Android Q Beta 4, Google Research Football, & Chrome 75

Fortuna for “The Developer Show.” This is your weekly update on
the most exciting developer news from Google. This week, Android
released Android Q Beta 4, which contains the
final versions of the APIs to be released in
Android Q. Beta 4 has the latest system
images for Pixel and Android emulator,
the official API 29 SDK, and updated Android
Studio build tools. Android Q has many
new features and APIs, including supporting
gestural navigation in your app, dark theme,
sharing shortcuts, and suggested replies and
actions and notifications. To learn more, head
on over to the post linked in the description below. Are you a university student? Developer Student Clubs is a
program with Google Developers to provide student developers
with the resources, opportunities,
and the experience necessary to be
more industry-ready. The deadline to submit
applications to be a lead has been extended to June 15. For more information,
check out the post. Flutter has released a guide
on its developer culture and how to preserve it. Flutter culture encourages
being open, modest, and respectful to
other technology, in addition to having
a code of conduct. For more information and ideas
to make your own developer community excellent for
everyone, check out the post. TensorNetwork, a new
open source library to improve the efficiency
of Tensor calculations, is now available. The library uses
TensorFlow as a backend, and is optimized
for GPU processing. For more information,
head over to the blog. We’ve just released Google
Research football environment, a reef enforcement
learning environment, to master the world’s
most popular sport– football. And that’s soccer for
you Americans out there. The football
environment provides a physics-based 3D football
simulation, where agents control either one
or all the football players on their teams, learn
how to pass between them, and score goals. For all the details,
see the post. Chrome 75 stable
is rolling out now. In this version of
Chrome, there’s a new way to reduce latency
on Canvas elements, file sharing support
with the web sharing API, and numeric literals now allow
underscores as separators to make them more readable. For more details,
check out the post. Please remember like,
subscribe, and share. I’m Emily Fortuna for
“The Developer Show.” Thanks for watching, and
we’ll see you next week. Yeah. When I said Chrome,
I’m like, yeah! [MUSIC PLAYING]

22 thoughts on “Android Q Beta 4, Google Research Football, & Chrome 75

  1. I'm toooo excited for android Q, but you guys need to use the gesture style that xiaomi uses, the upper portion of the sides doesn't trigger the back button allowing you to get the hamburger menu and the bottom for back

  2. Is Android q beta 4 released to supported devices such as Ex: realme 3 pro, if not when will it be available ?

  3. MIUI/iOS gestures are king.
    Why are the stock android gestures taking up 5% of the display at the bottom?

    Please remove the navigation bar beside the navigation pill.

  4. Hey google

    Can you make battery bar at the top more interesting to see.

    Like put the battery percentage in the ? battery. Or make the battery change it color when it reach some percentage. Like white for 100-70
    Blue for 70-50
    Yellow 50-20
    Red 20-1


    You can remove the ? icon at the top, and just give the batter percentage only with color inside it.

  5. 1. For the google search at the bottom of the phone, can you give option to us to relocate it or remove it.

    2. Or, can you make it like iphone, swipe at the middle of screen to bottom, can access to google search

    3. For google search, please redirect it to chrome browser starightaway or any other browser. Not in google assistanct like you do right now.

    4. please provide IN SCREEN RECORDING WITH SOUND. Exlcude the outside voice. The apps for this in play store cannot give satisfaction like iphone recording in screen offer.
    Please google, you can do better than them.

    Android diehard fan seem doesn't like the new gesture.
    But for me, i love the gesture when you remove back button. It so annoying when you always accidentally touch it on instagram or browser and you need to refresh again.

    But, please…
    I hate navigation bar beside navigation pill. Why you always need to take the space on our screen ?

    Remove navigation bar. Make it like ios gesture. Only have navigation line or you call navigation pill. Dont be silly, we love it


    Make it like MIUI gesture. Full screen gesture. No pill no line at the bottom of the screen.

    Back gesture you are giving us is bad. Make it like iphone.

    And, to appreciate your Android diehard fan, provide traditional navigation bar.

  6. Hey google,
    Can you make the lockscreen more interesting
    1. Swipe from left can access to google news or widget like iphone do, because i want to see my calendar widget and some widget without unlocking it.

    2. On lock screen, can you relocate the position of clock. It so annoying because i could not find lockscreen wallpaper because the clock block the main thing in it. Please relocate it a big higher or like iphone do. Or provide a option to us to relocate it anywhere we want.

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