American Football: The 1st Thing You Should Learn

Hi. I’m Caley.
And I’m Arianna. To be able to follow the game of American Football, this is one concept you should master first. Once you learn and understand The 10
Yards 4 Downs Concept, you should be able to watch the game. And dare we say
even enjoy it! Let’s get a game going here to illustrate. We’ll have two teams, of course. And let’s call them the Reds… and the Blues. So we have the Reds and the Blues on the field. Let’s pretend that we’re right in
the middle of the game. The Reds have the ball. Making the Reds “offense” and the
Blues “defense.” And they’re going to start on the 50 yard line, and they will try to take the ball this way. But the Blues will try to stop them, of course. So here we go with
The 10 Yards 4 Downs Concept. Here it is! Don’t run away yet! We are gonna break this down! Let’s start with the phrase
“10 Yards, 4 Downs.” “10 yards” is fairly self-explanatory, but what about “4 downs?” Yes, “downs.”
That is a confusing one.
“Down” is not normally a noun. But it is in football! A down is really just a try.
A single play. A single move, so to speak. Four downs. Four tries. 10 yards, 4 downs. Now let’s see it in the context of our game. The Reds have four downs, or
four tries, to move the ball ten yards toward the goal. So they’re on the 50-yard line, and they have four attempts to move the ball to at least the 40-yard line. Yes. Here’s the first down for the Reds. When the Reds complete their first down, we see that they succeeded in getting
the ball three yards closer to the goal. Not awesome, but acceptable.
After all, progress is progress. Right. Now they’re setting up
for their second down. They would call this “2nd and 7.” “2nd and 7” because it’s their
2nd try, and they only need 7 more yards
to have made 10 yards total. What’s more is that their first down would be called a “1st and 10,” because that was their first down with ten yards to go.
1st and 10. Here’s the second down. 2nd and 7! On their second down, they move the ball
another six yards. That’s pretty good. Because they still have two downs left
and only one yard to go. Right. Their next down is the third down and they would call this a… Maybe we’ve got the hang of it? A 3rd and 1. Here’s the third down. On the Reds third down, they go way beyond the one yard they needed and go 20 yards. Whoa. Alright, so what happens now? The Reds start over with a fresh set of four downs and a new ten yards in front of them. So they get a 1st and 10 or a first down. Hi. My name’s Elise. You’ll hear “first down” a lot when watching an
American football game. And they’re gonna go for it, and they get the FIRST DOWN and a lot more… Andrews got the FIRST DOWN, slides down… Your team getting a first down… Always a good thing!
It’s a great thing, okay? You want your team to get a first down.
First down=good. It’s a sigh of relief. It means you can relax for a second because your
team gets to keep the ball for another few plays. It means that you’re closer to scoring, and you have a fresh set of four plays to move the ball toward the goal. First down?
So! On what yard line are
the Reds now? Well, they started on the 50-yard line. Got 3 yards on the first down, 6 on the second down, and 20 on the third. That’s 29 yards total.
So now that puts them on the 21 yard line. Right. So what happens
now at the 21 yard line is…? They start over with the whole
10 yards, 4 downs thing. Right. They start over. They’ll have a first down
starting at the 21 yard line, then they’ll have a second down, a third, and so on. Then if they succeed in moving the ball at least
10 yards to the 11-yard line within four tries (four downs), then they get another four downs to try for
another ten yards. Another 1st and 10. A first down. 1st and 10… First down…
Interchangeable terms. To bring this concept home, let’s watch a
different game to see if we can follow along. There’s still so much more to
learn about American football, like… So here’s an important element we
haven’t touched on yet in The 10 yards 4 downs concept: The 4th Down. and… I think that we should explain the difference between kicking and punting. and finally… One yard is about 0.914 meters. There’s more coming up on Football XOXO. Now get out there and watch some football! Understand it and conquer the world! Where to put.

21 thoughts on “American Football: The 1st Thing You Should Learn

  1. I think it might have helped with presentation if y'all had jerseys or t-shirts or looked like you cared about the sport at all. The video kind of feels like, "Ugh. So you have to watch football…" instead of seeming actually excited about it. Feels like a company training video.

  2. You guys do a good job explaining this, I just watched some football and could vaguely tell what was going on. That's just amazing to me.

    But honestly, having this as an expensive professional production is just overkill. I admit, the quality is great but it really doesn't need to be for this kind of content.

  3. I didn't appreciate this until I actually tried to explain football to my wife this recent super bowl but the rules really are bizarrely not intuitive. Like I can explain the broader strokes of basketball or baseball in about 30 seconds but football just doesn't click for some reason.

  4. the video is great, high quality and you are very likable 😀 keep it going

    the game looks horrible by the way 4 tries to get 9 meters across , thats the slowest thing i have ver heard 😐

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