A Young Boy’s Generous Act of Kindness

Last month a single act of kindness by a
ten-year-old boy became a viral sensation. From northern California, please welcome
Nasim Lawrence and his parents and the woman he helped, Taylor Sloan. Tell everybody what happened.>>All right, so me and my dad and my family, we went to
a Super Motocross event in Oakland. And I was walking around
trying to look for some food and
I saw a wallet on the ground. I was like, Dad, I found a wallet. And so I-
>>Picked it up.>>Yeah, picked it up.>>[LAUGH]
>>You picked it up.>>Yeah.>>So we got down to our seats, and we
looked inside, and we found the ID, and so we’re looking at it, and he has it in his
hand, and he’s scouring the whole event. And he’s like, we have to find this lady. I’m like, come on man.>>By her drivers license picture.>>By her drivers license picture.>>[LAUGH]
>>So, we’re sitting there and the whole night,
he can’t focus on the motorcross. He doesn’t know who’s motorcycling or anything because he’s looking at every
single lady that looks like Miss Sloane.>>[LAUGH]
>>And he’s like Dad I think that’s her. Dad I think that’s her. Dad I think that’s her.>>[LAUGHS]
>>It probably was her.>>And I was like, you know, we can’t ask
each and every one of these ladies if they lost their ID, so we’re just going
to have to mail it when we get home.>>So
when did you realize you lost your wallet?>>So, well, I had,
it was just a little pink wallet, and I had it in my back pocket so,
probably not the best thing looking back. But I was actually already outside of the
arena, when I’d realized that I’d lost it. I had about $30 to $40 in it,
my debit card.>>$38.>>$38, he knows. [LAUGH] And my debit card, and
my California driver’s license.>>Okay, so you wrote this letter. And read this letter you wrote and
you sent this to Miss Sloan.>>Dear Miss Sloan. My name is Nasim Lawrence and
I am ten years old. I found your wallet on the ground at
the Super Motor Cross event in Oakland. I know how it feels to lose something and I wanted to make sure you
got your wallet back. Hopefully I made you smile, and you
are happy you have your money and ID back. I am glad I found it instead of some
bad person, who would steal from you. You look like a very nice person
who does nice things for people. So, I wanted to do something nice for you. Plus it was the honest thing to do. Sincerely, Nasim Lawrence.>>[APPLAUSE]>>[LAUGH]
>>So what did you think when
you got that letter?>>I was overjoyed. Obviously, I was like,
he sent me all my belongings back. But I didn’t even care about that. I was, like, the letter is adorable.>>Yeah.
>>[LAUGH] I want to share it with everybody, so
that’s exactly what I did. I shared it over Facebook. Everybody was just as thrilled, and so
nice and genuine in their comments.>>Well that’s why we have you on,
because it really is. We need to reinforce there
are good people out there. I don’t want you to lose a wallet again,
so I got you a gift, and here’s how it works.>>[LAUGH] God, gosh.>>[LAUGH]
>>All right so show them how it works. So if you lose your wallet.>>[LAUGH]
>>Yes.>>Yeah.>>My god. [LAUGH]
>>[APPLAUSE]>>That’s amazing.>>I’ll never lose it.>>No.
>>[APPLAUSE]>>[LAUGH]>>So, and that won’t attract attention by anybody
at all to wear that.>>No, no one will ever know.>>All right, and there was $20 that
she sent you to say thank you, right?>>Yes.
>>What are you gonna buy with that $20?>>I love video games, so I’m gonna save
up my money and buy some new video games.>>Yeah, well we want you to have more
than that so we’re gonna give you all of this so you can watch video,
$1000 worth of video games.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>What?>>Wow.>>So yeah.>>My God.>>See what you get for
being a good person? So Nasim, you get a 55″ TCL Roku TV,
you get a Playstation 4, an Xbox One, a gaming chair, and a bunch of the hottest
new games,$1000 worth of video games. That’s cuz you’re a good person. [APPLAUSE]
>>My God.

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