A “how to” lesson with the Baylor volleyball team

On Wednesday of this week I got to learn from in practice with some of the Baylor
volleyball players First I got to meet with Hannah and Hannah and they taught me how to set. For setting it was all about repetition repetition repetition. It was hard work but the girls positive mindset kept me going. “You’re killing it,” oh thanks guys, thanks. Then I got to meet with Marika and Taylor and they taught me how to serve pass and hit. Serving was one of the easier things for
me to learn. Passing wasn’t too difficult either, but hitting a ball over the net was a different story. How do you get it over the net? With a little more
coaching from the girls, I was finally able to get the ball over. I had a great time learning and working with the girls and if you’d like to see the team in
action don’t forget to come out to the Farrell Center on September 20th to watch the Baylor volleyball team take on Texas Tech in their first big 12 game of
this season For Lariat TV news, I’m Elisabeth Tharp.

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