte is a brilliant coach
    Might be ‘too defensive’ to some, but it wins games and titles, which is the most important thing

  7. I watch only EPL not seria A but i know conte is best how he use moses and alonso in left or right flank mindblowing

  8. Way too defensive and negative with his approach. Juventus dominated them. Can see them qualifying for top 4 though.

  9. “Lukaku can especially be used to win Aerial outballs or hold up the ball”
    I don’t think you know Lukaku,
    Lukaku is 6”3 but can’t win any aerial battles, Lukaku is so weak for someone of his body type and his touch makes him incapable of holding up the ball.
    The only thing he can do is run in behind but he will get tired way too quick.

  10. after all the games played this season I think we still need 2 more high quality midfielders, an attacking one and another 50-50. Also, we need better wing backs because Candreava and Asamoah are just not that great…

    Strikers – I think we should get kouame he looks amazing this season

  11. Great video as always. Would be one of my first choice replacements for Ole. A proven winner who isn’t a winner from the past. In 16/17 we saw one of the greatest premier league sides of all time. Getting 30 wins in the league and in 17/18 people say that Chelsea had a poor season. To an extent yes but if you told most teams that they will finish 5th in the league and win an FA Cup, they’d take it! Really hope to see them push Juventus all the way this year and I firmly believe that they will win the scudetto.

  12. Quality content lads

    If you fancy helping out a uk based mountain bike channel just go watch a video. Cheers you legends

  13. I feel Conte still hasn't been proven yet. He's never won the Champions League. It's a given that Juventus will win Scudettos. And when he won the league he won with Chelsea that had just been managed by Mourinho. They were quite defensive under Mourinho so they didn't have to adapt much to Conte's tactics. And the field that season was quite weak. Pep had just joined City and Klopp still hadn't got his needed players yet. And Conte's second season was bad. He couldn't get the club to score. Costa and Morata performed badly under him. Conte looked devoid of ideas when clubs parked the bus against him.
    I do like his Inter Milan but I am not sure they are going to win anything.
    And tbf Spalletti wasn't bad. Ye had some problems with Icardi and players not getting along and that really ruined his season. Also, he kept using Politano as a winger. Politano is bad. I don't know why he gets used so much by managers. Conte also uses him. If I were manager, I wouldn't use him at all.
    Anyway things are going well for Inter but I wonder if they can keep it going.

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