Advertising: Gillette Baseball

Pee Wee Reese has a way
with Dodger rookies or sandlot youngsters. Pee Wee, you do a lot of work with boys. It’s not work, Al.
I like baseball and kids. -I enjoy helping teenagers start right.
-Ah, that’s around shaving age. You give importance
on personal appearance too? Yes, a boy has more self-respect
when he is clean-shaved. I tell them to use a Gillette razor, Al. You said it.
The Gillette Super Speed Razor. And today there are three. Light. For sensitive skin
in most younger men. Regular, for every skin and beard. Heavy. For men who like the heft and feel
of a heavier razor. Each is different.
Precisely engineered. One has the blade edge exposure,
edge angle and weight to shave you in a breeze. Comfortable good-looking shave
you may never have had before. And convenient. You change blades and rinse clean so. Use your Gillette Super Speed Razor. $1.29 with Gillette Blue blade dispenser
and handy travel case.

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