America’s Most Talented High School Football Team: IMG Academy

Come on. Game day. [can’t] really [sleep] last night woke up with a brand desire to get buttershaw [break] it a little bit of breakfast in right now that one one little walk do [get] my day started I can show Charlie the moment [of] [jail] with the game Yeah, and a nice outline. We grind we grind Now headlights off. We still get it in your ear. [I] don’t know. What’s all about right beside my brother ray already get How many here runs away from us one two three? For more than 30 years aspiring professional athletes have ventured to Bradenton, Florida to train at IMG Academy in 2013 the Facility which also serves as an academic institution Fielded its first high school football team Over the past couple of seasons the IMg academy Ascenders have stockpiled some of the nation’s top Gridiron talent the main reason why I came to be myself ready to get my body Right and not only mentally, but physically get prepared for college and as well as academics. I mean Academics here young [there] so many resources we have two deserted here you know from 7:00 in the morning all the way to no 9 o’clock at night you talk about g you talking about the best preparation Best facilities, it gives me best repair. You know for the next level facilities are second or not I mean some [of] the federal most college campus I venture All our coaches are full-time football coaches our train is a full-time training. We got a nutritionist full-time nutritionist We have basically everything a top-tier college has but we’re in high school because it’s where you come [to] be great It’s a professional move to come here when you talk about having the best program You know you got some of the best players in the country you know so you notice that? It gets kind of real out [there]. You know we don’t hold anything that we know we’re the best competition. We’re going to say no One of the Ascenders 5-star recruits is shaped Patterson. The Nation’s number one ranked high school quarterback. We’ve committed to ole miss Thing about shade that stands out his ability to throw the football you know he finds windows And you know he gets in a rhythm, but he’s really hard to stop what makes him special in my opinion is the fact that he can roll out of the pocket and Still be just as [effective] as if he’s standing in there. You know use these literally lightning in a bottle once he gets out He gets running around Our turn right we have to be Great on our returns right on the holdups if I’m the l0L my I have to get the party started Okay, [butch] [his] guy hits the gatorade containers. Okay. Get him out of there, but we’re gonna return up there Img Academy’s coaching staff has a combined 28 years of professional and collegiate coaching experience We came down and visit Img I felt like it was a great opportunity for my kids that come in get an [opportunity] to have a great [academic] experience Athletically prepare themselves you know lay the foundation for their lives, and you know their future me playing professional ball You know you got the experience about being a player you inside the lines are being a coach you outside the lunch I was fortunate enough to be at Tampa Bay starting with our head coach Tony dungy and then going to my defensive back Coach Herman And one of the things he would always say would be appropriate right? Ooh, do here is [we’re] trying to have the best student athlete [I] think winning young athletes look at where I’ve been and that’s a it’s a dream a goal for a lot of them You know I can certainly speak from experience Knowing the challenges that I went through in [my] career and relate that to our young players having guys Who played in the National Football League? That can speak to the journey that it takes to get to that level having that NFL pedigree is huge. Let’s go Halo-Halo [Ernie] Logan the Defensive Line coach Played for nine Seasons in the NFL under Bill Belichick Tom Coughlin and Bill Parcells, Ernie He has the presence of a defensive Lineman voice is very deep To a boy he’s a guy that our defensive line Not only can look up to because he’s played the position, but also they better get in line because when he speaks Everybody [on] the field kid can hear him? Tag [hey], are you serious what you think this flag football? When his favorite word is boss this ain’t no family show bones. Everything is boss honor when he’s talking to you is boss Are you [a] biscuit away? Your biscuit away from 280 balls. I think ernie was probably using the term ball [sleigh] before [it] was really cool Yeah, you three bills boss? He’s so [bipolar] as a defensive line [code] like here be on you one one second and then the next second he makes you laugh with Off-the-wall [jokes] [oh] he say something. He’s a truck here. It is well good. I get off on the sidelines ball You fine We do that drunk Just woke up It’s about 9 a.m.. Heading to [Walker’s] a Little bit tired this game day bag let’s go It’s the third Saturday of august Img academy’s first opponent American heritage the two-time reigning Florida State champions What you got here? [she’s] [deaf] That’s what they’re saying. They’re saying you’re not about who’s about to pay for champions. Have you looked in the mirror? Have you ever thought about everybody else’s perspective? You think they’re scared that expects [to] win and they expect to keep your [tail] full of Rich kids spoiled Rich kids right That’s the perception You get everything you don’t know anything Nobody [knows], what do you? Lose jump back. Let’s get crazy. Let’s play control passion win your back with your back Heading into their preseason opener the ascenders would be without their top defensive back LSU bound Five-star senior Savion Smith who would miss the game due to a groin injury? atmosphere [Yama] The lights come on the showtime, baby. They brought a flag and run through that Sonar field on our field They bring a flag and run through it on our field. Hey, I got listen I swear everybody better go watch you all night. Everybody king everybody. [hey], [man]. Let’s go Don’t tell me what to do Img academy has dreams of being the best team in the nation standing in their way though American heritage the Patriots have won two consecutive state championships, and we are underway Scrambles left finds a wide open you baked in the end zone and American heritage is on the board. Hey Sam American heritage Patriots with a seven nothing lead at halftime over the fable Img academy Now then [choose] [to] play a half together now. We know What are we about? This is where you find out who your leaders are this is where you find out what type of team you are? right now one score one score You can’t tell me we don’t have the guys that can take it to the house On any given play off its defense special teams and make up that difference We just got to do it find a way win the football By the way win a football game Break it down. Let’s go Roll out looking for the end zone as Patterson and he waltzes in for the first points [of] the season You can see the [mojo] coming up a little bit here for that Img defense. We alive now, baby. We allow be a dangerous thing when we allow Come on the play, and it’s immediately scooped up. Ooh the football [we] can reload it. Hey. It’s not over Right all right now. You told me a play And now they’re gonna throw it in a great catch mate down the sideline into the end Zone goes Brandon Johnson So the Patriots take the lead, but it’s only a six-point game almost over Bi [and] IMg will have about 85 yards to go Time to throw this time over the middle big time catch 420 million And a lot of a hitch ball is Charlie Amg academy needs to get into the end Zone Patterson surveys the Field finds pressure Rolls right lobs it to the end zone it is caught for the game-winning touchdown Amg storm in the field flag on the field Bolded I’ll move Not anymore Come on, man. What game on the line? Patterson Steps up to Avoid the pressure Just brings it down to the middle of [the] field in it into the end Zone What a compressive job by the American heritage Patriots [you] come here – hi It’s done a team that was ranked number one in the max [Prep] school That’s a good football team and again. This is their Super Bowl if we’re not ready to execute [oh] this approach is players all this you don’t prepare of the ship You know that’s what happens another you’re saying that you can give me practice [after] we [good] You go from winning the game to all those emotions mixed emotions to losing it in just in 30 seconds, so it’s definitely heartbreaking [I] Actually didn’t know what they come here, and all my thoughts. Just like everybody else you can’t be The reason we should be beat that game just show you know anybody can be beat on any day coming away from it feel like Okay, now we can roll up our sleeves you got the kids attention. I mean no They just didn’t roll out there and all over somebody that changed everybody’s mindset 18 tell from the coaching you know everybody focus dead Talk about all the time everybody is true. You’re not here. Let’s just handle it first So just understand you’re going to have success guys. It’s we’re going to have success How you handle success is it support is how you handle [is] [her] not [alright]. No, man. You say nothing doing this every week Every week every week is not worth ruining. Matt. I have I to be ready everybody. [I] feel like we’re the best tuna cruncher There’s no doubt about that you

