AH Animated – The Golf Ball Swap

Ryan: I’d just putt it right into to the blue Michael: Yeah but– I don’t– Is that gonna do anything? Ryan: I don’t know man, you gotta Ryan: find out!
Jack: Yeah, we don’t know where it is Ryan: Who dares, wins, Michaels Geoff: *copying Ryan* “He who dares, wins, Michaels”
Ryan: Michaels? Michael: Michaels? Geoff: Yeah… Michael: I was like, what the fuck?
Ryan: Plurality of “Michael” Jack: A quote from Michael Scott Michael: Welp, going down the middle because I fucked it up! Ryan: Oh No!
Jack: Ohhhhh, Michael!
Michael: *boosh* Michael: I fucking sliced it and fucked myself Michael: Goddammit
Geoff: So, what’s the deal with this v– Geoff: The “V” for– what is this? Jack: You don’t wanna go down that one Ryan: “V” for victory, is where– Michael: I don’t know, but I wanted to hit that one, ayy– ’cause there’s a suck hole over there Geoff: There is a suck hole over there Michael: Go for it, Geoff, who gives a shit?
Ryan: Here’s what you get from the left Geoff: [famous last words] I don’t give a shit Michael: You got Double Bogey! Geoff: Imma go left… Geoff: I don’t give a fuck…
Michael: Go left! Don’t slice it Michael: like I did, though Jack: Lewis and Clark that shit, Geoff
Michael: Dammit! Michael: Actually, and uh– and– and– Geoff: What, by going left? Geoff: NASCAR
Jack: There we go Ryan: Alright Michael: Okay! Ryan: Ballbuster… aaaannndd– ohhhh, that is– Ryan: Looking good!
Michael: Yep, that’s it! Michael: That is it! Ryan: That was the way to go Michael: He didn’t make it, but that’s still it
Geoff: Yeah, I’m not gonna make it Geoff: But… y’know, I’ll take it Ryan: Ball swap! Geoff & Jack: Oookay
Michael: Oh, please swap with me! Michael: Please swap with me! Pick me!
Ryan: Oh, could you please? Michael: Can you pick me?! Michael: I– I’ll just say, this is the one time
Geoff: Oh, did you guys know you could hit “A” to stop? Michael: Where I’d like to get picked
Ryan: Well, yeah
Geoff: I didn’t know Michael: Pick me!
Geoff: you could Michael: Yes Michael: Yes! Yes!
Jack: Ohhhhhhhh! Jack: Noooo– Michael: Yes! Michael: YEEEESSSS!!! Michael: YES!!!!!!
Jack: *cracking up* Ryan: But, wait…
Jack: *cracking up* Ryan: Does it swap you with Geoff? Michael: I mean, who– anyone! Michael: YES!! Michael: Whoo-hoo-hoo!!!
Jack: *still going* Geoff: *sighs* Ryan: *laughing* Right, so did it fuck Geoff?
Jack: *still going* Geoff: Yeah…
Ryan: *laughing*
Jack: *dying* Michael: Oh, man! Jack: Ohhhh my God!!
Ryan: *laughing* Geoff: Ha ha ha ha ha ha!
Ryan: awwww Geoff: Ha ha, it’s great! Everyone else: *laughing* Geoff: That’s fucking awesome!
Ryan: So awful!
Jack: Heyyy! Michael: Wooo!
Geoff: Ha ha h a h a
Jack: Birdie cluuuu– Michael: Tweet-tweet-tweet-tweet-tweet-tweet-tweet-tweet!
Ryan: That is so awful!
Jack: –uuuub! Geoff: [about to murder everyone] Ha ha ha ha Michael: Look, I got the stink on me! Geoff: That was ~hilarious~! Jack: Ohh, that’s– Geoff: [Totally Serious] Oh, that is so awes– ohhh so cool! Geoff: Did you guys see that? That was my favorite part! Michael: That was brutal! Jack: Ohhhh my God! Michael: Man, I got ballbusted! Jack: Ooooh n–
Ryan: And then you missed! GEOFF: AAAAAAHHHHHHHH This Guy: “Ball Out of Bounds!” Michael: Seriously, though– seriously, though
Jack: *losing it* Michael: that suicide machine *laughing*
Jack: *ascending to new plane* Michael: Oh my God! Geoff: FUUUUCK Jack: I never thought a golf game would bring me to fucking tears! Michael: Oh my God!
Ryan: Ooohh God… Geoff: Mo–ho–ho–ho–ho–ho–mmy! Geoff: I want my mommy! Michael: That ballbuster was so–
Jack: That was so bad! Michael: That was fucking vicious! Ryan: Ooohhhh… Jack: Ohhhh, tweet-tweet, tw– *laughing* Ryan: [weakly] tweet-tweet!

24 thoughts on “AH Animated – The Golf Ball Swap

  1. Now I wanna see an animation of Geoff not getting that discount in Hunting Pack. You know which episode I'm talking about.
    And sure. Wynaut throw some Angry Fisherman Jack in there as well?

  2. This might be random, but: The car golf ball Geoff gets launched out of at 0:47 is a Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 NASCAR Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series stock car, sponsored by Shaun Was Here and FUPA

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