An International Perspective On Aggie Football

(upbeat music) – The name’s Juri Plestina. I come from Melbourne, Australia. I’m with E-1 Jocks in 2nd Brigade. – I’m Bridget. I’m originally from Brisbane, Australia. I’m also a cadet with the Australian Army, and I’m with A-1. – I’m Augustus Altuccini. I’m from the United Kingdom, originally studying at Swansea University, and I’m positioned with Squadron 3. It’s amazing how much of
a broad outlook A&M has. So, for example, I met Colonel Fossum, that NASA astronaut that went
to A&M, and as it turns out, he actually knew the
exact village I was from, which is quite surreal being over five thousand miles from home. – The biggest surprise,
other than the weather, because we’re in a different hemisphere, was probably just how
friendly everyone is. You guys say, “Howdy,” just like casually when you pass people, and we obviously don’t
say howdy back home, so that was pretty cool as well. – My biggest surprise coming
here was easily the spirit. The fact that everyone
here is so tight knit, I doubt there is anywhere
like it in the world, certainly not in the U.K. First impression of Aggie
football, it takes a long time. I was not familiar with gridiron, as we call it in Australia,
American football. That being said though, it’s a very exciting game. – My first impression of Aggie football is probably how big it is. Kyle Field is amazing. It’s bigger than our
biggest stadium back home. Everyone shows up, that’s pretty cool. – My favorite yell, I
think it’s Locomotive, the one that goes “Rah, rah, rah,” and then we all went quiet, and then “Woo.” That one, it’s good fun. – My favorite yell has got to be “Beat the Hell out of
insert university here.” – My favorite game day
tradition would probably have to be the part
just before the march-in where we all gather around in the Quad. People are there with their families, and just hanging around. – Favorite game day tradition has got to be easily March-in. Marching in with several
thousand other cadets and seeing Kyle Field
with several thousand people in the stadium looking
on is quite something.

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