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Dear chess lovers, I am Alexei Shirov, Latvian Grandmaster, formally
Spanish Grandmaster and I am very happy to be here in Stuttgart to record some videos
on chess. So I am grateful to ACO for giving me this
opportunity and I hope we will together spend interesting chess time. Well, shortly a few words about me as a chess
player. When I started playing chess it was back in
1979. It was very much influenced by Mikhail Tal
and because he was at that time one of the strongest chess players in the world. He was former world champion and he was also
from Riga so that means that all Latvian chess would be influenced by him. I am sure that my older friend, well known
trainer in Germany Zigurds Lanka would confirm this. So when I was about 9 or 10 years old I also
read Mikhail Tal’s book which was called some like if I translate properly from Russian
to English it would be into the fire of the attack. When ten years later time has came for me
or no not ten, 13, 14 years later when I was already 22 years old, time came for me to
write a book about my own best games. I remembered the title of Tal’s book and
I called my own book Fire on Board. This book was relatively popular in the chess
world, i wrote a continuation 10 years later so now Part 1, Part 2 but still Fire on Board
is only half of the title of Mikhail Tal. Because Tal was talking about fire on the
attack and not just fire. So now I am happy to present new series of
videos that will be dealing exclusively with the subject of the attack. So there is enough fire on board from Alexej
Shirov, there is also attack from Alexej Shirov. And so the question is which games will feed
better into this subject. I have lots of databases of my games and i
maybe played 3000 games in my life and I chosen those when the attack subject is let’s say
goes the sharpest on that ist he most important part of the games ist he way I attacked or
in some games when I was attacked and I had to defend. And needless to say, that the main rule when
you’re attacking is not to go back, to go ahead to go after your opponents‘ king. And many times I noticed that chess amateurs
actually they are a little bit afraid to go ahead. They are afraid to play very active and very
sharp. In my opinion this is wrong because if you
love chess, you should not be afraid of anything. You should strive for what is best in chess. And if you feel that you need to attack your
opponents‘ king, you should do that. So I just hope that this little video guide
on attacking chess will help chess amateurs to learn this so important part of chess as
a sharp attacking game.

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