“Alternate Reality Show” – Inanimate Insanity II [Ep. 12]

[MEPHONE] – And with that, Marshmallow’s time in this game has officially come to an end. Always trouble with that one, never where she needs to be! [LIGHTBULB SOBS] [THROUGH CHOKED SOBS] – Why? I miss– Awh, [STILL SOBBING] Please come back…. [MEPHONE] – We have eight of you left now, So I should probably… break up, the teams, right? [CRUNCHING SOUNDS] Aaah, they’re gone. I wanna let this all sink in. I’ll see you guys soon. And you have no idea where she went? – No, sir. None. – I know, Painty, it’s, uh, it’s a lot to take in, uh… I really… miss Baxter too. But… that’s us. We’re resilient! You’re… comparing Marsh to a /crab/? Uh… Lightbulb, I think we might actually be… better off WITHOUT teams. I mean, we’re on totally different wavelengths. You know, you make a cookie pizza, or go scuba diving, And eat… …that… [MOUTH FULL] – I-I dunno what you’re talking about, whaddaya saying? -And I, y’know, led the team, ’cause someone had to do it! Don’t get me wrong, we’re still friends, but… working individually might be freeing for both of us! [PAINTBRUSH] – Does… that make sense? [FINGER SNAP] – I gotcha, girl! [SPLURCH] Gotcha… – So. [SLAM, CLUNK] You’re flying solo now! Good riddance to that miserable team. [MIC] – You say that like we didn’t do *our* share of permanent damage. – Baseball’s alliance was bound to [COLA SNAPS] snap, you just sped up the inevitable. Now, naming your team “Chicken Leg”? That’s permanent damage for you. – You did that…? Was it… Was it strategic? – No, but it was hilarious! Good times, indeed. Giving back this temporary paralyzer, though? My, that’s neither strategic nor amusing. – It’s the right thing to do. – Ugh, so vanilla. [TACO] – Fine. [BUTTONS BEEPING] [CLINK] Just, play it cool. [MIC SCREAMS] -Heeeey! Heeeeeeeeeeeey! -Excuse me, [SCRIBBLING] Yes? -IS THIS YOURS?! -Hmmm, I must have dropped that earlier. Thank goodness! I’ve been having a real ant problem. [PARALYZER SPARKS] [MIC] -So… what’s this you’re working on? -Oh, that?! It’s my time mach- aaaANOPE! No. You’ve seen enough, you… you… JEEBWEEZER! -That honyak has a time machine? Hang on, i’m coming down. [MIC, THROUGH HEADPHONES] -What?! -Jeebweezer… Yeah! I like that! I’m gonna use that more! [DOOR BUSTS OPEN] -Hey Tube, how much I owe you for the three of these? I think I’m gonna splurge today! [RIPPING SOUND] -Hnnyeh! I guess I should just start charging ADMISSION now, huh?! [TEST TUBE LAUGHS SARCASTICALLY] -Sorry, I… drink when I’m depressed… Which I’m not! Nooo, I am not. [HACKING] And I found Baxter! He’d have one too, but he’s never depressed. Now, how much do I owe you for these…? [LIGHTBULB] -Uh, ‘kay, let’s see… hm… [LIGHTBULB] -Uh, ‘kay, let’s see… hm…
-No, Jeepers! It’s not ready yet! [MACHINE WHIRS]
-No, Jeepers! It’s not ready yet! -I mean, this machine’s ridiculous– [TEST TUBE AND LIGHTBULB YELL] -Whoa! [PORTAL HUMS] -Another chance, perhaps….? [ZAPPING NOISE, BOTH YELP] [THUNK] -It… It worked! My time machine worked! -Ugh, did I divide by zero again? -Do you know where you’ve just TAKEN US?! No, seriously, tell me, I’ve-I’ve never been here before. [♪] -No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no…. -Microphone, calm down! They’re not dead, They’re just… lost in the fabric of time and space. How wonderful! You got rid of two competitors, you’re on a roll! -I saw… you reach for it. -And without that bum around, an empty lab to boot! Free loot galore! Look! [CLICK!] [WHIRRING SOUND] [TACO] – Oooh, you can’t see me, but im being inconspicuous! [MACHINE FAILS] [CLICKING SOUNDS] -What are we gonna tell everyone?! -Zilch, that’s