Adam Ruins Everything – Football’s Brain Injury Problem is Even Worse Than You Realize

Hey, see, Pats,
look, we’re on TV. Hey, Murph! Oh, where is that
Stephen A. Smith? I’ve always wanted
to kick his ass. The NFL claims to take
concussions seriously. But the rate of diagnosed
concussions keeps rising, and those are just
the ones we know about. The truth is,
our national conversation about brain injuries
in football misses the point entirely, because concussions are
just the tip of the iceberg. Huh, what’s happening? Oh, I changed the prompter,
just go with it. The brain disorder found
in football players is called Chronic Traumatic
Encephalopathy or CTE, and here’s the hard truth. It’s not just caused
by concussion– wait, really? Yes, really. It’s also caused
by the tiny run-of-the-mill hits that happen dozens
of times a game. Plays like this one. Ooh, that was unremarkable. This one… Booyah!
Those are common. Or even this one… Howzah! I’m snorin’
because that was boring. Exactly, these are totally
routine tackles and plays that happen
over and over again in every game,
especially to linemen. But research now shows that
even little hits like these cause CTE, which can lead
to lifelong memory loss, depression, aggression, dementia, anxiety,
and even suicide. Hold up, hot shot. How do tiny little baby hits
like that cause dementia? Good question– let’s go
to the premier expert in this field,
Dr. Ann McKee, Professor of Neurology
at Boston University and Director
of the CTE Center. Thanks for
joining us, Ann. Thanks, Adam. Unfortunately, it’s true. CTE isn’t just caused
by concussions. It’s also caused by the small
sub-concussive hits that build up over time. If you play football
at any level, the chronic hits to the head
will cause brain damage. Well, that’s easy,
why don’t they just
build better helmets? That will never work. When the body
and head suddenly stop, the brain stretches, breaking
its internal structures. Unless you can fit
a helmet inside your skull, there is no way to stop it.

100 thoughts on “Adam Ruins Everything – Football’s Brain Injury Problem is Even Worse Than You Realize

  1. The video needs a retarded jock calling Adam a crybaby. Because, you know, damaging your brain is manly and cool, only sissies wouldn't want to.

  2. The funny thing is i actually have a concussion while watching this and it is from playing football. I love the sport and i will never stop playing it nor do i want it to change. I fully believe a concussion is worth it to have all this fun.

  3. I saw a discussion on reddit about how rugby players are taught to tackle safely and don't get injured nearly as much. Interested to know whether they suffer from the same micro hits they show here.

  4. Sports you just be outlawed altogether that's all anything that has potential risk in fact we should all stick ourselves in the safety bubbles and live in there

  5. it's cuz they are playing football all wrong. what they do can't even be called football, really. call it US rugby or something

  6. Wow I was watching something about Chris benoit (look him up) they talked about cte and then here as well also about suicide ( seriously look him up)

  7. What kind of "doctor" was that? I'm only assuming they cut out 99% of what she said, and kept the 1% that supports their argument. The "doctor" said that "If you play football on ANY level, …, you will get brain damage." That is ridiculous and untrue.

  8. turns out americans dont know what FOOTBALL is because legit everywhere that isnt the us kicks a ball with their foot and that is football

  9. I only played a year of football in Jr high and I was forced too but it made me open up my eyes to the fact that some risks are worth taking

  10. Am I the only one who think the guy in the middle looks like Thurgood Marshall?

  11. Why do take and misuse old interviews to fit to what they wanted ? this is ridiculous!!!! Honestly if it was so bad for kids they wouldn’t allow it and given fact parents have to give permission and sign forms that they read and signed concussion information!!!!!

  12. my mom thinks it's possible that cte can also lead to brain cancer. she believes her father developed it after years of high school and college football. he almost got drafted by an nfl team until he injured his knee. after a few years, he was a very different person. he exhibited symptoms of some mental disorders and eventually developed a brain tumor. he died six months later.

  13. Simple CTE solution: have a surgeon open up every football player's skull and pour a nice thick layer of styrofoam between the skull and the brain. Like the membrane layer rams evolved to be born with. Problem solved.

  14. how about martial arts like taekwondo where the goal is to hit the head ( higher point) or knock the opponent out?

  15. Line*backer*, not linemen. Linebackers get screwed up, but Linemen are actually some of the safer players on the field. (Other than the Kicker, he's weak sauce).

  16. That player he highlighted as a lineman is actually a linebacker. The bottom line is Adam can talk all he wants about how the dangers of football are a little worse than most people think, but the idea of “ruining football” when he’s probably never watched a football game in his life is just silly.

  17. Crap you got to feel bad for people with CTE i mean memory loss, depression and more and imagine boxers and MMA fighers

  18. But all the plays you shown are not helmet to helmet contact and people in the NFL or any league of play in football are discouraged from using their helmet to tackle another player and as a result a helmet to helmet contact on a play can result in a 15 yard penalty

  19. My mom called the coach freshman year in high school in September and screamed JEWISH BOYS DON’T PLAY FOOTBALL!

  20. I love football. They know the risks. You can't outlaw everything that's dangerous. Driving a car is more dangerous.

  21. One of the reasons concussion and CET rates went up is because we got better at diagnosing them. That doesn’t make it better but i just wanted to say.

  22. If we're paying pros millions annually, I expect nothing less than steroid-infused monsters absolutely destroying each other. They're basically modern-day gladiators, and their small percentage of the total population kind of makes me not care, unfortunately.

  23. I don’t know if it’s just me or maybe it’s because I don’t watch football but those every day tackles seem very painful even with helmets on is that just me

  24. you're talking about brain injuries and football???
    why don't you get into sports where they actually get hit hard & million times as much.
    MMA, Kickboxing, Boxing… football is a small percentage of knocks on the head.

  25. If american football were to disappear, would that make a huge impact on America? Genuinely curious and not asking it to be spiteful just because sports dont mean anything to me.

  26. Here's the thing if you've been one sport because of concussions and trying to prevent CTE where does it end. CTE doesn't just affect football player effects it affects everyone you can get CTE from any sport and I don't mean just other contact sports like hockey wrestling you can get it from sports that are supposed to be non-contact like basketball soccer baseball. You can get it from things like Motocross and just doing regular everyday jobs. A lot of people are keeping their kids from playing sports like football because they're fearing for their healthier injury but they don't realize what they're risking by letting them not play sports football is the one sport that prepares you for life more than anything else. It's going to have its ups and its Downs its accomplishments and its appointments and almost everybody I know who played football for 4 years and stuck it out in high school became a great person a hard-working law-abiding tax-paying person someone in crisis do good stay out of jail. And stay off of drugs. Now this doesn't necessarily affect every single person in America who plays football for year in high school but what's a 8 out of 10 kids in each grade that plays football and every school in the country those are good numbers. And I understand playing sports there's risks there's a chance you can get hurt but you know what that's life itself to everyday we Face injury and maybe death.

  27. Watch "Concussion" starring Will Smith, guys; the entire film is based on the guy that discovered CTE & fought to have the NFL acknowledge it.
    The ending makes my blood run cold every time

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