Aamir Liaquat on Pakistan vs India- cricket match

amir liaqat parody on pakistan vs india cricket matchaudience present in pakistan no no asalam u alaikum of amir liaqat to audience present in india especially rishi kapoor virendr sehwag arnuv ghoswami and common people of india indians! how did it taste like ? hello . its a call hello hello yes ! Anuska (actress) speak what do not screw kohli that much no no it will happen its already screwed call later . drop the call dear spectators. I have a message for rishi kapoor “visit karachi any day i will take you to buns road and do not come alone . come with your kapoors raj kapoor , ranveer kapoor , shammi kapoor will give you kapoore’s to eat kata kat kata kat kata kat yes kohli who screwed you today pakistan no no . who took your wicket ? amir (cricketer) and who is taking now ? amir liaqat ( host ) dear audience i salute whole pakistani team especially sarfraz ahmed muhammad amir , hassan ali and fakhar zaman. free aeroplanes to everyone go go flew away all over the pakistan you will also get the other one ( mini remote control ) and then flew it in garden do not take tension. and as you people know today is father’s day. so happy father’s day to you and father will be father what you say kohli ? come (sherry oh boy

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