it! That’s your excuse! I love zilch. It’s always there for you. -OKAY, SO! THE FIRST CHALLENGE WILL BE TO JUMP OFF THIS SIXTY FOOT CLIFF! -There’s no way this is real grass. -See, you can either land in the water and become a team captain, or you land in the… -EW! Gross! -Enlightening. Why does everyone look so… lifeless and static? [DONK] -I don’t really think we’re all there yet. [GASP!] Painty! Pssssst! Hey Painty!! -EVERYONE READY? -Well, actually, I had a question about– -START! [SMACK] -Stop! You’re deeply confusing A stylistically challenged version of Paintbrush! -But it’s so full circle! -NO! Thematic parallels be darned, DARNED! You CAN’T interfere with the past, you could so much as break a TWIG here and somehow inadvertently change the fu– [SNAP]
break a TWIG here and somehow inadvertently change the fu– No. [PEPPER] – C’monnn, Salty Salt! Let’s jump together! -Off THAT?! No way. -Alright, MePad! Show us that big votin’ pie we love to see! [FANFARE] OOOOH! -Not to single anyone out, but you have *no* excuse not to win. -By the way sir, we seem to be missing a few competitors aga– …Sir? -THEIR LOSS! [LAUGH TRACK] -I swear, if they don’t get back here before the end of the challenge… -I’M HERE!! …Aaand I was the whole time! -Wouldn’t happen to know where Lightbulb and Test Tube are, wouldya? -NO! …I mean, no… zilch. [MIC LAUGHS NERVOUSLY] Heheh… [KNIFE SNICKERS] -Test Tube’s gone?! Well, they’re all dropping like flies, and there’s nothing we can DO ABOUT IT! EXCEPT PAINT!!! -And Lightbulb, too…? …Well, ain’t that dandy? No distractions at all! Now, let’s get started! [MUMBLING] That’s right, I’m gonna paint. Don’t anyone interrupt me! …I’m gonna do it! Ugh. This is gonna be a long challenge. -I’m sorry Pepper, but there is no way, NO WAY that I am doing that! Who’s that? -Hey, stop contemplating! Follow your dreams! -Hey!! -OMG!!! [BOTH SCREAMING] -Whew, crisis averted! [WATER SPLASHING] Wha….? -See? You stuck together and won! OMGA… -SALT ACTUALLY WINS! PEPPER ALSO WINS! WHICH MEANS, THEY CAN PICK THE TEAMS! [UNENTHUSIASTICALLY] -Yea. -NO! I- …wait, is that right? -Well, me and Balloon were the captains, soooo… [BALLOON] -Oh, come on! -OH GADZOOKS! Maybe the effects on the present won’t be too bad! Ugh, I totally jinxed it. [THERMOS SCREAMING FOLLOWED BY TEST TUBE SCREAMING] -Sup. -Ah! Thank you for the warm welcome! Don’t worry, this seems right. [LIGHTS CLICK ON] So far so good! -Face. [PEPPER] -Legs. [BOTH] -This. Is. Inanimate…. [BOTH HESITATE] [PEPPER] -It’s…..
[SALT] -Uuuuhh… [PEPPER] -Innnsssaa…
[SALT] -[MUMBLING] [PEPPER] -Insalence?
-Hi guys, who are you? I don’t care! I’m Kumquat! Isn’t that funny? I’m funny, don’t you agree? Wow! Look at you! You’re green, look at you glow! That’s the same color as Green Light over there! -Wooowie! Isn’t joy such a great emotion? -SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP! EVERYONE SHUT! UP! YOU ALL SUCK!! [DINK] -Meh. -Something’s… off about this place. [THERMOS SCREAMING IN THE DISTANCE]
-Something’s… off about this place. -How ELSE do you expect us to be appealing, huh?! No, seriously? Any other ideas? [DISTORTED, OFFSCREEN] -You DIRTY PEASANTS should be glad you get ANY. SCREENTIME. A whopping FIVE PERCENT is more than i’ve ever gotten. -Who talking right now? Wha– aaAAH!! A BLACK HOLE! -OH, SO YOU HAVE A PROBLEM WITH HOLES?! HUH?! -No! -Millions have fallen into my dark abyss. [THERMOS, BACK AT IT AGAIN WITH THE SCREAMING] -Avast! Trespassers on me turf! Did the Mephone ask for them? [LOUD BUZZING] -Well toast mah oats that’s fer’ sure a yes! Guess y’all are in the right place! -Aah, I love that MePhone 7! -Sooo funny! Real peoples’ person. [LOUD BUZZING] -I… I typed in the present, but… This is…. this… I’m gonna have a breakdown. -And this is when you should drop outta math, kids. [SMACK, ELECTRIC NOISE] TAKE THAT, FRACTIONS! [PUNCH] OW! -WHY?!?! -You said you were gonna have to break it down! I just wanted to help. [THERMOS SCREAMS] -Shut up!
