Adam vs Dwarf Pro Player (WEEKLY $100 GIVEAWAY)

here at the US Open Jenson
so Jenson’s class three, classes one through five are seated so playing in a
wheelchair so there are 11 classes the first ten are for physical and then 11 is
for how do they describe it in the para world like intellectual, I guess…intellectual I
played with the team in Hong Kong nice yeah they’re very good players they
are so you were explaining earlier the classifications are a little complicated
because some people can stand but play class five yeah because they can’t play
a full match standing yeah so it’s like they have trouble moving around the table or
literally just can’t finish the match standing up then they put them in, then you sit in a wheelchair and can play Got it. anything you want to tell people
anything interesting that people should know? keep working hard at anything
that you do and that hard work really does pay off and really just believe on
whatever you have a goal on and just keep working for anything don’t get down if you hit a roadblock
or a setback, you just gotta keep going. awesome! you heard it from world number nine himself got a class six player here who I’ve
played in tournaments before, Ian Seidenfeld How ya’ doin’, Ian? I’m doin’ alright, Adam. so yeah I’m wondering a bit about para table tennis your rating’s higher than mine so I’m a 2143
that means my skill level which is blind to gender, so man or woman doesn’t matter, para… non para …it’s all the same points so Ian should beat me when we play. now
style match-up obviously matters but Ian will beat a lot of players that I won’t
cuz 2170… 75 …2175, 2143 we all play in different ways and we’ve all played different people but yet when I played you it was a good match but you got the better of me on that one learning terms though “dwarf”…” little
person” that’s modern that’s up-to-date so Mitch was 23-fiftyish right around
there at his peak, that’s Ian’s father which is way better than I’ve ever been
and some people because they know I like to lob a lot said I want to see you play
Mitch and before your dad saw me play you I think he at the time I think he
said “I’ll sweep the floor with you” and I said I think you’re probably right
I had seen him… yeah that’s probably what he said… he’s a confident man and he’s earned it, 2350ish is no joke. I’ve never been there and I never will be. Of all the little people
in the history of para Table Tennis who has been like the greatest? is it your
dad. I think probably the most accomplished yeah my dad is I think
personally I like him the best but he has won he won the gold medal in
Barcelona for sure and he’s won gold, silver medals in the Paralympics and
he’s also won the world championships and I don’t think any other dwarf has
those kinds of accomplishments there’s different types of dwarfism – there’s
my type which is pseudo achondroplasia which is a little different I think the
more common is a achondroplasia pseudo… or achondroplasia dwarfism which where they
have they’re a little stronger build. so I don’t know
in terms of comparison but like you have sort of a stocky frame okay like really
buff yeah compared to me they’re bigger – they’re taller okay little bit
stronger okay my type of dwarfism is very weak because where I’m affected
more in the joints and with my hands as you can see some of my joints don’t fit
correctly so they’re very loose so I can this muscle right here (bend it all the way back)
looks like a bodybuilder though this muscle I don’t have that my muscle yeah
they can… muscles can be big but yeah yeah yeah but it doesn’t all fit correctly. got it.
I could probably read this on the internet but in case I forget and in
case it’s useful for people who happen to be here is it yeah how does it start
is it just by chance dwarfism… yeah it’s it’s a genetic
mutation okay where it’s a dominant gene in your chromosomes okay but yeah it’s a dominant gene
that’s passed down from generation to generation but my father’s sisters… one is not a
dwarf so it’s ummm yeah…okay cool wanna play a little? sure I’ll play a little
awesome we’ll figure something out Oh Oh Thanks, Ian. Good game! Good game, Adam. next time let’s play a best-of-five I’m coming for you all right the Amazon giftcard giveaway
in 2019 was $50 now it’s getting souped-up for 2020 $100 Amazon giftcard
giveaway to a lucky commenter in the first five minutes that a video is
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stay cool keep pongin’ and as always peace hey, Adam. next time let’s play a
beh… meh… but next time let’s play a best-of-five
and I’ll be wearing my headbands

100 thoughts on “Adam vs Dwarf Pro Player (WEEKLY $100 GIVEAWAY)

  1. Thank you for an amazing 2019. Let’s rock 2020!! For the weekly $100 giveaway, read the description. Spread the love. 8>D

  2. Adam Ur one of the best player i have seen and Ur playing with all kinds of players . That's the reason I always see ur video . Love from India and if u come to banglore please meet me , tq

  3. this is just fantastic!!! thanks for this insight, really makes you think…
    Great people playing a great sport, while the handicap is making them even stronger (it seems)
    No racism, no discrimination, thats the sport we love <3

  4. Hy Ian/Jenson , nice to see you playing , have to show this video to my comrads, some always blaming their paddle/rubber/weather for poor performance. With Adam we learn Humanity .

  5. Hello sir you are the best table tennis player. I play table tennis daily and I want to play like you. I follow your gameplay, your gameplay is really very awesome.

  6. Hello, Adam. I am a Geography teacher from Romania and I often play table tennis with my students when we have free time. We watch you on youtube and we like you very much! Greetings! Snake power be with you! :))

  7. This people is the BIGGEST LEGENDS in this world they didnt gave up for life but they leave better life than us without complex, hate for others, they dont shy about their problem. I say all that cause i born with all the goods( health, enough money )to live but the complex that i have and how shy i am cant do the things that i want.

  8. I liked Ian's personality a lot. Seems he's gotten stronger from challeneges and hardships. Humble guy. Wish him the best!

  9. At the thumbnail, I genuinely thought it was Micheal Reeves lmao

    With being smol with glasses and stuff xd

    (I know Micheal isnt that short but just at first glance.)

    jus a joke don get mad

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    Plz help me 😭😢😔😢😔😢

  11. Ian looks like a pretty chill and cool opponent, would like to play a game with him but I havent started tt yet, but I do have a racket lmao.

  12. I really like the Dwarf Guy i mean for i guy like him he is really good even better than me even if I dont have a disability

  13. It is kind of disrespectful of Adam to play from mfar away with Ian. Should stick close to the table to make sure Ian doesn't feel conscious about his height. Great match by the way.

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