Administrator fills in haircut with marker, baseball netting, boy escorted to class: The 60

i’m brittney world Warren this is ABC 30 teams 260 a family lost everything in a house fire in North Houston including their $2 clothes and supplies for school she and her eight-year-old sister will start school next Monday their dad says a brisket left on the pit in the backyard may be to blame for the fire you’ll probably hear a lot more about this one today now that a family is suing pearland ISD because they say an administrator drew on their son’s head with a marker the administrator reportedly told Jules trisys haircut didn’t follow dress code and used a Sharpie to fill it in the family says they didn’t know anything about it until their son told them starting today Astros fans will see new extended and upgraded netting at Minute Maid Park the netting will be extended further down the right and left field line to protect more fans from foul balls this comes three months after a two year old with hit by a line drive the netting doesn’t have not so you should still be able to see the first day of kindergarten was made a little less scary for a boy who lost his dad to cancer last year one of sargent building lease final wishes was Forest worth family to take his son Jake to school for its first day of kindergarten well last week is fellow officers did just that lining the walkway and cheering on Jake the officers also plan to eat lunch with him throughout the year have a great day guys [Music]

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