Another Evil Boyfriend | Totally Spies – Season 5, Episode 5

In order to take out the enemy one must begin to think like the enemy Hmm looks like my fave Maul is the groove My fade eatery is the bed out and my fave movie of all time is ten things I love about you, but still want to change Operations spy elimination is now in effect We are gathered here today at 21,000 feet to join clover and Blaine in matrimony Guess you didn’t want to steal your spotlight Excuse me, sir is trying to marry Blaney and me Blainey I mean Blaine do you take clover to be your lawfully wedded wife? So totally and clover. Do you take Blaine to be your lawfully wedded husband? Yes, and then by the power vested in me, I now pronounce you husband and wife Whats going on? Ugh Wedding Interrupted Was getting to the good part Hmm Of course I can’t stay mad for long with Bellini smiling face watching over me Time to tell my dreamy dude all about our dreamy wedding Rise and shine did my V Val Venis sleep? Well only because I dreamt about you the cutest co-ed ever I had a dream about you. Ciao. We have so much in common. We even dream alike. That’s because we’re made for each other pokey I Can’t wait to see you wanted me for lunch. Definitely. I’ll be the guy at the picnic table it only has eyes for you Later bestest boyfriend ever Break a nail fine new split ends. No, no. No, the reason I’m so blessed is because Lane is The one I like even more than my designer shoe collection the one I’m going to Marry you’ve only known for like a week and you’ve only gone on like three dates. What can I say? I’m head over heels in love Good morning spies lovely day we’re having I didn’t think any more annoying till now – please accept my sincerest apologies, but unfortunately, it can’t Hello ladies, you know Jer if you had performed such a lovely skydiving wedeck, I just seriously mad at you right now Okay we’ve just received a hot tip about a crime that’s about to occur more at a Notorious criminal who’s eluded work for years is going to strike Beverly Hills I’m afraid so more rat is planning to burrow his way into area shopping centers so he can loot their contents You mean he’ll have like first pick of all the hot new colors and sizes. No annoying lives Need I remind you that this is in fact illegal behavior You’ll need the heat sensor motion detector sunglasses with an ocular function the earring microphone communicators the hairpin lockpick and the mousetrap lunchbox It has a hair-trigger I never see the day we tear with fakes in a mid-day trip to the mall. Just chop just buy a whole lot better Happy shopping Clover we’re kind of on a mission here. Can you read mags on your own time? Yeah read bodacious bride You just flip for the pictures Duh, that’s why it’s called dreaming a girl can never be too prepared either. That’s the mall rat or there’s a freaky new fashion trend Seriously meet the life And Lee bass see that’s what happens when you don’t plan ahead you become a single weird guy in a red suit Alex and I will be the bait while you swoop in and trap the rent. I just love a foolproof plan target spotted moving in Any sign of the road yet? Yes, the mall rat is surfacing near clogs clocks clocks be right there sandy Apparently the mall rats bad taste also extends to Footwear Are you okay? Sorry girls but the mall doesn’t open until 10:00 There’s a You think some overpriced cashmere it’s gonna stop me once you tried the best you’ll forget the rest Clover said pashminas we’re out of style pink really brings out the sewer in your eyes Hello anytime you want on time II Sitting on this what is it? It looks like some kind of tracking device, but there’s one person he’ll know for sure Hello girls, I trust the mole rat has been successfully to tain yeah, but he’s mysterious henchman tried to spine out clover then got away That’s all it as far as I know the mole rat always works alone, but I’m fine now Thanks for asking. The henchmen left behind one clue only problem is we have no idea what it is Send it in for analysis then return to school in the mean time I’ll send in some agents to pickup the mall rat the food court opens in 15 minutes want to grab some brunch? Sorry, but I promised me playing at least there’s one person who’ll be glad I’m all right Darn there doesn’t seem to be any room for deer at the head table hmm No biggie after the wedding he can sit in the kitchen with the Busboys Hey, beautiful I brought all your faves Bri an apple an organic flax Pasta salad hold the celery sparkling apple juice and chocolate mousse for dessert The eggs, but how did you know these are all my current must-haves? What can I say? I like to make sure my girls happy You’ve got a stain on your v-belt shirt here, let me Speaking of V ball with playoffs next month coach schedule the last-minute practice so I can’t stay. Oh Okay, I should be done by 8:00. How does the sunset stroll on the beach sound? It sounds perfect. Just like you It’s nice to see you girls involved in academic pursuits You could say it’s nice to see you too. Yeah a little thing called privacy Sorry to disturb you but the results of the analysis just came in the device you found is a pocket pump for volleyballs It’s actually quite a handy little things a bit great chair But how does it help us ID the henchmen thanks to the little mu insignia I’ve been able to determine the pocket pumps are standard-issue to each member of the maleo beach volleyball team Wait, did you just say malli new beach volleyball team. The other thing Blaine was somehow involved in attacking clover It’s impossible to say for sure, but better to be safe than sorry in that case clover needs to be