American Football Rate Greta Van Fleet, Bradley Cooper, and Celebrity ASMR | Over/Under

(energetic drum music) – The worst, overrated. – I don’t even know. – It is, at least for, yeah, just send the sports ones my way. – Yeah. – You know, it’s like
wrestling has the villains, and they’re the villains, and they do a great job at that. So maybe they’re underrated
as villains, but– – Are they villains like,
what’s the Globetrotters team that they always play? Are they like, them? They’re like goofballs? – The opposite, they’re like– – Are they actually good? – They’re like Donald Trump. – Oh!
– It’s like if Donald Trump was a football team. – So they’re kinda like assholes and they win all the time? – Yeah.
– And people resent them for it? (drum rolling) – Oh, underrated, way into it. The Cardi B one, holy cow! – God, I’m the worst person
– I’m also into general ASMR. – to have on this show thing.
(laughing) What is ASMR? Can you describe that to me? – It’s like a non-sexual
sensory stimulation. – Oh! – If you like, talk
into the mic real close, or scratch the mic, or, the Cardi B one, she got great nails, everything and yeah. Public radio, used to do it for me. – That’s cool. – Like local college radio stations. Like the DJs and stuff. I turn it up after the
songs, I’m like, okay. (laughing) What’s this kid gonna
say about the record? – That’s interesting.
– Yeah. (drum rolling) (laughing) – These I am aware of, actually. It’s like the one thing, I’m aware of. – I feel like I’m being made fun of. You know.
– Mmhmm. – Because I’m being made fun of. But it’s like, it’s not like I’ve spent 20 years trying to push this
song on people and stuff. Some of them make me laugh. Those kids are doing a good job. They’re probably underrated. But we were talking about this
at band practice yesterday and you go, it’s not like
we’re Smash Mouth, right? – Yeah. I, yeah. – And in my mind, I’m
like that’s how I feel. It’s Smash Mouth.
– Yeah. ♪ Somebody once told me ♪ (both humming) ♪ It’s totally a compliment ♪ (both laughing) (drum rolling) (both laughing) – Man, it’s like. – I don’t know who that is. – Yes, Nate’s so awesome. (laughing) Super overrated, I keep tweeting about it. ‘Cause it’s like, current hot topic. These guys, that guy’s so lame. Super overrated. I feel bad for him, I
can see his insecurity every time I see his face. (laughing) Is that mean to say about somebody? (laughing) (drum music)

100 thoughts on “American Football Rate Greta Van Fleet, Bradley Cooper, and Celebrity ASMR | Over/Under

  1. Guys, we all know Greta Van Fleet is utter shite! Why was your answer cut off? Although you can't say something is "overrated" if it is actually snubbed all the time… and Greta Van Fleet actually is.

    And yes… Bradley Cooper is lame as well as Lady Gaga. Mike Kinsella got the point about that douche.

  2. Now we know why Mike was the only one making music during the hiatus, the other bands members were living under a rock apparently

  3. We're not doing it to make fun of you!!! We do it because the song is such an emo banger and lovable that putting it out of context is so jarring and ridiculous.

  4. Mike's such an amazing dude. Was in Cap'n Jazz and American Football, probably two of the most influential emo bands ever, and he seems super chill. Big love

  5. Their meme is like the exact opposite of the smash mouth meme! The gag of the All Star meme is that's it's an over saturation of a song that is generally held to be bad, but the gag of the Never Meant meme is that it's an over saturation of a song that is generally understood to be good.

  6. This is the best over/under ever.

    To this day, I just don't know how Cooper has managed to make that good on American Sniper. I remember thinking "What the fuck?! Is Eastwood finally going nuts? And the guy actually made it good. Still waiting for NASA's report about the case

  7. (My response to never meant memes) while I find them funny, I love the authenticity of the song and it seriously changed me

  8. Idk the name of this dude just learning what ASMR is lol but his reaction upon Mike telling him what it is is so genuine

  9. i mean literally all of the sport of American Football is overrated, but the pats aren't the Trump of football…they're just the dumb douchy jock in every teen movie that has the cheerleader gf that's the secretive sexual fantasy of Jason Biggs….i mean the lead nerdy loser protagonist. Trump is more the rich-guy douchy frat bro that's best friends with the dumb douchy jock archetype. if i have to be cliche about it, the pats are Emilio Estevez in Breakfast Club.

  10. Josh Kiszka (singer for Greta Van Fleet) fucked Jeremy Larson's wife… true story. Hence, the Pitchfork review. Google it!

  11. It's actually so unbelievably interesting and great to hear Mike's feedback on the whole meme thing, I feel the same way and it's not even my band or song(s). like why and how did American Football become this smash mouth tier Internet meme culture thing? Like it's kind of irritating actually, seems like almost all the American Football love on the Internet is laced with either this ironic sensibility and/or memes, like American football and their songs are just a platform to make annoying self-referencing jokes regarding the word "emo" and it's perceived facets, like the songs or band is funny somehow and not actually good music. It's cool to at least see that they clearly aren't totally comfortable with it and kinda wonder where it's coming from, like Nate said haha it's not like they're smash mouth or something, so the feeling like they're being made fun of like Mike talks about, of course seems unwarranted and misguided. I understand that a lot of it is sarcastic and the people making fun of American football probably actually like them and are also making fun of themselves, and its a loving type of making fun or they're being ironic or whatever, etc. etc. but do they really like American football though? Certainly not as much as they do perpetuating their existence as mainly just an Internet meme now and something to be referenced in the context of a joke. Frankly, the whole thing has gotten old, and it would be piss me off too if it were my band, even more than it already does.

  12. Yup. Greta Van Fleet is a joke but then I went and listen to a few of American Football songs and is not like they are so much better. Do anyone rocks anymore?

  13. American Football always felt kinda underappreciated to me because I’ve been listening to them for over a decade when i used to browse /mu/

    To see them blow up like this is kinda crazy

  14. I love the Patriots AND Donald Trump AND American Football. God, I'm such an asshole & so proud of it!

  15. Greta Van Fleet is the epitome of degradation of the rock genre. There is not one original thought in that bands head. One of the worst bands of the 21st century and the only people who are fans of them are baby boomers who believe that “rock is dead” because they listen to radio pop and are dumb enough to think that encapsulates all of modern music.

  16. Oh yeah well maybe Bradley seems insecure because he isn't afraid to wear his vulnerability on his sleeve, MIKE.

  17. Best/more accurate name for GVF contest. Enter for BIG prizes!
    1) Greta van Fleeting
    2) LESS Zepplin
    3) Lost Zepploids
    4) Back street Ploys
    5) Next Kids on the Dole
    6) The Pre-Fab Four
    7) Gretchen (you've been) Fleeced
    8) Highschool Glee club
    9) Velveeta cheese

  18. Whats wrong with Greta van Fleet. Its okay if you're not into that, but they are great at what they do…no need for such a dumb reaction. Expected some real talk from these guys

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