What’s up guys! I’m back out here with a few of the others For another football video I found this pitch thanks to my local Tobi You can check him out over there Let’s go! [Music] {explosion} [Music] {explosion} [Music] {explosion} [Music] {explosion} [Music] Alright! blacks vs whites Sweet! let’s do this! No, no, shirts those two, those two there (aww) You two (oh, ok) [inaudible] You’re rubbish [laughs] *Still inaudible* 2-2 Next goal wins boys *i n a u d i b l e * AHHHHHHHH Vicctorryyyyyyy DADO DUDU DU DUUUU *EPIC MUSIC…but still inaudible* this handball was a true bad rep for you *inaudible* *Music Plays for GAME 4* *Inaudible* HAHAHAHAHA com’on hahaha *INAUDIBLE* How Luckkky YO YO SLOW DOWN ,SLOW DOWN SLOW DOWN,SLOW DOWN SLOW DOWN BAHHHHHH do you know what this looks like? what? *Pulls out pack of oreos,as a skin color joke,as oreo music plays* OREOS Oreooooos! the worst thing…the worst thing is,they planned that for quite a while WHAT? NO Yesterday…he planned that yesterday Alright,so who you gonna be SHARLETONNN Aright i’ll be Leads Alright you guys ready? Yahhhhhh Ahhhh! hahahaha

100 thoughts on “A NEW KIND OF FOOTBALL!

  1. 00:35 love the joke not because of the black people and the white its sort of because the shirts and half the people.

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