Today, it’s time to look at Lionel Messi and all
the adidas boots that he’s worn or that has been made for him over the years. But it’s not going to be all about boots though, so
if you’re a big fan of Lionel Messi and want an emotional trip back in time, you better stay right
here with me. and just like with the Ronaldo video that you can watch right up there, I’ve
split his career into four main eras, So let’s start withthe first one – Messi growing
into a superstar. did you get it? cause he took growth hormons
and all that jazz? Nevermind We kick it off in 2006 where a young Messi
laces up in Adidas boots for the first time wearing the F50+ in between his Nike AZT90
and Nike Tiempo Legend. Because you see, he had actually been wearing Nike
ever since he was 14, but just before the world cup he was officially snatched up and signed
by Adidas. Which they’re probably pretty happy they did,
because he’s been flipping good ever since. Here he debuted the F30.6 because he didn’t
fancy the TUNiT system from the high end models, and actually he continued wearing the F30
models all the way from F30.7 , F30.8, which is a takedown model of this guy right here,
and actually all the way up to F30.9 where he got his own Messi signature colourway,
he won the league and he also got himself and Barcelona into the UCL Final. And here, It was time for Messi to make his
big fat mark on history. Cause in 2009 Messi wore the takedown F30i
and scored a goals in the UCL final, which they won over Manchester United, but after that he
got two signature colourways – one in navy and white AND he also, casually, won his first
Ballon d’Or. Then came the world cup, where he wore the
first generation of the OG F50 adizero, he got a gold signature colourway and won ANOTHER
Ballon d’Or before, casually, tearing Manchester United a new one AGAIN in the cl final, this
time in the second generation of the F50 adizero in leather. Moving on from that, Messi jumped into the
F50 adizero Micoach, where Adidas really made him a very unique colorway after he won his
third Ballon d’Or in 2012, which was gold and white. And with Messi breaking Gerd Müllers record
with most goals scored in a year with 91 goals wearing the second generation of the adizero
Micoach , he won Ballon d’Or number four. To celebrate that, Adidas gave him another
celebration boot in black/gold, followed up by red white and black miadidas version and
then of course came his iconic signature boots white/red followed by a purple/red edition of course with his Messi name on the side. Plus, he won La Liga, pretty good haul. So after that pretty insane period of awards,
goals, titles and what not, Messi decided to rocked his unique F50 adizero Samba Multicolours
leading up to the World Cup. They used all the samba colours from brazil. But in between that, he actually also managed
to wear his limited pair celebrating his 370 career goals, which Adidas actually had made
as the previous generation of the adizero because they excpected him to score that amount
of goals sooner, but he didn’t cause he was injured. For the World Cup itself, Messi wore his own signature colourway of the Battle Pack with
a hint of blue down the middle, and also Adidas made this fun little thing, where they made
a special birthday boot for him which he wore in a training, which was weird because
they were really, really cool. but in the battle pack, Messi actually managed
to drive Argentina to second place in the world cup and himself to become Player of
the Tournament. Following the World Cup adidas continued to
absoultely spray out Messi colourways where got two, pretty much at the same time, We
got the adizero samba Blaugrana, wich were inspired by the Barcelona colors, and more less in
he same time we got a completely Gold adizero with the same color as on the toe-box of the
blaugrana boot. So he could wear one boot, one colorway in La Liga and
and another colorway in the champions league. But if you thought this is the pinnacle of
the Messi hype – different color for different tournaments – ah, ah, the hype had just begun… At the end of 2014 and start of 2015, Messi
still wore adizeros but Adidas called them something new. He got his own line – the Messi 10.1’s. And here we got Messi 10.1s MiRosario and
we got the Messi 10.1’s pibe de Barrio, which was respectively the 2014 adizeros and the
2015 adizero . And they focused on Messi growing up in Argentina. But then came the summer of 2015 and the big
Adidas reshuffle where they gave Messi his own line of boots. His very own Silo called Messi 15.1 which
was the boot he wore when he won the Champions League with Barcelona in Berlin. But the Messi loving continued because in
October 2015 adidas released a very unique and very cool 10/10 edition in black, 100 pairs
world wide. And after that, Messi got an even cooler and
even more limited complete whiteout 15.1 to celebrate him winning his fifth Ballon
d’Or. But after that, it was time for a reshuffle
of the Messi line. But because Leo didn’t really like the new
lace cover on the Pureagility he opted to stay in 16.1. And the latest limited edition of the messi
boot, we have seen up untill this date is the 2016 10/10, the PureAgility in kryptonite
that sadly Messi didn’t wear either, So he is yet to wear his 10/10 boots on the field of
play. But that leads us to today and his latest
Turbocharge colourway in which he actually managed to set another record becoming the
top goalscorer from free-kicks for Barcelona. So, it’s fair to say that adidas have made some pretty legendary colorways and boots and special editions
to go with Messi’s equally legendary performances. And hopefully by now you know a littel more
about the boots that he has worn so you can brag a bit to your friends about knowing more
than they do. About my favourite pair of the bunch, it is
difficult, but I think it’s going to the complete whiteout Messi 15.1 Ballon d’or boots – but
which is yours? Let me know down below, and you can win a
Messi 16.1 for yourself. And with that said, don’t forget to subscribe,
leave me a like and spread the word by sharing the video with your friends. And with that said, I’m signing off, cheerio.

100 thoughts on “ALL adidas MESSI FOOTBALL BOOTS – WHICH IS BEST?

  1. my fav messi boots have to be the Messi 15.1(blue ones)for the season those boots oversaw. Winning the Uefa champions league and that chip over Neuer…??

  2. My personal favourite is the miroasrio boots, the red and blue just contrast so well and Messi played incredible in them (not that he didn't in the rest of his other boots but that was my personal favourite season). And he wore those boots and won the treble that year. Great memories. Great pair of boots. Greatest of all time.

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  4. i think i like adidas adizero f50 2013 because its the lightest boot ever and its desigen looks better and it more technical play

  5. I like the new 2019 boots cause the colors mean something they mean like the F.C. Barcelona colors #just my opinion

  6. I got some OG F50’s in turf, futsal, and regular
    I got the Brazil color away adi 0 and some nemesis pairs

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