What’s up guys welcome to a master class in football This is basically “H.O.R.S.E.” but, it’s going to spell out S.D.M.N. We are going to take it in turns to set a challenge.
If the others can’t do it in 3 attempts I see what you’re doing Toby If the others can’t do it in 3 attempts, they get a letter The first one to spell out ”S.D.M.N.” is gonna have to do a punishment 😉 So are you guys ready?
Yeah *hya* Alright, this is the first challenge Shit, the ball’s gone How did that happen? [MLG Explosive sound effect] This is the first challenge… *shoots ball* They each get 3 attempts, if they don’t get it, you get an ‘S’ I’m looking at you 😉 Proper cringe proper cringe In the air I’m not looking to get an ‘S’, so… Let’s do this! That shows no faith [Music Builds Up] {Aero Chord – Surface}
Ohhhhhhhh [Music Fades] Aaaah!
That didn’t hit, did it? Unlucky!! Manny: Oi, oi! Manny: Oh my god! The consistencys there Go on Manny, go on son! Manny: Oh, third time’s the charm! Simon: No letter for Manny, First try… First try… First try! Nope *ahahahhaha* Go on Jed show us your teccers Go! [Music builds up] {Jme – IF YOU DON’T KNOW}
What!? What!? OHHHH! He’s still a fake me Oh man… riggidy riggidy rekt I’m going to get shown up by the little bois, aren’t I? Toby: Show us how it’s done big boi I’m just gonna get shown up by the little bois, aren’t I? *HAHAHA* It’s gonna happen… Simon: (Is it gonna be a first effort Toby: (What?) Simon: Yeah! *HEHEHEH* One take!
Manny: (Ok then…) (Like a big boi) I’m just gonna get shown up by the little bros, aren’t I? Alright, so if you know how this game works Basically as they all managed to do it, I now get a letter So, yeah… *Fart noise Hold this ‘L’ It’s an ‘S’ Next up is gonna be Manny setting the challenge So, Manny, let us know Blindfolded penalties [MLG SOUNDS I CAN’T TAKE IT] Oh my gosh, one take Did I score? Nah, you hit the post That went in! [Music] -I don’t know what that face was.
-You look like a mug. This hurts. Alright, lets get this done Go on Simon Ready? Yeah OOOOOOOOOOOOOH! It’s gone in! Oh my God! I scored? Yeah you did YES! YES! YES! I’m bad enough at penalties when I can see.. OOOOOH! He’s missed. Ooooh! I don’t know about that *cuz your dumb* YaSsSS- *falls* I’m not feeling too confident to be honest so let’s just get this over with Why have you got two hats on? *Because it’s fabulous* Simon: Go on Jeff! Manny: Go on Jeff! Simon: Go on… *Whistle blows* –OOOH!
*Falls and laughs* Yeah! GOAL! [Music builds up] That is a solid pen Solid Pen Manny takes the S Next challenge is this [Explosive sound effect with music] Manny: One take Simon: Go on Ohhh! Awhh [Music] {MLG} Toby: Nice, that’s spread Simon: It’s a lot and he’s… He’s fucked it up! Jed gets an S! I don’t want to take a D here, so… I’m gonna- I’m gonna try and do this challenge… alright? No! Too much “whippage” you know… too much Manny: OH! Tobi: OH? OHH!? OHHH! Simon: Nooo! Toby: Oi, that was so close! This is my last chance or else I’m taking the D! Manny: Go on Simon, you got this… Tobi: Go on Simon, c’mon! Manny: You got this! Oh my god! Oh my god, that’s a D Simon took the D You can’t say that! *falling* YaaSsSSs! You are going to take the D as well! No! I’m defo not! We’re not done yet Simon: Ooooooooooooooooooooooh Oi! Terrible! Simon: Oooooooooooooooooooooooh! Ahh? *HAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHAHAH* You miss this, you take the D Manny: (Last chance Toby!) Simon: Join me Toby: Move! Simon: Join me with the D Toby: Get away from me! Simon: Share the D with me, Toby Manny: No! *Simon Laughing* *HYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA* OOAAH! Simon: Yeah! Simon: Ha ha haaa! Right, Jed’s turn to set a challenge This is my challenge… *Clank of metal* Simon: Ooooooooh dude! Manny: I can feel this being my first letter, I suck at the rabbona alright Simon: You got this man! Simon: Oi! Simon: You can definitely do it Simon: Do you believe in love after …rabonas Simon: Oi! Manny: That hit!
Simon: That hit! Manny: That hit!
Simon: That hit! Manny: Yeeeaaah! *Celebrating* Simon: Do we take skimmers? I don’t think we do, Bill I’m not sure we do, Jez I don’t think we take skimmers I think we’ll take skimmers for this one though YaSssSss! Manny: I don’t think I got this Tobi: You got this man! Simon: No he doesn’t Manny: Why you hatin’? Simon: Because I want you to lose! Tobi: Oooooh Tobi: Oooooooooooooh Tobi: Ayeee! Simon: Why you aimin’ over there man? Manny: I don’t know. I feel like I need to be like… Jed: You’ve got the angles wrong. Tobi: Ooooooooooooooooooooh Simon: Wooo! Simon: M, M for Manny Simon: I’m not confident right now Simon: I only hit it like… Simon: What you sayin’? *Tobi whispering* Simon practices this Simon: Watch this… Tobi: Alright, alright, oi! Tobi: Oi! Manny: You’re fake Tobi: Go on Si’ Tobi: Oh my gosh! *Crossbar ting* *Collective aaahs* Tobi: Oi, what was you sayin’ about skimmers? Simon: I said we take skimmers Manny: I don’t think we take skimmers Simon: You’re gonna’ lose! [Intense sound effect] So my second challenge is to score from the halfway line There will be a goalkeeper on the penalty place Simon: And he’s not allowed to run back so you’ve just got to “lob” him Simon: So basically, all they’ve got to do is this… *Clapping* Simon: That’s it Manny: You guys know I don’t like losing, but I might have to take the L today… Tobi: Oooooooooooh Tobi: Oh, c’mon, Manny you’re better than that Manny: I’m carrying an injury (mockingly) “injury” Tobi: Crabbing! Tobi: Oooooooooh Tobi: Oh my… gosh! Tobi: He might actually be injured… Tobi: Last go… Tobi: Ohhhh! Tobi: Come on! Tobi: Flashback to Wembley Cup… Manny: A’ite Tobi: Simon! What was that?! Manny: Tobi! Manny: How’s your day been so far? Tobi: No letters mate, no letters (Dramatic music) THE PUNISHMENT! Baby, you light up my world like nobody else… …the way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed… …the way you smile at the ground, it- 🙂


  1. You guys should do this game it’s called the distance game it’s where you all get in a line and shoot one at a time and whoever hits the back of the net moves on to the next round and you go further and further and you have to kick it from in front of the goal

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