alerted. He’s a PE Let’s go We ever glad to see you that doesn’t mean you have to plow me down in the middle of campus Gerry just called, you know, that little device we found turns out it’s a pocket pump for volleyballs Huh their standard issue for the Mallee you beach volleyball team. Hmm, you know Blaine’s beach volleyball team Hello since when is Blaine the only gotta go to the ball, maybe fell out of my stuff I do spend a lot of time with my future heavy. Mm-hmm That’s just it even though you spend a lot of time with Blaine. What do you really know about him? I know enough to know that Blaine would never hurt me in a million The picnic was Blaine’s idea, huh? I thought what believes that he wanted to take me out on a date Looks like you’ll have to put those wedding plans on hold This totally explains the stain on his shirt it was picante sauce Got our China battered Timer little background check on your boyfriend. Batty forget woop. I’ve got a better idea. Let’s go right to the source With all the rad designers in SoCal you think someone would design a better uniform. Let’s just get in and out before Blaine gets back Land dorm furniture check the posters of cute girls check dirty laundry on the floor check. Yep Looks like your average run-of-the-mill boys dorm room. I can’t believe I suspected poor innocent blaney girlfriend careful remember what happened the last time you said that Oh, Girls something tells me we’re not at Maui you anymore. Oh, there’s nothing innocent about this Hmm Oh Gross stalker much, please been watching our every Spy move with a periscope since he knows all about us. It’s only fair We learned all about him Oh This confirms it Lane is a freelance five sent to eliminate clover I can’t believe it I know having an assassin boyfriend is a total bummer. Not that you totally got my fave movie of all time wrong ten things I love about you, but still want to change is my third fave at best. Don’t worry clover together We’ll beat that lying cheating no-good spy boyfriend at his own game I hardly think this is the time to set Blaine up with Mandy Sam. Oh You don’t mean that kind of revenge Come on luckily, I know just the place to get back at him If we want a hood wing Blaine and to believe him, we’re none the wiser you have to act natural just relax, okay. Mm-hmm Here goes nothing Hi Blaine, I Mean Blaney how was practice? Slover I wasn’t expecting to hear from you again. Hmm I mean not before our sunset stroll on the beach. That’s actually what I was calling about. Are we still on for 8:00? Wouldn’t miss it for the world pokey I Can’t believe I fell for such a two-faced my Chuck try to look on the bright side Bright side think of all the time you’ll save not planning the wedding I’ll wait over there for my no-good boyfriend while you do hard on the sand dunes Lane won’t know what hit it totally I just love a good sneak attack That makes two of us If there’s one thing I hate about coming to the beach please spiders aren’t much fun either I didn’t know better. I think you were trying to sneak up on me only so I could give you a big hug, beautiful Huh? I’ve missed you so much So, how was your day my day? Well, let’s see I got up worked out almost got taken out by my lunch then discovered. You’re the one that tried to blow me up Don’t worry the bad days almost over Haven’t you heard a good boyfriend is hard to nap when you see one. Let me know Your last supper that is It’s a shame someone is cute as you can make such a bad person and it’s a shame someone as cute as you boyfriends Impressive moves they teach you that at evil spy school. You would know you obviously graduated top of your class. I Can’t believe blame things clovers an evil spy, which means he also thinks we’re evil spies time to call Jer When we get out of this we really need to get the name of Blaine’s gadget supplier Careful sunshine the cheesecakes a little heavy on the cream careful peanut the happies have toothpicks You keep calling me the Battie but you’re the one who’s been stalking me this whole time and so far this month You’ve stolen a weapon of world destruction brought the bank and tried to break into the mall. Wait Yes, I had something to do with us if the crime fits Terry as you can see, we’re gonna need your help. Oh my I’m on my way Look at someone’s so cute be sober up for me I mean, hello totally insane and you’re totally not fooling me Why Okay time to fit into this wait weird relationship Hmm Listen Blaine, there’s been some mistake. What do you say we grab it bite it and figure this thing out. Sorry. I’ve lost my appetite Our gadgets may not be as super advanced as yours, but they get the job done Is there any way you could erase Blaine’s memory so we could still know a couple clover What it’s a shame to let all my plans go to waste Hmm, perhaps, you won’t have to after a little sleuthing of my own. It appears that Blaine is actually an agent for good Sure, didn’t feel that way when he was pelting me with tuna casserole and so is clover. Oh Right, you can’t speak yeah, allow me But I don’t understand I was hired to offer batty Yeah I’m afraid clover isn’t the villain your anonymous employer made her out to be how did you know about my employer? Even I don’t know who it is. Hello world organization of human protection much. They know everything I’m sorry I put you through all this but I thought you were totally evil. I’ll forgive you on one condition Anything just name it hmm We officially get back together There’s still the little matter of figuring out who set Blaine up and who tried to take out clover after the sunset stroll on the peach But but Don’t ruin the romantic moment

