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Hi, I’m Alois Rosario from PingSkills. Today
we are going to look at the advanced backhand topspin. When we’re looking to advance our backhand
topspin we need to start with the legs. So making sure we are in a good low balanced
leg position to start to utilise the muscles in our legs to generate more speed. When you are close to the table you haven’t
got time to turn your feet so we want to keep our feet nice and square to the table and
again down in that nice low leg position. If you are further away from the table then
you might have a little bit more time to turn your feet slightly but make sure that when
you’re close to the table you stay really square on to the table with your backhand. Most of our power from the backhand comes
from our wrist and forearm. It isn’t really a big body stroke where you’re turning your
body too much. A lot of it is coming just from here. So when we’re doing this advanced
stroke we need to think about relaxing this wrist so that it can come through smoothly
and fast. Let’s look at the start and finish positions
here with our bat. We need to start with our bat further back allowing the wrist to come
back at the start. Our finish position then is right through and this time allowing your
wrist to go all the way through. As a good guide think about your bat handle pointing
to the side wall at the finish of your backhand advanced stroke. The next thing is to think about your hip
rotation. You haven’t got much time to rotate your hips backwards and forwards, you can
use them a little. So just turning slightly and turning them forward. It isn’t much more
than that when you’re close to the table, you’re going to just throw your timing out
and make it harder for yourself. So think about small rotations of the hip but mainly
utilising your wrist backwards and forwards to generate the speed. The further away from the table you get the
more time you’ve got. So your stroke now can become a little bit bigger. You can extend
your starting position back further, so to next to your hip and follow through further
as well. Still utilising that wrist effectively from back to forward. Remember that’s still
where you are going to get most of your power from. But from back from the table your swing
can get bigger, your hip rotation can get a little bit bigger as well so your stroke
can become more from here all the way through. But remember the most important thing is make
sure your wrist is going back and forward through the stroke. The principles of the advanced backhand topspin
are similar against the backspin and the topspin ball. The difference is that off the backspin
ball you do need to start lower and finish higher so the stroke becomes slightly more
vertical. Against the topspin stroke you can come through almost horizontally because you
don’t need to lift the ball at all. The principles are the same though, making sure you’re using
your wrist, using a little bit of hip rotation, and really whipping that wrist and forearm
through off the backspin ball, or off the topspin ball.

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