100 thoughts on “America’s Most Talented High School Football Team: IMG Academy

  1. In 10 years we'll be able to determine if this IMG football school really developed and prepared young football players for the next level properly, OR if it burned them out too quickly and ended their football careers prematurely.

  2. Personally, I think if I was a student here that games would be less fun than a regular hs football game. Half the fun of hs football is that it’s less polished, most everyone knows almost everyone and it’s more personal cuz a lot of the time you know guys on the other team too. When u go to a boarding school football factory and ur opponent is flying in for a game it’s not the same

  3. 4 years later .. none of that top rated players were drafted in the NFL .. except for Nauta who was a late round / day 3 draft pick 😂

  4. How many of IMG are ASU, to play for Coach, Herm Edwards or Army a pretty good football team or U_Pitt & of course the ultimate school of U-M Coach Jim Harbaugh?

  5. This high school would not make the final playoffs in Texas %a or 6a schedule. Cal has private schools that recruit, they don't do well against Texas schools in non district games.

  6. Honestly i'd say recruiting players to play for a high school team is cheating. Especially if Public schools that aren't allowed to recruit have to face teams like this.

  7. Come to the French colony of Texas. We have the Duncanville Panthers, Longview Lobos, North Shore Mustangs, Katy Tigers, Cedar Hill Mustangs, John Tyler Lions CUJO, Allen Eagles, Austin Lake Travis, Newton Eagles. The list goes on on from 6A to 2 A. And they will knock their dicks in the dirt.

  8. So we gonna forget how they flew out to California claiming to take over and our teams are trash only to end up getting smacked by mater dei

  9. It's 2019 almost 2020 … Where are these players and why aren't they in the NFL? I wanna ask them if paying all that money to go here was worth it 😂😂

  10. A school that is truly good is one that manages to produce talented athletes and provide a good education. In other words, IMG has nothing on some of the best schools in California.

  11. 2019 haven’t heard any off these trash names at all TRASH ASF real teams don’t need to fucking recruit for a teams smh trash school

  12. Patterson is one of our 5 star recruits the nations number one high school quarter back

    Reporter: Tell is one thing you like about Patterson.

    Coach: I like his ability to throw.

    Me: 😑

  13. “A facility that also serves as an acedemic institution” that pretty much sums up what this is it’s a football school, the acedmics are secondary

  14. Give me a break…..most talented team in the USA? They have their priorities reversed. They put sports first and academics second. It really shows when they talk too much before a game. It's all about their ego and not teamwork. They depend on individual talent and that translates on their records. They couldn't stand up to Mater Dei and they really ran their mouths before the game. I was there when all those idiots talking trash and couldn't do anything against Mater Dei. They are undisciplined and that's why they fail on big games.

  15. I knew American Heritage was a good soccer high school cause my high school lost to them 2/3 times in the state championship but I didn’t know they were a good football school too.

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