100 thoughts on “Another Evil Boyfriend | Totally Spies – Season 5, Episode 5

  1. I miss Clover and Blaine’s relationship it’s ashamed it ended.

    I thought for sure Clover and Blaine would’ve been a permanent couple


  3. This is so out of topic but I am a swiftie and when I see TS I think it is Taylor swift but it stands for totally spies??

  4. I’d Still Totally Would’ve Like To See The Equistria Girls And The Scooby-Doo Gang Enjoy Constantly Fighting Crime And Hanging Out With The Totally Spies

  5. I must admit if Jerry really did a wedding for Clover and Blaine at 21,000 that definitely would’ve been awesome and for the lovely couple romantic.

  6. I’d Still Totally Would’ve Like To See Scooby-Doo And The Gang And Especially The Equistria Girls Enjoy Fighting Crime With The Totally Spies

  7. I always thought WOOHP stood for "World organization of helpful People" or "Worldwide Organization of Homeless People" or "well-known hot operatives on point" not th "world oganization of Human Protection"

  8. me: watches nothing but vids relating to cats, the news, kpop and gaming

    my YouTube recommended: Totally Spies The Movie and Season 5 Episode 5

    …okay I guess we're reliving my childhood tonight.

  9. Time past too fast?when I watch totally spies I was just 5 and they're like my angel and now I feel like they're gone.????I miss them????

  10. I’m I the only one that noticed, that they said it’s 11:25 am when they arrived and the mole rat told them: “sorry the mall doesn’t open till 10:00am”… still one of the best shows

  11. 2:49 Probably a dumb question but what does pokey mean? The only pokey I know are the enemies from the old Mario games

  12. Me before watching iZombie and was a kid: I LOVE TOTALLY SPIES

    Me after watching iZombie and more grown up: Anyone with a name called "Blaine" is up to no good

  13. Let's just say what happened in season 6 just makes this episode so sad… I wish they didn't choose that option.

  14. I just started to notice. This women can't redecorate because there are tubes for them everywhere.

    And also… Jerry seems to know what this girls need in every single mission…

  15. argh i really thought Blaine was an evil bf bc he is too cute and perfect to be. i wonder if blaine and clover would never break up in the entire season [im bingewatching season 5 now sooo]

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