A-Rod Has Hitting Contest with 22-Month-Old Baseball Prodigy

-Alex and I are about to have
a soft-toss hitting contest, but we’re gonna need
some opponents, and I we think we found
some good ones. Their names
are Asher and Cory Willig, And this video of them at a batting cage
just went viral. Take a look at this. -Whoa! Yeah!
Here we go. -He has good swing.
-Nice, bud! -He’s got it right there, right? -Good job!
-Yeah. Oh, fist bump, there you go. Ladies and gentlemen,
from Lawrenceville, Georgia, please welcome Cory Willig
and his 22-month-old son Asher. [ Cheers and applause ] -High five.
-Hi, buddy. Hey, Cory, nice to see you.
-Nice to see you. -How are you?
Thank you for being here. This is Alex right here. -Hi!
Hi, buddy! -What is your name? -Asher. -All right, Asher.
That’s great. And how old are you? -One. -One?
One year old? Oh, my goodness.
Asher, this is going to be fun. What color is this, Asher? -Neen. -It’s not neen.
It’s blue! It’s not neen. -Blue.
-That’s right. Blue. All right, here you go.
Are you going to hit today? You’re going to hit the ball? Wow.
And that’s your bat right there? All right. Get ready. This is going to be some
tough competition right here. [ Laughter ] Here’s how the contest works. Each team will have 30 seconds to see how many soft tosses
they can hit out there. And since we’re up first,
I want to make this fair. Since Asher is a lefty, you’re going to have
to hit lefty. And also, you’re going
to have to use his size bat. -Okay.
-Here you go, yeah. That’s perfect.
You’re using Asher’s — Look, we have another bat,
Asher, right here. -Hey, Jimmy,
Asher saw me hit my last year, so he’s not really intimidated. So he’s good.
-No, he’s good. -He’s like,
“This is going to be easy.” -Asher’s 22 months.
Alex, how old are you? -I’m around 500 months. -There you go. Perfect.
All right, perfect. 500 months Alex Rodriguez
right here. All right, I’m getting nervous
’cause I’m getting — I’m feeling the old — I got to go to therapy ’cause I’m feeling
the glare coming back. All right, here we go. -Ooh. One. Ooh! Whoa! That’s why I’m doing TV now,
fellas. Oh. [ Laughter ] Ho!
[ Audience cheers ] -Sorry, buddy.
Sorry, sorry, sorry. -Whoa!
-Oh, my goodness. Yes!
-Whoa! -Just getting pelted by A-Rod. This is fantastic. -Oh, this is so fun! Oh, my God.
I could do this all day. Sorry about that.
That was my bad. That was my bad.
[ Buzzer ] That was good.
That’s what I’m talking about. Hey, fist bump!
-Fist bump! -Fist bump. Eight hits!
Not too shabby! That’s how you do it
right there. Asher, are you ready, buddy? -You ready?
-Come on, Ash. -You want to go?
-Daddy! -Daddy. Okay.
Yeah, Daddy is coming. I’m not going to do it.
-You ready, bud? -Are you going to hit?
You ready? -Okay.
Ready? Here we go. Here.
-Get ready, buddy. ♪♪ [ Cheers and applause ] -Here, bud. [ Cheers and applause ] Here! -Yes! -Here, bud. Oh!
Good job! Here, Ash! [ Cheers and applause ] -He’s unbelievable. -Oh!
-Here we go. -Oh! Oh! Kid’s a ringer! [ Bell dings ] [ Cheers and applause ] Kid’s a ringer! -That was awesome, buddy.
-Good job. -Future Yankee!
-The winner! -He’s a future Yankee!
Yeah! -My thanks to Alex Rodriguez and the champions
from Lawrenceville, Georgia, Cory and Asher Willig.

100 thoughts on “A-Rod Has Hitting Contest with 22-Month-Old Baseball Prodigy

  1. Little man well done buddy you keep kicking butt like that and you be in a top league for baseball well done littel man

  2. Great clip, but for me the best part is at the 3:25 mark. Look at them both go to pick the kid up. Fathers confusing is priceless. “Let me go pick up my son… Oh, A-Rod picked him up…uh…ok…let me start clapping with everyone else to act normal…”

  3. Did anyone else see the kid’s little leg kick to start his swing? Omg it was sooo cute it had me dying.

  4. Hes not a 22 month old, hes close enough to 2 years old. If we're using this type of way to tell age, them im 180 months old

  5. Lol when the kid’s growing up his dad will tell him how when he was a baby he got to play baseball against Alex Rodriguez

  6. that one year old has no clue what is going on around him. im not a fan of celebrities who make a show by using small children…

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