Alex Bregman gives tour of his 5-story Houston home

what’s up everybody it’s Alex Bregman welcome to my house [Music] all right here we have a few of my favorite baseball items that I’ve collected over the last few years we have here the best postseason moment from 2017 brings back memories of winning Game five with a walk-off single one of the best moments of my baseball career all-star game MVP helmet right here we have the Ted Williams most valuable player trophy heading here we have some cleats I collect some cleats from some of the players I played against here’s Adam Jones this place right here the ones that we wore during the postseason in 2018 some where Adam Johnson George Springer this is kind of my collectors items we’re at the second floor now in the kitchen area we don’t really spend too much time here but we do eat all right y’all let’s head upstairs to the third floor check out my bedroom Oh wake up come on to my room I’ll get a seat phw brings me back to working out growing up as a kid here hard work all right y’all we’re in the master bedroom but we fall asleep few books mentality over there we’re working on a reading that try to get a mama mentality here we got some family photos my grandfather my grandma my godson Brady my aunt uncle and cousins and then my mom and dad here’s my closet we recently have ventured off into the fashion world so we’re trying to build our fashion build into that sort of thing so we got some YSL some little bits in some red bottoms some more wire so over here can we get over here into the Gucci and Fendi some more red bottoms and then we’re kind of getting now more into like the the sporty shoes that I wear more on a daily basis we have our Yeezys up here we got every sort of Adidas shoe possible pretty much down here and then just actually I just actually started wearing these Golden Goose big fan these are some of my favorite shoes in here or they called again strum off lights we got some off lights here these are some of my favorite shoes here are some of the jerseys that are some of the most important jerseys from the life we got my Albuquerque Dukes Jersey sometimes I wear it to some of the games just to remember where I came from Albuquerque then we moved forward to LSU I wore number eight is the captain’s number here’s the here’s a throwback Astros Jersey we got to keep this year this Jersey right here the Jersey I hit double number 50 in this year so put me at 30 homers 50 doubles on 100 RBIs there was four of us at under 24 that have done that before in the history of the game and it was Albert Pujols Alex Rodriguez and Lou Gehrig this was the Jersey war at home right after we won the World Series it’s pretty dirty I think if I slid headfirst that game here we got the all-star game Jersey this is really cool this is one of my this is one of my favorite all-star game BP top signed by everybody on the American League team the honey badger Tiran Matthew and then right here I got really big into the World Cup this year so my favorite player Lukaku now we’re at closet number two I don’t have a mrs. so I get to use both my closets this one I use it for more of the suits nice clothes this is my favorite suit right here black pinstripe got some shirts some more dress shoes up here who’s my favorite dress shoes like I’ve made fun of for like some of the guys on the team and then these ones I just bought because they were designer their look Trudel but like now we’re up here on the fourth floor in the game room check it out we got some jerseys here from when I played in Fresno double-a my big league debut we have two of my favorite players favorite teammates Jose Altuve Barea their bats signed and then we got these two playing some fortnight put off everybody we got some TV set up for the games we got four little monitors that we play some video games on we’re about to hop in the elevator and head up to my favorite place in the entire house the rooftop come on we got the slowest elevator in the world but I guess the job the reason why I love this spot on my house is because I get to come up here and get away from everybody and just relax grab a glass of wine and hang out look at the skyline and just think [Music] [Music]

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