Chives! Bring me my challenge bell! -Of course, madam gray. [HIGHER PITCHED BELL RINGING]
-Like, it’s challenge time! Y’know, for like, us exclu-sive-lay. Salt, what do we do. -Hmm… MePhone! [ROBOTIC GIBBERISH] Uh, yeah. Cool. So, like, can you make another fashion show? -OKAY– [TRANSITIONS INTO BUZZING] [BOTH] -WOO! -Sparkle… -…Chives! -Yet another astonishingly original choice, my dear madams. [SEASHELL GROANS]
-THE TENTH TIME?! [HAY BALE SIGHS] -Barbeque sauce! -We’re not even allowed to participate! -Arr, we’ll NEVER be NOTICED! -You’re telling me. -Hey guys! There’s no need to make the competition so, pfft, COMPETITIVE! Just follow ya’ girl Lightbulb here! And we can vie for attention as… as a team! But ya’ can’t be drowning! -WHY, THAT SOUNDS LIKE A — -Great idea! I don’t see the issue with blindly accepting everyone! -…Meh. -Wait, guys! I love your craaaab! -OMGA, thank you! His name’s Baxter. I like to think he either created the universe, or he’ll end it. [NUMEROUS GASPS OF AWE] -Okay! I’m Kumquat, and I like you now! You’re A-Okay! Haha! Yes. -I-I-I’m sorry, no. None of you should even exist! This timeline and EVERYTHING in it is a mistake! No offense. -Meh. -Well, I wouldn’t say mistake… maybe it’s all… better off this way. -What?! So instead of focusing on getting us home, You’d prefer to mindlessly follow these… INCOHERENT RUFFIANS! -Awwww, ya mean it? -Wait, I– -Well DARN TOOTIN’! Giddyup, partners! [EVERYONE CHEERS] ♫ All the people that I now see, ♫ ♫ are people who are just like me! ♫ ♫ I mean, really, what a time to be, ♫ ♫ taking part in this insanity! ♫ ♫ I’m finally feeling free! ♫ ♫ Basking in this similarity! ♫ ♫ And all I had to do was flee, ♫ ♫ build myself a new reality. ♫ [LIGHTBULB] -Yeah, I mean, I guess we’re on good terms, but… Painty said we shouldn’t… work together anymore. [SNAP] -Sup. -Yeah, you said it, Frank. How good could those good terms really be, eh? -How good could they REALLY be?! [EVERYONE] -HOW GOOD COULD THEY REALLY BE? -What the…? Uh, yeah, yeah- now Test Tube, too, she’s upset with me about her calculator. -That science glass, /so/ emotional. You know what happens to those ones, hahahohoo! -“Those ones”…? [SIGH] -I guess this is where my life’s at now. -Hello… you. -Uh, hi there! Um… can I help you two? -Look, a lot of contestants have, like, come through here over the years. -And they’ve all lost. Because we’re obviously better than them. And the competitors are SO boring. -So, we just keep asking the MePhone — [LOUD BLAST] …to replace the contestants! -’cause, like, they’re SO weird. -They’re all really weird. -They’re all, like, the same to us. -Ya’ don’t say. -All the same. All… except you. You’re… *not* like the rest of them. -Wow, when I hear that phrase, it’s almost like I’m home! Which I’m not. This isn’t my home. -OMG, she’s not getting it. Chives, water! I need water right now, Chives. Gimme water! -Of course, madam white. -See? Everyone that comes through here is either TOTALLY zany, [THERMOS SCREAMING AGAIN] …Or… well, y’know. Normal. Like us! One of two things, but… [BOTH] – You… don’t seem to be either one. …’cause… any emotion or logic… …disrupts your little… celebrity statuses! That’s what’s going on here, isn’t it?! -I dunno what you’re saying… But it sounds very angry and rational. -And unfortunately, we DON’T