Anteater Vlog Season 2 Ep. 4 || UCI Women’s Volleyball UCI/Adidas Invitational

Rob Espero: Yes it’s the first match of the season, pretty amazing huh? I feel like its been way longer than a year that’s for sure. Harlee Kekauoha: Hi Abby, how we feeling about today’s game? Abby Marjama: Hello Harlee! It is a great day to be here in UC Irvine and I am very excited for this game little nervous but that’s always good, and we’re about to have a good time and beat Bakersfield. Harlee Kekauoha: So this is Russell, Lauren Russ, but we all call her Russell, too many Lauren’s on our team. Lauren Russ: It’s not really a nickname, because its longer. Harlee Kekauoha: I feel like it is… Lauren Russ: Ok. Harlee Kekauoha: How do you feel about today’s game? Lauren Russ: I’m excited, home game! Harlee Kekauoha: Merin Kolte, Merin Kolte: Hey there! Harlee Kekauoha: How do you feel about Bakersfield? Merin Kolte: I’m feeling confident. Harlee Kekauoha: Alright, let’s do this. Idara Akpakpa: For the land of the free, and the home of the brave… Destynie Villamu: Let’s just keep wanting it more, go after it, go hard. Harlee Kekauoha: Stay together, Let’s go! Idara Akpakpa: I think we just beat ourselves, we weren’t playing UCI Volleyball like the volleyball we know how to, yaa… I think we just need to work on being disciplined, definitely pay more attention to the details, so I think that’s what we need to do. Idara and Merin: Oh ya! Let’s go ‘Eaters! Idara Akpakpa: Ready to eat! Cassie Stewart: Tonight I think was a lot better than our last tournament. We came out stronger, a lot more energy. At the end there, we weren’t picking up our responsibilities and executing the way that UCI Women’s Vollleyball plans and practices to execute. So tomorrow, hopefully we’ll be able to execute all the way through. Everyone: Here we go! Loryn Carter: I think we’re taking steps in the right direction, as far as learning whose responsibility is what and kind of the cohesion on the court. I think if we just come out and play you know how we do in the first sets, we, like I said have a great future ahead of us. Harlee Kekauoha: How do you feel about playing Bakersfield ladies? Cassie and Kylie: Super excited. Harlee Kekauoha: Excited to beat the roadrunners? eyy roadrunners? We like this one, not this one, this one.

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