Hey guys, how many of you have ever
wondered what it would be like to run a minor league baseball team? Well, if
that’s the case, you’re in luck. Cuz that’s exactly what we’re gonna cover next on this week’s bonus session of Manly Moments! (phone rings)
Yeah? What do you mean the Chewbaka bobbleheads aren’t here yet? It’s Star
Wars night! No, we can’t switch it with Thirsty Thursday. I’ve already ordered
the Storm trooper costumes. No, that’s Birdzerk Night. No, that’s Jake the Diamond Dog Night. No, just get the job done. You got it? Good. (sigh) Well if we’re lucky, we might even get to play a baseball game. Aside from like playing professional
baseball I can’t think of a better job than running a baseball club. That’s why
I’m so excited today to have my friend and Fort Wayne Tincaps president, Mike
Nutter, join us. How’s it going, Mike? It’s going well today. It’s awesome to have
you here. You look pretty good behind that desk. So I’m not ready to retire yet,
but when I am, it’s all yours, my friend. I’m glad to be here at Parkview Field
today, and you know, Mike has been running this organization for 19 years now? That’s exactly right. And before we get into all that, share with us briefly a
little bit about your upbringing and how you came to be the president of the Tincaps. Way back I was born in Ohio. I grew up in a big sports family in Northwest
Ohio. And so I graduated from Bowling Green State University, not far from Fort
Wayne over in Ohio with Sports Management. And here we are 27 seasons into my career. It’s taken me from the Chicago suburbs to Brevard County
Florida, Nashville Tennessee, and 19 seasons in the Summit City. So it’s been
a great ride, an incredible blessing from God. His plan has always been better than my plan. You know it’s not exactly the way I drew it up. And His way is a lot
better. So it’s just great to be here. Well, in my opinion, the Tincaps and
Parkview Field are what I consider the jewel of the city. But I remember not so
far ago when the Wizards were making the move downtown to become the Tincaps.
That was a challenging time. A lot of people had strong opinions about both
the move and the name change. Can you comment a little bit on that. Yeah, it was
kind of rough, I mean it really was. We had a, we had a consultant in to help us
with the changing of the name. And the guy told us, “Hey it’s gonna be rough when
you announce it. Hey this is gonna be one of the worst days of your professional
career.” I thought, “Wow, you know, what’s this guy know?” and I’m thinking, then I
thought, “Well, I hope he knows a lot since we’re paying him to to direct us through
this” and he was exactly right. People were really, really negative. The idea of
the ballpark at first was really not well-received. And then when we decided
and announced what the name was, the Tincaps, an ode to Johnny Appleseed, John
Chapman, who’s buried a few miles from here, it was rough. It was thousands and
thousands of pieces of hate mail, email. So we got through it, but
the important thing is, once this ballpark was completed and we had an
open house of March of 2009, the tide turned like that. That day people came in,
it was no longer the walls up around it. It was their facility and their team. Then we won a hundred games that first year. We won a championship. Fans remind me all the time, we haven’t won one since. And it’s one of those things that really
the momentum shifted that day Robbie. I remember. From there it’s been great. It
was magical. It was kind of rough until we got to that. And then to use your word, it was
magical. And here we are ten years later now, and a lot of awards and things to be
proud of, share just a couple of those things that we’ve won lately here. You
know one was for the best in the country for charitable involvement. Six of the
last seven years Stadium Journey has named it the Best Ballpark Experience in
the country for minor league baseball. I don’t like to brag, but you asked, so
those are a few things that we’re proud of. Well as the late great Dizzy Dean
once said, “It ain’t bragging, if you’ve done done it” and the Tincaps have done
it. I thought it’d be kind of fun for you to take us behind the scenes and answer
a few questions from left field. Are you up for that. I’m up for it. Let’s do it. Let’s play ball! Well, Mike, is it common for minor league
teams to have such luxurious suites and dining areas like this? Probably not this
level. It’s a special place, the suite level at Parkview Field. There’s 16 luxury
suites and an area in the middle for common, you know for everybody to get
together and congregate. It’s a really great part of Parkview. And what’s the deal with the 400 Club? This is one of our great group and hospitality areas. It’s a high-end area, granite countertops, all-you-can-eat food, climate
control, and an unbelievable view of this great ballpark. Love it. Mike, I think
everybody is curious what the inside of a ball player clubhouse looks like. The
clubhouse is absolutely awesome and the reality, Robbie, is that this is home for
these guys for 70 home games. And they might be here more than their apartment.
So what is the deal, Mike, with the Bad Apple Dancers? You know what? Minor league baseball’s based on quirky and funny things and that’s one of ours, that we’re
known for. So we have a few of our sales guys they go out there, dress up
sometimes, and dance after the sixth inning every night, drag the field for the
players. Everything’s about the family friendly, wholesome entertainment,
but also getting some laughs and some water cooler talk. And that’s one of our
best. Who are some of the stars that have actually come through the system here? I mean who are the best players? Corey Kluber of the Cleveland
Indians has won two of the last four Cy Young Awards. Trey Turner is a young
star for the Washington Nationals. Um, favorites? One of my all-time favorite guys was Fort Wayne Wizard Jake Peavy. He won a Cy Young Award
with the Padres. He won a World Series with the Red Sox. I’m curious how much do these guys make. I mean they’re single A ball players and I see the big leaguers with the 30 million dollar contracts. These guys aren’t quite making that, are they? They really are not. You know, they’re paid by the major league affiliates, in our case of San Diego Padres. And I believe our guys make somewhere around twelve hundred dollars a month. Wow, it sounds like those guys don’t even make as much Johnny Tincap does. Well, those guys make a little bit more than Johnny, but certainly for the
most part, Johnny’s more famous than most of our players that have come through
here. So I gotta ask, what is your least favorite part about this job. Every day
people asking for free tickets. Oh, yeah . . . I mean, . . . speaking of which . . . Uh, No! No chance for you. I’m not not for me. I’m thinking about for the audience, might be
a good deal for them to get some free tickets. You know what? I agree with that. Why don’t we say that anybody that “likes,” and subscribes, and comments on this post thing that you’re doing will be entered into a contest to win, let’s give them
four tickets to a Tincaps game. We can use my seats, they’re pretty good seats.
Awesome! So if anybody that’s watched this goes on there and likes and
comments and subscribes to this, let’s give away some tickets. Great deal. Put in the comment below “I love the Tincaps!” We’ll do a little drawing and pick one
winner for four tickets. Great deal. I got one last question for you, what are the
odds of me making a guest appearance as a Bad Apple Dancer. I mean, . . . I think we’ve all seen enough. And it comes a point in time in our
lives when people just tell us when something’s not going to happen. No, I
don’t think that’s gonna work out for you. Right. Well I’ll tell you what, if you like this channel, go ahead and check out some of the other videos from the past and
make sure you enter that contest, and we will see you next time for another
installment of Manly Moments!

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  1. Mike Nutter is a class act, and a wonderful blessing to our community. I'm thankful to call him a brother in Christ. I would LOVE to see a TinCaps game, especially with Mike's seats. Thanks, Robbie! You do such a GREAT job. I love Manly Moments!

  2. I think it's time for the my hometown baseball team to receive more rewards!! Do you think that????? Ballpark makes it feel like your actually at a live MLB game it's just breathtaking!!

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