have room for THAT. [SNAP] -Sorry about this, dear. Indoctrination, it’s a whole ordeal. -What’s become of this world?! No… NOOOOOOOO– ♫ E-li-mi-na-tion time! ♫ ♫ Doo-doo! ♫ -Hey hey, everyone! We didn’t show you casting your votes, since, it’s, like, not important, and… would take time away from us. -But, we’d like to say thank you, and that they. Were. De-licious~! -Now, onto the final, non-negotiable, results. [SCRIBBLING] [EVERYONE CHEERS] -I know what you’re thinking, no, it’s NOT ’cause she’s a nerd. It’s ’cause she’s UGLY! -Test Tube, you get to choose between two portals. Go through one, and you’ll be released into the dark abyss! -This is just my day job. [PEPPER] – Go through the other, and you get to come back and try again! -Wooow, this is somehow simultaneously advanced, and UTTERLY BARBARIC! -Whoa, whoa, wait, wait, hold up. Do-Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for fun, I love having fun, but, uh, torture, I don’t know, it’s… kinda crossing the line, there, uh, and when you cross a line, it stops being a line, it’s just a cross! With a crossing guard, and all that other… cool stuff. -Hyuck hyuck! Sooo funny! -Um, I’m trying to logic this chaos? This is… this is serious, okay? This is serious-o’clock. -“Serious-o’clock”? [KUMQUAT WHEEZES] [KUMQUAT LAUGHS] Lightbulb, y’kill me! -Aah, it’s a BARREL O’ LAUGHS, here, isn’t it?! I’m sorry I tried to repair our PROBLEM, I should’ve just used LUCK! Or… or, or– [TEST TUBE COUGHS] QUIRKS! Like YOU! -What do you mean, “quirks”? Hey, anyway! You want some toast? I made it myself! I still don’t know how, but it happened. -There it is, nonsensical Lightbulb, accidentally stumbling into a solution! “Oooh, you have a CRAB, we all like you now!” Quirkity-doo! Gee! Y’know, /I/ actually have to TRY! …uh– I try… -You guys! You’re taking too much of our fame! Tighten it UP. -Oooh, I FORGOT! Test Tube, Salt’s fashion show is WAY more important. -OUR Fashion show. OUR! -Hmmm.. Yeah, see, I think Salt took care of it, and… You just sit back, I mean, you’re just… like… there. -No! Me and Salt BOTH pull our weight! We’re EXACTLY the same! Chives, don’t you agree?! -Of cou– Pardon, no… You’re BOTH right, uh… PLEASE, ladies, I’m just trying to do my job here. -Actually, come to think of it… Salt’s the EVIDENT leader! Pepper’s just the parasite! -“Parasite”?! -Well, I think what they’re saying is…. I’m the host, and you, uh… just… kinda latch on. -…well, like… YOU, better latch on for, y’know, DEAR LIFE! [WHACK] -OW! -Woah, um, should we help them? -Serious-o’clock?! [KUMQUAT LAUGHS] Whew, it’s jus’ too great! -You’ve threatened me before. But YOU don’t have the GUTS! [GLASS SHATTERING] [HEAVILY PANTING] -Y-YOU ALL SAW! /I/ TRIED TO SAVE HER, but she had to go! -Oh, I could just weep foreva’! [EVERYONE CHEERS] -Oh. My golly gee. We need to go, quick! Let’s fix this! -Oh, this? -NO, NOT AGAIN! [ELECTRICITY CHARGES]
-NO, NOT AGAIN! [MACHINE WHIRS] [ELECTRICAL ZAP] -Huh. Well, I’ll be. Maybe… maybe there IS a method to your madness. -Well, you know, things ain’t so simple anymore. I think with all these quirkity-doos I have, I’m just better off… latching on, right? -Lightbulb, quirkity-don’t say that! I was wrong! You don’t stumble into solutions. You recognize them! After all, logic needs chaos too. -Thanks, but, I can’t take you seriously if you keep using that word quirkity-doo. -In fact, it needs it right now! Great Scott, that’s us! -Ugh, I totally jinxed it. [BAXTER WALKING] [BLINK] -That was PATHETIC! [MEPHONE LAUGHS] [DING] [LIGHTBULB WHISPERING] [DRIP] [RADIATING] [CRANKING] [LIGHTBULB WHISTLES] [SPLASH] -Oh my GOLLY! What is that!? That’s the venomous Baxtrus Hyperbolica! Oh yes, highly radioactive! [GASP]
