6 thoughts on “Amir Riep, Jahsen Wint dismissed from Ohio State football program following rape accusation

  1. What were they thinking ?
    just doing what everyone else is doing every day . Getting arrested is a billion to one improbability .

  2. Boys, don't worry about this rape charge. Nick "No Morals" Saban will have you playing at the University of Alabama by Fall 2020. Nick "No Morals" Saban will bring drug dealers, gun dealers, rapists, and the lowest scum of humanity to play at the University of Alabama because the only thing that matters at the University of Alabama is winning. Those rape charges will be dropped because the University of Alabama will get some top flight lawyers and pay off a bunch of people and then they will threaten the victim.

  3. WHY?!?! ANYONE in the college football team orbit ESPECIALLY 2 PLAYERS have access to plenty of females who would do ANYTHING to be a part of that scene….not to mention how many adults have warned them about situations that could go sideways like this & to protect themselves….f'king egotistical morons.

    They deserve everything coming to them. They've had more protection & support than any kid NOT involved in sports. God help the victim going forward.

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