An Autumn Afternoon (Sanma no aji, 1962) – Baseball game

So will you come tonight? No, I’m in town to see
the Taiko play the Hanshin. It’s a doubleheader. Go some other night. I won’t miss a crucial game
just to see Horie. Don’t talk like that.
Come on. – Not tonight.
– Come on! – No, not tonight. It’s the bottom
of the fourth inning. The Whales’ cleanup batter,
3rd baseman Kuwata, is at bat. Bottom of the fourth.
Kuwata is at bat. With his leg injury healed,
he ‘s in top form. He sent a grounder to short
his first time up. He glances at coach Mihara
for the signal. He ‘s out to nail that ball. Buckey’s on the mound,
Tanigawa’s behind the plate. A fastball from Buckey.
It’s a strike. Low in the strike zone.
One strike, no balls. New signal for the next pitch. It’s a ball,
and it’s now 1 and 1. Kuwata waits for the pitch. Too high.
The count is 1 and 2. Did they score a run?

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