Angel of Table Tennis? ML: Very Pleased with Title and Nickname

Congratulations on your 7th China Open title What do you think? I feel…first, that proved the desire of me and FZD for the title Then, I kept trying to adjust after dropping the 1st game Then, it got better in games 2, 3 and 4 OTOH, I could feel FZD was a little tired He was constantly hopping and tried to change it up But I handle better in games 3 and 4 Taking some mental advantage after winning those 2 rather quickly The ITTF(Bobrow?) used the word “Angel of Table Tennis” to describe you How do you feel about this? I’m not sure how to judge it but I’m very pleased with the title and such a nickname In fact, I played 5 rounds of singles The average age is just 20 It shows that many young players have cropped up in table tennis Not just for China and foreign countries There’re many of them So I’d say the development of table tennis is very good Thank you, Captain Long Subbed by zeio

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