[BOTH] -OMG! -You can’t show that junk! Think of the lawsuits! Redo their jumps! -OKAY! Take two? -Wait, Taco! Don’t do it! No! [SPLASH] [PEPPER SCREAMS] -Oh my god! I’ll save you, Pepper! [WHACK] [BAXTER WALKING] [BUTTONS BEEPING]
[MACHINE WHIRRING] [MACHINE WHIRRING] [TRANSPORTATION] Come on, Paintbrush! Just ⁂ THINK of something! What’s the problem, Paintbrush? You know, you-you’ve really been eyeing your blank canvas. Paintbrush: I… am an artist. I NEED opposition! See? Baseball knows what I mean! He can’t paint anything either! Observational painting. Just drawing what I see: Darkness. Nothing. *Slap* Paintbrush: THERE! Now I have something to work with! [SING-SONG VOICE] …coping mechanism… [SIGH] What would MePhone like…? [DING] [GASP] That’s… it! Hey, Microphone! What are you painting? Uhh… zilch! W-Why are you picking TODAY to talk to me for the first time ever? Alright, guess I’m just touching nerves today, then. Okay… Say, Microphone, any reason you were running late to this challenge? Uh, I got other places to be! What’s it to you? Mmm. Tend to notice these things. [SPRAY CAN HISSING] 10 seconds left! Lightbulb and Test Tube better get here! [FAN] – Test Tube!
[PAINTBRUSH] – Lightbulb! We’ve got less than 10 seconds! Say, couldn’t we’ve come back sooner? -No time to nitpick! Draw something abstract! MePhone: Time’s up! Suitcase, let’s start with you. Oh, uh… yeah. This image has been edged into my mind, since.. -6. Not too bad. Next is Paint- -Brush. -We-ell, I figured that the most pragmatic approach for a challenge judged by you, MePhone 4, would be to depict the creator of the Meeple Corp- [MEPHONE] – Zero.
-We-ell, I figured that the most pragmatic approach for a challenge judged by you, MePhone 4, would be to depict the creator of the Meeple Corp- E-E… e-excuse me? Did I not render him accurately enough? -Oh, you definetely did. It’s a zero, Paintbrush. Just accept it. Not everything needs an explanation. [TEAPOT KETTLE] Yes… IT… DOES!!! -Waah! [FIRE CRACKLING] MePhone: Um… WHAT did you just do? OH! So now we SUDDENLY need explanations!? I didn’t mean it! Amazing. Well, Suitcase was the only one I scored, So I’ll give her immunity. Even though she doesn’t deserve it. Judge her accordingly. Great… [KNIFE] In a hurry? Heheheh… …well… We have time travel and won’t use it again? But what about the thematic parallels… -Too dangerous. And… not my fault the mission got disrupted. But… I did have fun. Fun with no answers? You sure you’re not a Test Tube from an alternate timeline? [TEST TUBE LAUGHING] An alternate timeline? That’s where I wish I was, because what’s the point of THIS TIMELINE, WHEN EVERYONE’S OUT TO GET YOU!?!?!? -That’s not logic OR chaos. That’s just–
– Being a jeebweezer? -Yes! Taco, I still want to talk about what happened in the lab, but for now we’ve got– [TACO] – A bigger problem, yes, I heard. Knife must be onto us. Nothing we can’t handle, right? I doubt he knows much in the way of specifics. I knew Knife. He was just a simple bully. He wouldn’t– – Huh. – Very well then. I have a plan. I’d tell you good luck, Painty, but who needs luck when we both got that skills that kills? – And our combined skills work… even if I get mad. So… I guess that makes them… mad skills? -Hahaha! Eh, I don’t get it. – I’m sorry I said we shouldn’t work together. – Yeah, uh… yeah, why *did* you say that? – I guess I’m just… used to doing things my own way. It’s… hard to explain. Eh, I think I’d get it. I gotchu, gehhhhehh… …guy…? Wait, why are you doing that weird eyebrow thing? OH, it’s C, isn’t it!? None of the above! [PAINTBRUSH SIGHS] That’s why I don’t bring it up. I don’t think… they even know there IS a C. – Really? Well… Baxter here knows there’s a C. He loves the C. Without it, he’s just a rab. [BOTH LAUGHING] [BAXTER PINCHES LIGHTBULB’S THUMB]