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  1. In 10 years we'll be able to determine if this IMG football school really developed and prepared young football players for the next level properly, OR if it burned them out too quickly and ended their football careers prematurely.

  2. Personally, I think if I was a student here that games would be less fun than a regular hs football game. Half the fun of hs football is that it’s less polished, most everyone knows almost everyone and it’s more personal cuz a lot of the time you know guys on the other team too. When u go to a boarding school football factory and ur opponent is flying in for a game it’s not the same

  3. 4 years later .. none of that top rated players were drafted in the NFL .. except for Nauta who was a late round / day 3 draft pick ?

  4. How many of IMG are ASU, to play for Coach, Herm Edwards or Army a pretty good football team or U_Pitt & of course the ultimate school of U-M Coach Jim Harbaugh?

  5. This high school would not make the final playoffs in Texas %a or 6a schedule. Cal has private schools that recruit, they don't do well against Texas schools in non district games.

  6. Honestly i'd say recruiting players to play for a high school team is cheating. Especially if Public schools that aren't allowed to recruit have to face teams like this.

  7. Come to the French colony of Texas. We have the Duncanville Panthers, Longview Lobos, North Shore Mustangs, Katy Tigers, Cedar Hill Mustangs, John Tyler Lions CUJO, Allen Eagles, Austin Lake Travis, Newton Eagles. The list goes on on from 6A to 2 A. And they will knock their dicks in the dirt.

  8. So we gonna forget how they flew out to California claiming to take over and our teams are trash only to end up getting smacked by mater dei

  9. It's 2019 almost 2020 … Where are these players and why aren't they in the NFL? I wanna ask them if paying all that money to go here was worth it ??

  10. A school that is truly good is one that manages to produce talented athletes and provide a good education. In other words, IMG has nothing on some of the best schools in California.

  11. 2019 haven’t heard any off these trash names at all TRASH ASF real teams don’t need to fucking recruit for a teams smh trash school

  12. Patterson is one of our 5 star recruits the nations number one high school quarter back

    Reporter: Tell is one thing you like about Patterson.

    Coach: I like his ability to throw.

    Me: ?

  13. “A facility that also serves as an acedemic institution” that pretty much sums up what this is it’s a football school, the acedmics are secondary

  14. Give me a break…..most talented team in the USA? They have their priorities reversed. They put sports first and academics second. It really shows when they talk too much before a game. It's all about their ego and not teamwork. They depend on individual talent and that translates on their records. They couldn't stand up to Mater Dei and they really ran their mouths before the game. I was there when all those idiots talking trash and couldn't do anything against Mater Dei. They are undisciplined and that's why they fail on big games.

  15. I knew American Heritage was a good soccer high school cause my high school lost to them 2/3 times in the state championship but I didn’t know they were a good football school too.

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