– Ow! I hate rabs. [PAINTBRUSH CHUCKLES] Alright, I’ve tallied the votes. The person with the most votes will be eliminated. I’ll read the votes. First vote: Knife. Paintbrush. Baseball. Microphone. One vote Knife, one vote Paintbrush, one vote Baseball, one vote Microphone. Knife. Paintbrush. Baseball. That’s two votes Knife, two votes Paintbrush, two votes Baseball, one vote Microphone. One vote left. And the twelfth contestant voted out… Paintbrush. We made the right call. Knife would be spilling our beans right now if he received the boot. Now we have to make sure he sees reason. [WHISPERING] – …but I think he voted for me…! – First time we talked… pfft. – Hey. If you’re ever feeling like you’re at the bottom of the ocean, just look at this crab, because… that’s where he lived. -I got you. [TELEPORT] [INSTRUMENTAL OF “JUST LIKE ME”] ♫A person I now see…♫ ♫is a person who is just like me♫ ♫I mean, well, they’re not just like me,♫ ♫But why should we ever try to be,♫ ♫in this place we call reality…?♫ Vote for one of these three options. The challenge with the most votes will be included. Salt, do you ever think that like, we could rule the world if we wanted to? – Yeah, but like, why bother? [PORTAL APPEARS, PAINTBRUSH POPS OUT] [BOTH] – Oh, hey… [BAXTER BLINKS] [SALT AND PEPPER SHRIEK IN FEAR] All: Adamation! [PEPPER] – So… thank you for stopping by, If you like me, as much as *I* like me, check out some of my yummy videos. Like, seriously, they’re the best. [KUMQUAT] – Ahh, serious-o’clock–
[LAUGHING] [SHELL] – Whoa, are we doing a outro? Finally something fun! [KUMQUAT] Hi, I’m Kumquat! [PEPPER] – No, I’M doing the outro, parasites! Out, out, out! [SIGH]
Can’t keep those weirdos under control without Salt. [BLACK HOLE] – No one can hear her in the abyss. [PEPPER] – You’re ruining the moment! [SIGH] Anyway, my peppiranhas, hope you enjoyed, and don’t forget to– [KUMQUAT] – Subscriiibe~! [PEPPER] – UGH! Now go watch something else

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  1. Here were the votes in case anyone was interested:

    Knife – Lightbulb, Paintbrush
    Paintbrush – Knife, Baseball, Microphone
    Baseball – Fan, Test Tube
    Microphone – Suitcase

    Yes, Paintbrush identifies as non-binary, and does not identify as either male or female.

    Thanks everyone for watching! HUGE thanks to the entire amazing crew for making this possible.

    This episode is dedicated to my Grandpa Lenny who unfortunately passed away during the production of the episode. He was one of the show’s (and mine) largest supporters/backers and always believed in me, I’ll miss him terribly. Again, thank you everyone for watching and have a good one.

  2. maybe the reason why Lightbulb kept on going was because (he or she i don't remember) wants to win for all the friends and do something amazing.

  3. There's a big contradiction in the whole time machine thing.

    Test Tube made this in Season 2.
    Marshmallow had a time machine in Season 1. She got it from Walmart.

    Has Test Tube never went to Walmart?

  4. Did anyone notice that in the after credits scene that there was a picture of balloon and the Season 1 players that didn’t make it into season 2

  5. I never watched or heard of this, the first thing I seen from this show is the part when paintbrush is eliminated. I started watching more

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